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Reader Post | By Logan B

Our Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Corey Goode, etc. fearless leaders tell us that no Angels, Galactics, God or Ascended Masters are going to swoop in and save us from the big bad darks even though they are. They have saved us countless times stopping or limiting the dark’s attempts to destroy this world or wipe us out. 

St Germain will have his dream realized of GESARA whether it is wanted or not. Freewill law states that the Sons of the Light can only intervene if the fate of humanity the world or both is at stake. What St Germain and us have to do is convince the freewill court that the current economy of supply and demand that forces companies to make products as cheaply as possible to appease their shareholders to the detriment of the environment will destroy the world. It may not be quick like thousands of nukes or bioweapons but the effects will overwhelm nature and destruction will be inevitable and irreversible by our meager resources. This economy is NOT our freewill choice the same as nuclear weapons have been built against the wishes of most of humanity and bioweapons are produced without the knowledge of most of humanity. Most still believe the ridiculous rhetoric that disease is natural. 

I do agree we should do our part to prove to the court that we are serious about not wanting the status quo. Apparently our just saying it is only considered lip service. Will writing letters to the government and expecting the courts to do anything change anything. No. Your federal reserve has once again magically managed to pull 30 trillion dollars out of their bleeps towards the economy. Where did it go? It didn’t go to the Silicone Valley Bank or any other bank. It didn’t go to your government. 

That money could have put over a hundred thousand dollars into the pocket of every adult. What could you have done with that? Everyone could have stocked up with six months of food and supplies, prepay utilities and then just stop. Stop going to work. Stop driving. Stop flying. Stop going to events, restaurants and movies. Stop everything and wait for the status quo to stop. 

This is exactly why the federal reserve will never give you a lot of money at once. For most people in their current beleaguered financial situation this option is unthinkable and for the rest the idea of not working is unthinkable. 

So what do we do? Exactly what we have been doing. Keep carrying on like good little slaves and wait for God to save us because everything else we have tried to do for thousands of years have so far failed including bringing in Atlantis, Buddha, Jesus, the Knights Templar and most recently the White Hats. I have not given up on the White Hats but I can’t forget them saying they have no intention of making us rich. They are all for setting up a new kind of government to be our new masters but as far as granting us the means to establish our own individual Sovereignty to govern ourselves no way. 

Who is actually doing the cleanup on aisle 4 to help with the RV? We know the White Hats held a gun to Clinton’s head to force him to sign NESARA but the two are not the same thing. NESARA is the Restored Republic new government to right the wrongs done to our governments and the RV is to right the wrongs done to individuals. The individuals include bond holders stuck with unredeemed bonds for over a hundred years, farmers, church groups, Native Americans, currency holders for wrongs to Iraq and other countries and Zim bond holders for wrongs done to the whole continent of Africa. I have to assume that tiers 1 and 2 for Royalty and governments is for older ones that at one time were helping humanity including the original Republic. St Germain himself was helping the French Royalty and a body double was used for the execution of Queen Marie-Antoinette. She and the Royal Family were spirited away to America where St Germain gave them the means to establish and purchase almost all the major corporations of the time but when the worshippers of the black sun rothschilds took over all the banks they eventually regained the power to take over the government and the rockefellers got the corporations. Our history would have been a lot different if that hadn’t happened. There would not have been a slaughter of the buffalo to near extinction and a genocide of Natives. 


The RV is way more than just making a few people rich. This is about activating the few who know and care about what the real history of the world is and want to do whatever it takes to right it and make sure it never repeats ever again.


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