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Reader Post | By Logan B

I am not talking about the obvious groups that stand to lose their power over us with the replacement of the black magic money system. I am talking about the millions who have have been good little slaves and faithfully promoted the nwo’s agenda 2030 plan for generations. 

I live in a farming community where the only economy has been farming for over 100 years. For the first 60 or so years families practiced responsible natural crop production with summer fallowing and crop rotation that kept the soil nutrients replenished and weeds down. About 60 years ago nwo agents started arriving with orders to aquire as much land as they could. The older generation having lived through the depression and WWII resisted because they knew exactly what they were up to. The agents patiently waited for them to retire or die. The next generation was given the choice to either sell, accept their practices of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides or go broke from artificially reduced grain prices, bogus supply and demand claims and overpriced machinery. They all eventually succumbed to the pressure and now there are no family farms left.

The point of that story is these people will either be told that GESARA is evil and goes against God, yes they still believe they are doing God’s work, or they will be forced not to take it. This goes for the millions around the world that slave for the nwo’s multinational corporations. I slave for a company that slaves for a multinational but thankfully that puts me well below the level they care about.

I just turned 60. That puts me just under the age of 61 that stipulates that if I want to get GESARA money I have to agree not to quit work. This flies right in the face of what we were promised that GESARA will be the beginning of the end of the corporations that are actively destroying our world and systematically eliminating us. This compromise guarantees the nwo will be allowed to continue for who knows how long by maintaining a slave force which means they still could realize their goal. Unless this clause in the GESARA contract is redacted by St Germain himself GESARA will be useless in our fight to rid ourselves of slave labour. 

Perhaps the RV was set up by people who knew more than we were told about what the GESARA agreement actually was. We will not be subject to the same agreement which puts the responsibility of helping those that are done with being slaves on us. If this turns out to be the case I accept wholeheartedly to give as much assistance to as many as I can to all those that tell the nwo to take their job and shove it because they ain’t working there no more. 

Another compromise is that even though NESARA promises that government will be 10% of what it currently is it means there will still be government. This goes against what we strive for which is individual Sovereignty. Also as much as they want to sugarcoat the 14% flat tax it is still a tax. So even though GESARA seems like a step in the right direction all in all it is only putting lipstick on a pig that needs an extreme makeover. What other compromises are in the full agreement that have not been divulged to us? Even if the full agreement makes War and Peace look like a newsletter I plan to read it all before agreeing to it. We know that the nwo will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve their goals no matter what obstacles we put in their way. What we don’t know is, is the NPTB prepared to do the same and ultimately achieve the goals we want? 

I will tell them again what we want. We want the OPTW to be removed from this reality now not years from now. We want true abundance with no nwo strings attached. Is this too much to ask? No. Is this achievable by releasing the technology that has been withheld from us for the express purpose of hindering us by affording us complete protection from whatever 3D weapon they could try to hit us with without violence towards them? Yes. Is there anyone saying that this is what they want to happen? No. Even those that are in charge of our ascension are saying that we will be subjected to ever increasing more of the same nwo bs that we have been putting up with for at least another year. Have the NPTB all been told to maintain this narrative to us while they work on their behind the scenes plan that only a few of them know about? I hope so. 


I have as many fingers crossed that I can that notifications start this weekend. On Monday I will also be crossing as many toes as possible which is only four but hopefully that will be enough. 


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