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Source: Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 24, 2023

[redacted] is the Deep State money laundering capital of the world.

With a major environmental disaster afoot in the US, Biden turns down Ohio’s request for disaster assistance and proceeds directly to [redacted] to meet with comedian-turned-President [redacted]. Only after President Trump spends his own money on supply aid and heads in person to East Palestine, Ohio, does FEMA respond with any help for the people there.

All the famous environmentalist names like Al Gore, Greta, and Bill Gates are mysteriously quiet about the recent train derailments and chemical disasters. As far as Mr. Bill Gates goes, one should always be wary about anyone who thinks it’s essential that there be less people on the planet.

Stolen elections have consequences. Is it even possible for the “Biden admin” to be more transparently corrupt at this point? I guess we are going to find out.

The pay-to-play crimes on the Hunter “laptop from hell” revealed before the election that Biden was compromised by foreign entities and numerous influence peddling pay-outs to the “Big Guy.” It was treason before he even got into office, in what was perhaps the clearest example of vote fraud in any election ever held on planet Earth. Yet, with the complicit helping hands of the corporate media and big tech, and the bought-and-paid-for politicians in DC, the massive fraud was put over. With assistance from Dominion Voting Systems, thank you very much.

The entire Covid response was a scam. Big Pharma made trillions, countless Mom & Pop businesses were destroyed forever, while the big chains stayed open and reaped the rewards, and we got ourselves a Mail-In Ballot Election, “won” by the ‘Big Guy,’ whose family owns an Island right next to Epstein Island, a literal cipher of a candidate, who campaigned in a Jeep parking lot to ten people in masks in their cars, yet somehow beat out the populist hero drawing historic record crowds everywhere he went. Beat out, that is, by only 70,000 votes, in the key battleground states, where the corruption was calculated to just enough effect to get Biden over the finish line. They stopped the election counting in Pennsylvania, for example, when Trump was ahead 800,000 votes and had it in the bag, then sent everyone home but a small elect, then restarted counting with, surprise, surprise, truckloads of virtually all-Biden votes showing up. Two weeks later, you had a finished election. Biden wins by a hair. Right. Now, about that swampland you have for sale…


Now, I know that Trump is not popular with everyone and not everyone voted for him. The corporate media and Hollywood has run a 24-7 brainwashing campaign against him for 8 years, which is still on-going. But who owns the corporate media and why are they so dead-set against the America First President? Does legitimate sovereign American patriotism run counter to their interests in a one-world corporate technocracy?

The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab has a right hand man named Yuval Noah Harari, who has stated: “When you combine our increasing understanding of biology, especially brain science, with the enormous computing power that machine learning and AI is giving us, what you get from that combination is the ability to hack humans, which means to predict their choices, to understand their feelings, to manipulate them and also to replace them. If you can hack something you can also replace it.”

Well, the interests that oppose President Trump succeeded in hacking the 2020 election and replacing the legitimately elected candidate with a bumbling Deep State stooge who has us on the precipice of WW3.

But with that all said, I am not worried. This has always been an information war and a spiritual battle. All of this (since 2020) has served to wake up more and more people. What might have been foggy to some… let us say, for instance, those who get their news opinions from late-nite comedian talk show hosts and Hollywood gravy train entertainers… surely, they must be seeing at least some of the dawning light now, with regards to the difference between the Biden puppet administration and that of President Donald Trump.

There were no wars during Trump’s presidency, and he brokered the historic the Abraham Accords, which should have won him the Nobel Peace Prize, if it was actually a legitimate prize, and related to actual peace.

Trump’s economy was the best in US history, before the Covid Plandemic came around, right on cue before the election. Trump had also enacted Prison Reform, with the Second Chance Act. He restored our crumbling manufacturing base by bringing industries back to the US, with corporate tax reforms and tariffs. He restructured the broken trade deals made by previous corrupt politicos, in it to line their own pockets. He was the first President whose net worth actually went down after he was in office. Because he wasn’t on the take!

He built 500 miles of border wall (which everyone said wouldn’t happen) and secured the southern border against rampant illegal immigration, drugs and human trafficking. And, as he stated he would, he made combatting human trafficking one of his first priorities and got serious results in that arena, which is still one of the biggest criminal exigencies in the world.


Did you really expect Biden, who owns an island right next to Epstein’s former lair, a guy who can’t go 5 minutes without smelling some little kid’s hair even in a White House photo op, to actually do something about this? He’s part of the problem, he’s not going to fix it! Why do you think they call his son’s computer the “laptop from hell,” because there are Disney movies on it?

I have stated time and time again, that things were only going to get more and more obvious until all but 5% of the public would finally see the light and admit they were wrong about Trump (if they were against him) and also wrong about Biden, as well (if they were for this transparent criminal). 5% of the public can’t be helped. Their conditioning runs too deep. They will never recognize the light of truth in these matters, in this lifetime. But hey, that’s what reincarnation is for. They will have to repeat this class. With principals, this time.

People can call me a conspiracy theorist, but at this point, I prefer ‘conspiracy scholar.’ The ‘conspiracy theorist’ dig came into play during the Kennedy assassination, served up by the CIA, to be used against anyone who questioned the ludicrous official story of a lone gunman with magic bullets.

JFK and Trump have a great deal in common. Both were (and one still is) seeking to free the United States from the grip of the central bank system and return the US to a sovereign currency issued by the US Treasury (backed by gold and silver), displacing our current usury fiat currency issued by privately owned transnational banks. It has been said that the CIA is the secret police of the central banks. JFK said he would “break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” He also had an executive order in place for a new currency. But they got to him first.

Can you see now how it actually is possible for the political establishment and giant corporate entities to work together against a populist political movement? A corporation’s lifeblood is money, and naturally the central banks, who issue said money, have a controlling interest in a great many industries around the world, and the media is just one of those industries. They don’t want reform and they don’t want to lose control of their game. And they certainly don’t want Trump back in the White House.

And yet, they haven’t gotten rid of him. He is as influential as he ever was while in office, because his cause represents the best interests of humanity and the direction that history itself is moving in. In the end, yes, he is only one man. But in the stage play of human history, certain individuals have always held key roles, upon which entire generational movements have been based. Case in point, General George Washington. Had he fallen or been captured, perhaps the miracle that was the American Revolution never would have succeeded. But he didn’t fall.

Without that victory, We the People would not have a Country, or a Constitution based on human rights as given to us by our Creator, not as given to us by any government. Human rights are a relatively new thing, they should not be taken for granted. If the acolytes at the World Economic Forum have their way, individual rights will be a thing of the past. In fact, Yavil Noah has also said that the “era of freewill is over.” He made this declaration because he believes that humans can be programmed.

Do you accept this kind of programming?

Did you go along with the Covid programming when it defied all actual science and reason?

Did you accept an election that was stolen right in front of your eyes in 2020?


Are you capable of forming your own viewpoint on something, even if it runs counter to an official narrative?

The world changes when enough people do the right thing, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

They said in 2020 that this was a ‘Battle for the Soul of a Nation.’

I’ve got my gold and silver backed money on the ‘Once and Future’ President Donald J. Trump. Love him or hate him, he will be recognized at the end of this story as a great American hero.

As for Biden, I think he’s going to end up as all counterfeit currencies do, as something worthless that won’t spend anymore. Like bankruptcy, it will happen gradually, and then all at once. And when the money doesn’t spend, the greedy political prostitutes and media personalities will abandon ship.

But what happens when the ship they abandon is the Titanic?

That’s a swimming lesson for another day.

Vaya con Dios


Parting the Washington Sea



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