A Lightworker’s Heart: The Doorway to the Fifth Dimension


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Luna, Visionary and Co-founder of World Benevolence Group

Submitted on January 19, 2023

A Lightworker’s Heart: The Doorway to the Fifth Dimension 


We are the key. We being you and me. Our Hearts are key!
Do you know why you are here? I mean here at this time on planet earth.
Have you wondered who you are?
Have you felt that you are not where your supposed to be?
Have you figured out why are you here?
What is it you are waiting for?
Whose coming?

And who else is with you here that has come with you, lifetime over lifetime. The people in your life you chose to be with here at this time. Good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t matter you chose it. Wrap that concept around in your mind. You chose them to do what they did to you, to say what they said to you, even if it was ugly and if it was have you forgiven and moved on yet?  There’s no room for any of that stuff to go with you where you are headed. The lower vibration can’t exist in the higher one!  Will you miss all the drama that you created?

How do you know what you know? And when you know YOU KNOW!

Tell me who you think you are. I know why I’m here. I’m a light warrior sent here for this time in humanity’s history. I always come at the end of a  paradigm shift. I’m a visionary, and I’m a builder, a renegade here to help heal this world and humanity.  I just simply know what to do.  I know what to say and I just know what I know and I don’t ever question it.  


Magic happens around me often and I definitely  believe I am the Magic.

It’s about vibration and resonance. When you find that key you will create the magic you dream of. Your dreams are one!  Rainbows are real and so are unicorns but they exist in another realm like the fairies. I have glimpsed them and they come in my dreams and speak to me.

Tell me who you are. I am an angel who came from the higher dimensions to help humanity wake up and rebuild the world as we want it. A world strong, beautiful and free! A virtual garden of Eden complete with the song of the birds and the melody of the trees but the passion of the wind. A n opera of sorts and we are its audience.

A Play in Time.  All the people’s of the world as One. With Love and much Gratitude. The lovers of mankind.  God’s children and so we are One. We are Source!

Be true to Oneself. This about the journey of Self. If you can’t hear your guides or your ancestors then you are in a deep sleep. As you awaken from your deep slumber you will know why you are and who you really are and perhaps what you came here to do. Quiet your mind. You then feel your rhythm.

You are the Symphony. You resonant a song to the Universe. We are connected to Source. You will walk with your head held high for you are the Chosen Ones. You volunteered for love of humanity.

I am feeling about 40 days from the date of this article mankind won’t know what hit them. This information will make their heads spin. Let’s pray!  Pray for their mental health that they can understand that we have been slaves all of our lives generation after generation.


Everything we were told was a lie and the world we live in has been run by a satanic pedophiles worldwide. I know and I sound like the crazy one. I told my son that about 3 years ago now and that’s what he said to me. I told him the insanity will happen when the truth comes out. I’ve seen this coming all of my adult life and even as a child in ways I didn’t fully understand then but I do now.

I think about my family here in Canada but also in Italy : La bella Sicilia. A little fishing village and I think of my family there when this information about our world comes out. Life will never be the same but change never happens unless it is for our highest and best. In other words if its not going to improve your life change doesn’t happen. I know it does feel that way when your going through but I believe that’s because we resist.

As the ‘Borg’ said in Star Trek’s Voyager… “Resistance is futile.”  Futile because change IS going to HAPPEN. Like it or not?  Ready or not? Just wake up!

Never mind smelling the coffee. We have been under attack our whole life but right now we have been in a war and and many didn’t make it. They are the casualties of this war and they didn’t even know it. We think it was just their time.  But much of our population worldwide doesn’t have a clue about any of this. Not one thing.  Can you imagine?

Institutions are falling around us like our banks, schools, hospitals, legal, political, just to name a few.  The banks apparently ran this world along with the Royals and all the trafficking of our children, men and woman too. Slavery in different forms. Tricks, and much deceit and yet many chose to sell their soul for money . Yes, that’s right,  I said  trafficking of our most precious hearts Our Children.

The statement I’ve heard all my life was really about ‘the root of all evil’. It’s about the children all of our children and it was happening in broad daylight under our noses and in our face. People had no clue.

Missing without a trace they said. No they weren’t most were targeted even deals were made with governments around the world for their people to be abducted and experimented on or sold into slavery or worse ritually sacrificed and many were murdered.  Law enforcement, government officials, doctors, lawyers, judges , even teachers were all in this club to abduct our children.

How could that be you say? It was too horrible to consider the alternative. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow but sometimes we must swallow it in order to heal and move forward.

We have so much to do and we already are free. We just haven’t seen in it our day to day lives yet. I’m telling you this spring will be like no other in our life and we will be telling our grandchildren and great grandchildren and even great- great- grandchildren if we choose to be her that long. We will have the technology so the choice will be yours.

You will have lots of love and joy in your life that you will NEVER experience sadness, loss, fear or pain ever again.


You will be healthy and wealthy and wise. We have the capacity to heal ourselves. We have just never been told but instead programmed to believe that we grow old and die.   A world where everyone will be even and fair. No more hungry people in this world. Everyone will have a home, food on their table. No more wondering whether you should pay the electric bill or eat this month.

We are being given another life and do over if you will. Humanity 2.0. What are you going to do to make humanity better, happier, healthier. Live life from your heart. Just be you!  Love is the only answer. You know back in 2002 I went out to my car like I did every day and on my window was a sticky note and all it said was

 “Love is the Only Answer!”

In my heart, I have always known that. But everyone around me was asleep or programmed. When I would talk with them, I was talking to the ‘AI’ version of them. The programmed or indoctrinated them. They don’t know it for the most part but they will very soon. I wish this wasn’t the way they will find out but it has to be.  They can’t hear us.

If you have a project or idea or just want to offer you services to a global humanitarian group please contact me: We welcome your ideas and suggestions for our future as long as it doesn’t hurt, harm or hinder anything or anyone.

If you know of people who are inventors, scientists, social workers, teachers, healers or just plain folk please apply. We all have a mission.

If you don’t know yours then I’m here to help you find that mission. I will have a personal zoom call with you to discuss your dream or ideas. All this is free it’s just my pleasure to be able to connect you that way for the benefit of humanity. Please send me an email at  I am here to be of service to humanity. We are all family!  May the light of God bless and keep you all. I am One with you and the universe. I remain at

Peace, Love, Light and lots of Joy. Luna

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