The Lightworkers Heart: Hope on a Rope, One Heart to Another


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Luna, Visionary and Co-founder of World Benevolence Group

Submitted on March 23, 2023

The Lightworkers Heart:  Hope on a Rope – One Heart to Another

I saw an article on Telegram tonight and it read hope on a rope… It made me think and I thought wow there isn’t a truer statement for those of us awake in this crazy time we find ourselves in.

Hope on a rope… food for thought. Yes, is it really going to be that for those have had to wake up in a flash and then they also found out that everything around them was falling down but that won’t be the worst of it! Actually everything that they know is a lie and that we have all been lied to for generations. Imagine can you what that alone will do to them.

I think about these things because my whole blood family is asleep.  Just like our members in World Benevolence Group. My partner Geo and my-self founded WBG almost 2.5 years ago now.  In case you don’t know we are a currency and bond online group on Telegram. Our humanitarian project was to collect our tribe as my guide and Archangel Michael told me one morning upon waking up.  I heard it clear as a bell… he said “it’s time to collect your tribe”.  You see AA Michael told me almost 30 years ago or so that he was getting a group together for me.  Back then I was doing meditation classes. 

Well it took a while (not really because everything is perfectly planned) but here we are about 2200 strong.  Anyway the reason we wanted to find our soul family was so we can do projects globally to benefit humanity. In other words, we at WBG promise you to see your vision/project completed to your satisfaction because it’s YOUR vision. 

I love that we have found our soul family but even they are going to have a difficult time when the truth comes out. You have all heard of the saying “the truth hurts”… I think I have never really comprehended that statement and find it to be so very true as in the here and now.  It makes me sad that we have to go through this but we have each other. Even those reading this article please know I am here for you too. Please reach out if you need to talk to someone who truly cares.


I realize how happy I am to have my soul family close because we can help each other when that time comes if they need help with their family members. We are a community of like-minded souls that are simply here to just help humanity in whatever way we can and whenever we can. We supported each other during the crazy plandemic when our own blood family members were turning us away because we didn’t believe the narrative that was being pushed on the television, radio, newspapers and bill boards, literally everywhere we looked.

 Once again, we were ostracized from our families but this was also part of the evil plan as it has been for a few decades at least.  Honestly, I could on and on about this topic but I really just want to leave it behind me now. My focus is on those I love and getting them through what I know will be here sooner than we think and then life will never ever be the same. The life we now know will never feel the same but I am here to tell you that your life going forward will be the best life you could ever have imagined. I know how that sounds but I promise you it’s the truth and you will soon see. This is not a time to give up because our world as we knew has been crumbling all around you.  All we have to do together is for each of us to realize that in order to build the new, the old must crumble. But in our case we also have to shine a light in the darkness. Because what was planned for us was so wicked and we can never ever forget it because we DO NOT want to ever repeat this mistake of hiding our heads in the sand. Though we technically didn’t because we were programmed but some of the people in power that could have done something didn’t but that also is another story I won’t go into at this time.  

Sometimes we think that because we have a bit of knowledge about  a topic that many don’t that we have an advantage and we think  it will cushion the shock when we find out the truth. I’m sure that it could but maybe not as well and so we have to get prepared for all these possibilities.  At least no one will be able to say to us (and likely for the first time in our lives ) it’s just a conspiracy theory . 

I finally have figured out why all the non-believers said those words to us in our past. I realized that was a way to shut us up. Now I feel this was simply that they were not able to deal with the truth and either didn’t consciously realize it or they don’t know why they reacted that way to the truth that was being told to them by someone that truly loved them and meant them no harm and in some case was actually trying to save their lives and they still wouldn’t listen. 

For those of us like myself, we seek the truth like it’s a lifeline like the blood that is running through our veins and that it is vital for our well being.  In other words, we run to find the truth we don’t run away from it. We are serious truth seekers and that is a huge part of our mission to stand up for the truth and to share our truths even when it’s not fashionable or even dangerous to our well being.  Many of us paid a heavy price in many of our lives for just that! But you know this writer would do it again in a heartbeat because I truly could not be anyone other than who I AM! I thank God now because I have so much more clarity about my role here and how vital it is for the whole human race. 

