Helping Freedom Win: What are the Secrets of Successful Weight-Loss


What Are the Secrets of Weight-Loss?

Many people world-wide want to know the secrets of successful, healthy and permanent weight-loss.

My research into both nutrition and weight-loss has spanned the past 50 years. It’s a topic that highly interests me and so I have willingly devoted many hundreds of hours and thousands of hours and dollars to it. 

Weight-loss is not a simple, one-size-fits-all topic. I am very happy to have found the answers to losing weight in a completely healthy and permanent way.

The weight-loss principles I share with you in Alkaline Plus Nutritional Weight Loss Program (e-book) have worked for me every time. They are broad, general principles that I’m sure can work for anyone and everyone who applies them as I have described in the book. This e-book actually helps me in two ways: 1) to keep my weight what I want, and 2) to share what I know with others.

Long ago I was unable to find any single “program” or book to refer my customers to that had all the answers. That’s the exact reason I wrote this book. This book busts through the complications of all the other various weight-loss programs out there. It is my way to help people who are in an unfortunate situation of being obese against their will to share all of what I know to help people achieve successful weight-loss.

I have found the answers to losing weight in a completely healthy and permanent way, and this book is my way to share all of this information effectively and efficiently.

50 Years of Research & Thousands of Dollars Spent


I used to pay hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars to learn the “secrets of success” in weight loss. Even so, I was never able to lose more than about 10 lbs. at a time. But then I diligently discovered my own secrets. The answers have to do with and within the cells of the body and why they become stubborn with regard to losing weight. Once I fully understood these basic principles (which are not hard to learn) I can now lose all the weight I want any time, in a very healthy way, feeling no starvation or loss of energy, and hitting no stubborn plateaus.

You Can Just Throw Out all Your Other (Very Conflicting) Weight-Loss Books and Programs

This e-book teaches you all you need to know. It’s probably best for you to approach this subject with not just an open mind, but with a completely clean slate. It will not help you to hang onto a bunch of old ideas that “experts” told you over the years, but that don’t work. The e-book, by itself (but with diligent following of it) will help you lose all the weight you want. Don’t expect this to happen over night. After all it took years for you to put on the weight, so let weeks or months of applying the correct information do its job.

Do Not Worry – It is Not Complicated

The e-book is less than 20 pages in length. Though there are a few links given in the book that you could go to for more information, there really isn’t anything more you need than to follow the principles described in the book. 

Yes, it is easy, but don’t take any section of the book for granted. If you have any hunger-pangs, plateaus, etc., go back to the book and reread it. There would be something you missed.

Buy the Alkaline Plus Nutritional Weight Loss E-Book With No Risk


This is an e-book and is really a gift to you and the world to help you learn the facts about losing weight. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, for life, you’re not fully satisfied simply request a refund. There will be no questions asked. You will receive a full refund even if it’s 10 years later. Not only would I refund you in full, but I would not cancel your link to the future updates of the e-book.

Who Can Feel Free When They’re Stuck in a Very Fat Body?

I occasionally get lazy and let the pounds build up in my body. This is easy to do with the various holiday-eating we all do sometimes. Whenever this happens to me I don’t get trapped in it, because I know the secrets of healthy weight-loss. I’m not advocating splurging as a way of life, but it’s very, very nice and helpful to know the basics about weight management. It has a freeing effect on you.

Helping Freedom Win

I normally don’t spend much time spreading the word about successful weight-loss.  I’m more interested in God and politics. But I just finished my 12th version of this e-book, and it’s so good I wanted to do a little extra to help as many people as I can by posting it on this platform. Visit to read more of my posts.


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