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Reader Post | By Helen West

I’m not sure if this will be put out since I’ve notice the letters posted are picked through and controlled, concerning what is posted on the website lately. I would hope that more actual life events would be printed and told to the public instead of all misinformation and HOPIUM. 

When I reference HOPIUM, that’s when we are told over and over that the RV is this date or should be this date, and we heard that from a high up source. By now, we should be quite aware if a date is attached, it won’t happen on that day.  With all the news on the mainstream media not being truthful, then reading all the alternative news on the web not being truthful, most times, I’m not sure how all the people are aware of anything truthful, at anytime anywhere, anymore. 

Real life situation like the posts I write about are held off from being printed because the alternative news wants “real” truths kept off the news, away from the public. As I have posted before, I am on the phones daily with the senior population and the disabled for work. I call across the country speaking to people and the current situation for the populace is very dire and extremely sad and heartbreaking. Many people sense my sincerity by my tone of voice and speak to the telemarketer on the phone. For over a year now, I’ve been having to do this type of job, since I live in NY and refuse to take the “remedies “ of big corporations producing them and do not buy into hoaxes. I’m unable to work my trained employment of many years due to my refusal of the remedies suggested I need to work in the public sector. I stick with this job, since it’s work that pays me and I too have bills and need food and housing. 

During this year, I hear yelling, crying and frustration from more than half I speak too. Homeless people, people having to move in with other family members that are abusing or taking advantage of their situation, to spend the social security benefits on drugs and alcohol, people living in their cars if they have them, some making shelter in tree houses and tire structures, or homeless shelters, all are hungry and fed up. Have had other members I work with get suicide  calls and reported them as we are instructed to do. 

Then their is the Veteran calls, that are heartbreaking to the point I have now had to cut back my work hours to stay healthy enough to continue working at this job. It’s an emotional killer and my heath is suffering and I have no medical insurance.  I have had veterans crying that today’s Military’s is so messed up and lost, that they have not stormed in and protected the country they promised to protect. Most Veterans I speak to were true lovers of the man Trump, when he stood for taking hold of problems in our country and then followed through with promises kept, by fixing them. They now they say he comes on TV makes criticism of the Government situation that Biden and his administration is allowing, and does not care enough to step in. Which, they know he can. They don’t get to see the congressional hearings taking place in the back ground. They have no clue of the real events not being told to them. They have tears in their voices, anger and frustration. The average American is in the dark. Lots of deaths are occurring due to all the stress of the lies fed to them by the fake news and prices of food, and people turning to coping by alcohol and drugs. Not to mention the “remedies” we have been forced to take so we can to keep working, to feed our families. 

I find it very hard to believe in the “Debts” being paid off for some but others struggling. I find it hard to believe in flying objects on TELEVISION and CHEMICAL DUMPS, ANYTHING-anymore on either news areas since the lies are so prevalent. I know the alternative news is put out to give the public hope, but facts are better. Life as we know is a joke, a movie and most people are losing interest. Drinking more, doing more drugs and hurting. Abuse is very prevalent in our societies. Saving ALL the children is important. Not picking some and not others.  ALL people are hurting, and the scripture says in Romans 12:16 through 12:18. Be of the same mind towards one another, but not wise in your own eyes. Never repay anyone evil for evil. Take thought for what is right and honorable in the site of all men. If it’s within your power, make peace with everyone. Luke: 20:21 speaks about God not being partial. One person is not considered more valuable than any other, in Gods eyes. The White hats or Good Guys, need to get this straightened out, and stop the favoritism. All people are hurting. This movie is abusing all people. Believing and having HOPE in someone arriving soon to stop this madness, is dwindling from all people. The good guys need to finish the movie, before more innocent victims die. IF WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL 2024 then the loss of life is on their hands,  and that is NOT Godly.

Helen West



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