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Submitted on March 20, 2023

Octopus’s Garden (The Beatles, Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr)

I’d like to be Under the Sea In an octopus’s garden in the shade

He’d let us in Knows where we’ve been In his octopus’s garden In the shade

I’d ask my friends To come and see An octopus’s garden with me

I’d like to be Under the Sea In an octopus’s garden in the shade

We would be warm Below the storm In our little hideaway beneath the waves


Resting our head On the seabed In an octopus’s garden Near a cave

We would sing and dance around Because we know we can’t be found

I’d like to be Under the sea In an octopus’s garden in the shade

We would shout and swim about The coral that lies beneath the waves

(Lies beneath the ocean waves)

Oh what joy For every girl and boy Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe

(Happy and they’re safe)


We would be so happy you and me No one there to tell us what to do

I’d like to be Under the sea In an octopus’s garden with you

In an octopus’s garden With you

In an octopus’s garden With you

The Beatles- Octopus’s Garden animation – YouTube


Song dedication to Richard McK and Cathy Lovely: Thanks for your responses to

George Harrison 80: The Only Reason We Exist | Operation Disclosure Official




NUMB3RS Episode 101 2009 Sneakerhead (Missing Sneakers)

Don: Good news is we found the right one. But the left one is lost in Skid Rowe.

Larry: The vessel the Hansa was on its way from Korea to Portland when it lost crates of sneakers overboard.

Father Eppes: They wound up on shores from Oregon to Hawaii in a pattern depending on what the brands were or whether they were rights or lefts.


(Responding to knock-offs) Which sneakers are real?

Charlie: Buoyant forces would show differences in make. What about hyperspectral imaging, which collects and processes information across the electromagnetic spectrum; seeing all ranges of light from the visible to ultraviolet.

Larry: In much the same manner as a mantis shrimp, who curiously are neither mantis or shrimp – they just look alike. The hyperspectral will tell us which of the sneakers is identical to the authentic pair.




In 2012, Greek fishermen report a large long-necked creature in Lake Prespa; which is connected to Lake Ohrid by underground tunnels. There is an old legend of a dragon in the lake. Prespa is 100 square miles, Ohrid is 130 square miles, and the deepest point in these twin lakes is over 900 feet. Usually lakes fill up with sediment and last only around 100 thousand years, but Prespa and Ohrid are over a million years old, likely due to their depth. Officials say huge catfish might be the answer; 15 feet long or more; locals say bigger, over 800 pounds. Retired geography professor Sima Jonoski said that when rescue divers tried to recover from a sunken ship, they reported seeing giant catfish. The divers refused to carry out the search in fear of attack.


The following two short clips compare the octopus to humans, and octopi are more advanced.

Ancient Aliens: THE OCTOPUS FROM OUTER SPACE (Season 12) | Exclusive | History – YouTube 2 m 55 s

Alien DNA Found in Octopus Genetics | Ancient Aliens – YouTube 4 m 39 s

Ancient Aliens 28-06-2019 They Came From the Sea; Are the Oceans a petri dish for alien genetic experimentation.




Researchers Unearth Ancient ‘Tavern’ in Iraq—With 5,000-Year-Old Fridge, Oven, Containers With Food


The Mesopotamian ancients might have done as many modern folk do, dropping into their local pub on the way home to cap off their daily grind, evidence now shows.

The remains of a “tavern”—complete with an ancient fridge, oven, benches, bowls, and beakers—have been unearthed by researchers in Lagash, an ancient urban area in southern Iraq.

Archaeologists from Penn Museum and the University of Pisa have embarked on an investigation into the lives of populations who may have engaged in early industrial crafts, namely pottery production, potentially revealing the existence of an ancient “middle class.”

This discovery contrasts previous understandings that only two classes—elite and slave—existed in this part of the world at that time.

Read more: Researchers Unearth Ancient ‘Tavern’ in Iraq—With 5,000-Year-Old Fridge, Oven, Containers With Food

Comment: I wonder if they had a card table.


According to Hoyle’s Rules of Games ©:

TRUMP. A card, or the suit, which is especially privileged to win over cards of other suits.

TRUMP CARD. One turned to fix trumps for the deal, after the hands are dealt.


WILD CARD, A card which the holder may designate as representing any other card.



BRAZIL NUT – The Brazil Nut is one of the largest and longest living trees in the Amazon rainforest. The edible seeds are rich in nutrients, have a high amount of selenium, and are effective in thyroid treatment.

From Wikipedia: In various Spanish-speaking countries of South America, Brazil nuts are called castañas de Brasilnuez de Brasil, or castañas de Pará (or Para). In Brazil, they are more commonly called “castanha-do-pará” (meaning “chestnuts from Pará” in Portuguese), with other names also used. (They speak Portuguese in Brazil.)

Para is a Brazilian state where the trees grow.

PARA NUT – definition 1. same as Brazil nut above; and 2. Otto Vetter.



Headline: President Arrested on Trumped Up Charges



What is SpongeBob SQUAREpants spiritual status? See A below


Playing Cards!!! During the Republicans vs Democrats Bridge tournament, what was the democrats most common bid? See B below (Eh?)


A below: Holey


What is Putin’s favorite sea? See C below


B below: No Trump



Did you know President Trump was an illusionist? Just watch him disappear.


What is Donald Trump’s favorite football play? See D below


C below: The Red Sea


D below: The J-hook (pattern and pass)



Bill Clinton’s signature on NESARA is most likely invalid as it was under duress, forced at gunpoint. Otherwise, a precedent is set.



Our agents are prepared to take your money based on your fears – to calm your fears. If you already have insurance and have other fears, please notify us and we’ll take some more of your money, for each one, continually – to continually calm your fears. Message provided by: Insurance Agents for Everybody: Providing for False Flags and Ambulance Chasers Everywhere



Kramer: “They’ve got a cure for cancer. You see, it’s all fake business.” (Seinfeld, Male Bounding Series, 1990 Episode 3)



Diamonds are closed. I change Trump to ‘No Trump’.



Each human is a drop of water in the sea. The stillness of the sea is the stillness of God. The turbulence in its waves is the turbulence of humanity’s thoughts, a manifest simulation of God’s idea; projected motion in a light speed still frame sequence; the illusion of waves from stillness returning to stillness, through each drop, across the sea; a microcosm of God’s infinite playground.

Victory of the Light

Oh what joy For every girl and boy Knowing they’re happy and they’re safe


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