They call this the great awakening. Well the thing is that our role, here at this moment in humanity’s history and the chosen ones are to be here to witness the greatest events in all of human history! Wow really it’s true. We chose this role but we were also chosen and have been protected throughout our many, many lives. I’m talking literally thousands upon thousands of years and lifetimes, preparing and getting training for this lifetime specifically.

Funny and I thought this was just about how asleep people were. I thought it was just that they just felt differently than I did about things.  It was clearly a lot more than that when you really think about this and the complexity of it all. It’s actually mind boggling and they think I have a creative imagination but I can tell you that not even I could have thought of all of this!


The pandemic highlighted the true reason no one saw what I saw. They never could because they were programmed asleep so it didn’t matter what we said to them. In other words, they were programmed to miss seeing and hearing certain things. Now I’m no expert on mind control programs but I know this one is very sophisticated. You really can’t make this stuff up!

I know with myself, I feel that I will be able to handle anything but I am already thinking about how much I don’t want to see on the television because to me that will be the hardest. The thing is that once you see those images you can never un-see them. So I wanted to protect my empathic self and yet I know I won’t be able to shield myself because I’m also a human being having a spiritual experience.  You see all of the people in my life will be watching it and I will be witnessing their reactions so I know I have to get tougher inside so I can help them deal with things.

Confusion, disorientation, spontaneous crying, intense anger and fear are only just a handful of examples of what we (those that are awake) will be a witness to. I know I came to earth for this time and so I rest in the trust I have for God that I also came equipped with all the tools I will need to help those I love around me heal. What I am saying is that I say strongly this is the most important part of my mission.  

Heal the world … for you and me as Michael Jackson sang in his song “Heal the World… Make it a better place for you and me and the entire human race! There are people dying, if you care enough for the living make it a better place for you and for me…

You see all the people we love that are asleep in their deep slumber are here because they have a contract like you and me. I mean they made a contract together with their soul families and spirit guides you know the ancient ones that are in every family line.  


You will recognize them because they are the ones the family doesn’t pay any attention to. The one’s that feel like they are the outsiders because they chose to be here at this time in humanity’s history to be here for all these souls who are asleep. Imagine how much God must love us to have all of us here specifically to help his children that were programmed asleep by the cabal.  Oh in case you don’t know the name of the program it’s called MK Ultra

So I’m basically writing this article and sharing my thoughts for you who are reading this that may not really know what’s going on in our world. You can feel something is not right and you are 100% correct. But we are here to right the wrongs so please don’t worry no matter what the media is telling you  God’s got this! In fact, the Light has already won here on this planet and in the heavens where there were battles going on by those that are also in our soul family and they are our galactic brothers and sisters. They were actually fighting for us and our freedoms long before we were even in a war.

This evil had you programmed asleep to the truth of what they were actually trying to do to all of us. Don’t worry those of us awake have had your backs. We, I mean the conspiracy theorists; yes the ones you thought were out to lunch or just crazy. Yes, you saw us as crazy but we are visionaries who were here to help deliver you from this evil. Never mind now you are awake and that is truly any of us wanted. We have been praying for this day and I can finally say thank you Jesus!

I know what’s next and that is for us to unite now and create the most beautiful and blissful life. I know God is doing something for us right now. He is with us and I know he is healing someone right now. He is moving mountains and making a way for us. I know this deep in my soul. Nothing can stop what’s coming for us his children. Make no mistake the LIGHT has won so we have so very much to be grateful for and I can say to you:


Welcome to your new life”… don’t give up EVER because we are right on the precipice of this glorious life just ahead! Heaven truly will be on earth (my angels constantly whispered the phrase ‘heaven on earth’ in my ears since I was a young girl) and you will have a major part in creating it from your heart.

If you would like to join us at World Benevolence Group, just join our Telegram group World Benevolence Group, we would love to welcome you to our family. Please contact me at Everyone is welcomed whether you have currencies/bonds or just a dream/vision.

We need so many people no matter what you bring to the table and we are not looking for people with initials at the end of their name. We are looking for beautiful and giving hearts who have a deep desire or calling to help humanity. There is so much left to do and so much to reorganize or change all over this earth and we can do it one thing at a time but we will do it together!  

I send you all so much love and a light to shine your path so you will find you way back home! Much love and light to you my family may you feel the peace and joy that I send to you all, Luna

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