(Reader: Mondexmomma) Response to Melinda Siebold “When the Shepherds Kill their Sheep”


Reader Post | By Mondexmomma

Thank you for your article Melissa Seibold.  That is how I feel as well.  You may have missed my article written December 25, 2022 by Mondexmomma. ” From Censorship To Disinformation.” 

At best we have gray hats no whites hats and we are aware of the evil ones.  I spend countless hours doing research and listening to every Truther out there.  I am sick of the same story as well. They talked about an EBS over a year ago. 

Well, when is that going to happen?

Now for the bio weapon Death Dart they keep promoting. If this was any other vax killing less than 50 it would have been pulled from the market long ago.  Instead these gray hats have allowed big pHARMa to now inject our little ones with this.  Save the children? Which ones are we talking about?  The ones in the dumbs or the ones they are KILLING with the bio weapon.  

Our blood supply now is nothing but a sewer. They continue to allow vaccinated people to give blood and plasma.  I raised this concern  with our local blood bank close to two years ago.  The only reply I got was they were following  CDC guidelines.  CDC is NOT EVEN a federal government agency. Now everyone that had enough sense NOT to get a bio weapon are now doomed if they ever need an emergency blood transfusion.  

Military is the only way….well, where are they?  Derek Johnson rules and regulations are great only if they are enforced. Why aren’t they following them? To uphold the Constitution every military person takes an Oath for. Every American are having their Constitutional rights stomped on.  I am on a never ending restriction on Faciastbook.  What happened to freedom of speech.  Where are you gray (white) hats?

What about the Nuremberg Code they have violated EVERY article..Where are you gray (white)  hats?


Now they are saying it is up to We The People.  I  voted twice 2020 and 2022.  BOTH elections stolen. I am not voting in 2024 what is the sense? Are the gray (white)  hats waiting for people to take to the streets?  Kind of looks that way doesn’t it.  

Look at what just happened to the Brunson brothers case in the Supreme Court.  If that wasn’t a push to have the Military move in.  No standing was the Supreme Court answer.  No standing that every Congrational person committed treason? Yet we the people get no justice.  The Justice system is corrupt. Congress is corrupt, and the President and VP are corruption.  If that wasn’t enough for the military to take action.

When I ask is any of this going to happen WHTE HATS? OR SHOULD I SAY GRAY HATS. 

WHERE IS President Trump? 


NOT ALL AMERICANS OWN GUNS The ones that do are ready to take this country back their way.  

The only people that need waking up at this point is the Military and the White Hats. 


The normies will wake up when they see an EBS or having project Odin turn off project Mockingbird media.

This is war! Enough collateral damage!!!! Do the right thing White hats and Military end this slaughter of people. 



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