(Reader: Danlboon) 1776 or 1860 Constitution


Reader Post | By Danlboon

Trump may want to go all the way back to 1776 to have that US Constitution in place, yet we didn’t have one yet, but in 1860 is the last time we had a lawful US Constitution and government and the Constitution didn’t come about till 1789. But even Lincoln violated the original 13th Amendment (Titles of Nobility Act) of 1819 as he was a member of the BAR and became the first US CORP President as the USA was at the end of its 1st bankruptcy.

Just for reference if we need to work thru the process of admitting the states into the Republic Union and not just the US CORP then here they are in order as for the first 13 and the only 34 Constitutional states; 1787 Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, 1788 Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, 1789 North Carolina, 1790 Rhode Island, 1791 Vermont, 1792 Kentucky, 1796 Tennessee, 1803 Ohio, 1812 Louisiana, 1816 Indiana, 1817 Mississippi, 1818 Illinois, 1819 Alabama, 1820 Maine, 1821 Missouri, 1836 Arkansas, 1837 Michigan, 1845 Florida, Texas, 1846 Iowa, 1848 Wisconsin, 1850 California, 1858 Minnesota, 1859 Oregon, and January 29, 1861 Kansas was the last.

Now these are the US CORP states; June 20, 1863 West Virginia, 1864 Nevada, 1867 Nebraska, 1876 Colorado, 1889 North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, 1890 Idaho, Wyoming, 1896 Utah, 1907 Oklahoma, 1912 New Mexico, Arizona, 1959 Alaska, and Hawaii was the last, but the 10 square miles of D.C. is not a state and they should not vote unless they are placed into other states. Yet I think Trump and the White Hats have our Republic capital facilities in other states and the true US Capital should be revealed soon as well.

Then there were the 11 states that seceded from the Union beginning with South Carolina in December 1860 and we need to approve or disapprove if they should go back as the Confederacy or just keep them in the USA Republic Union. So see my details on those are at: (Reader: Danlboon) Southern States.

Some of you may not know is that we have had eight presidents prior to Washington and one was black, thus we had no constitution at the time and there are rumors the one from 1789 was based towards coming under the control of the Crown and that is why Trump is moving for 1776. I think even the one from 1789 should read: ‘We the People for the united states of America’ not ‘We the People of the United States’ as the people were placed under the United States as that one was changed from ‘for’ and as individual states not one country.

We cannot have a constitutional convention today as there are way too many people that would want to get involved and work it for today’s corrupt agendas and ideologies, thus Trump and the White Hats are moving towards what it should be from back in 1776 from our founding fathers.

In 2000 when NESARA was voted on the NAVY SEALS and DELTA FORCE went to Congress and had the only 13 Constitutional members of Congress go to their chambers and vote it in before they went to President Clinton to sign it. Now in 2023 we can go thru the process of voting US CORP states into the Republic Union and voting and ratifying the Amendments in their specific order at a more rapid speed with only those allowed to vote on them back then to do so now without having more and more elections each time something changes, but this also goes for the states’ legislatures.


Since I have written this up and worked on it personally for myself to understand then maybe I should be asked to coordinate with the White Hats to organize all this of my plan to show Congress and the states’ legislatures unless they are going to accept some Amendments while ignoring others and just have all 50 states vote on everything with everyone.



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