The Path of True Remorse Before God


Source: Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on March 10, 2023

If you have taken the jab or jabs and now regret it, or if at any time you find yourself in a bad or worrying situation where you feel irreparably severed from all that is real, true and good in your life (including your feelings) then remember The Path of True Remorse Before God.

Before I go into this let me preamble the kernel of the piece with some helpful ideas.

If you have a picture or idea of your inner child as an aspect of you, the adult, that you can access at times (as a balanced human being) by being a bit goofy sometimes, watching cartoons or dancing in the moonlight, sweep that model off the table in favour of this one.

Your Inner Child is your source of Chiefest Wisdom in you, fully capable of radiating its light through and recalibrating every aspect of your life to draw it into the circle of true happiness using its inspired wisdom. That is its joy as your main connection to your Inner Divinity.

It is a really Big Deal to have a genuine and strong sense of your connection to your Inner Child. Even if you are a parent yourself and consider yourself a good one, if your connection to your own Inner Child has unravelled you will know it and will not be happy. So this path is very much about full reconciliation with, and acknowledgement of the importance of, this part of you.

The Path of True Remorse Before God is a heart path through your heart connection to God which can never be severed (otherwise you wouldn’t be here).


The beguiling and subtle spells of the serpent would very much like to convince you that its technology is all powerful in this realm, that once you have crossed a certain line you are lost and to entertain hope of redemption or renewal or healing of any kind is a futile gesture. You didn’t believe this nonsense before, why on earth would you believe it now.

There has never been and never will be any technology put together by a lower order being capable of withstanding the power of Grace itself. Think about it. What a strange illogical state of affairs would it be if such a reversal could ever take place … (For more on the decisive and all conquering power of Grace see Stuart Wilde’s last book … )

The Path of True Remorse Before God (or the higher aspect of yourself, labels really do not matter in this process of internal humbling … ) is where instead of pushing the feelings of pain and confusion (associated with any bad decision) aside to carry on as best you can, you go straight into the heart of them, feel them fully, acknowledge the ‘sin’ or straying from the mark that brought them into your life and also acknowledge any lessons learned from the experience and ask, beg or plead (absolutely if it helps you to more access the feelings) for forgiveness (again whether this is from your greater self or whatever your idea of God may be is of no matter, divinity is far more interested in your heart and its honesty than your ideas about it … )

If you do not feel any lessons have been shown or emerged in your awareness ask to be shown them or ask to be guided to a path that will show them to you so you never have to go through the experience again. Also ask that that path be one of ease where grace is always present so you are spared such distress again.

There is no ignominy or shame in learning, even and especially the hard way. All heaven has wanted, all heaven always wants is to decrease the suffering and increase the happiness (built on unassailable, wholesome and wise foundations) on earth.

Also keep in mind if you are looking into remedial options that to ‘seek first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added to you’ are not idle words. Find God first, then be guided.

It is possible that my description of the The Path of True Remorse Before God is too idiosyncratic for it to find any resonance with you, so of course by all means make your own gesture in your own way – only do not be dismissive of the pain and confusion you feel as you make it. Be honest.


Never be ashamed of any mistake you make that does not involve harmful intentions towards another. Each one is a necessary stepping stone home … One day you will own and be glad of each one.


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