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Reader Post | By Stefan

Good to see you, dear patriots!

First of all, I wish Patrick, his team and all readers a happy new year, regardless of whether we started it on 01.01.2023 Gregorian or will still start it on 14.01.2023 according to Julian calendar. There we are still ignorant, after which calendar we go into the new time. Yes, it is nice to have all of us back and we are still hanging in there. Even though we can’t grasp much of the show directly, that is, we don’t see any special or good signs in what’s happening for an impending change for the better, we continue to hold the line, don’t we?

Whether it is a controversial Kevin McCarthy, the new Speaker of the House. Controversial because he is a RINO, as are many other Republicans in Congress. Or whether it is rising indexes in the stock markets that could be attributed to Biden, things are happening that are causing us to frown. The SCOTUS recusal on the Brunson case also makes sense to me because if Biden and Harris were removed, McCarthy would become President and I don’t think that is part of the plan. As a positive side effect, once again the corruption of SCOTUS comes into focus for people. I firmly believe that all of our patience, perseverance, faith and trust will be tested with this once again. Again. Or are they indications that we should finally stop having these high expectations over and over again in advance, which are then disappointed because none of us know the plan? I know we patriots are all maxed out and many of us are really up to our necks. But I believe that we still have to go through a deep valley until we reach the summit that will bring us a promised world.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past four years, it’s that nothing is as it seems. And the longer I stay involved with the matrix or the show, putting energy into it, the longer it will all take. Our energy is what keeps it all still going, no matter where in the world or in what country. I know some in my environment, personally or just by mails, PN or phone, who want to give up or have already given up. They look, at home and abroad, only parts of the show, only parts of the movie, then extrapolate or interpret and take the result as their facts. Or they try to change the film while it is being screened. We know that’s not possible, don’t we? We in the audience have to take the film in the cinema as it is shown. Why is it only with this worldwide film that we find this so much more difficult? Are we perhaps fixated on the wrong things? What is it really about for us, deep inside? Find out! What are you about, why do you want the change, the event, the flip? What is your goal? Your own personal goal?


What if it is intended for everyone in the plan? What good is your wealth if everyone is rich?

Power through wealth?


If all are equal and all have wealth, how will one or more gain power over others or be able to rule over them?

Eliminate poverty?

Yes, people, what if there are no more countries and regions that are poor? Your goal was achieved by implementing the plan. Which others have done before you because they could not or were not allowed to wait for you to get going. And now?

Save the environment, restore the earth?

What if that is part of the whole plan, and it is already being done by others, with the help of aliens who can do it faster and more effectively?

Save fauna and flora?

And also for this there will be already plans. I have written it already so often, no war is led without that there are plans for a afterwards.


Who now says or thinks that the above mentioned is not possible, should please start to think outside the box. Does not go, does not exist any more! I think over and over again, why these six new technologies were already announced to us. Medbeds, free energy, quantum internet, antigravity, teleportation and replicators. One explanation to me is that all of this already exists, it was just deliberately withheld from us. This has been written many times by different sources. The Khazarian mafia would not have been able to squeeze money out of us otherwise. And if there is all this already, and still much more, an introduction on the world will MUST go fast, because certainly none of us wants to have more envy or ill-will. Nobody wants that again only others are preferred. Since the alliance also knows this, that these negative feelings would come up, there will be plans how to make a distribution as simultaneous as possible. I know many of you cannot or will not accept this without a transition period, but please explore why you think this way. Don’t we want to live without restrictions and limitations? Isn’t that what freedom is all about? So why continue to manifest such a thing?

How about the explanation about frequency and vibration? Everything is frequency and vibration, isn’t it? Isn’t that what we read somewhere almost every day? Raise your vibration, raise your frequency. What if all these technologies are already with us, and we just can’t recognize them yet because we don’t have the right vibration? Spaceships can hide from us because they vibrate differently. Beings from the spiritual world we can’t see because they vibrate higher, have a higher frequency. Don’t roll your eyes, OK? It has been said over and over again that we should forget what we have learned because it is all bullshit. Whether it’s official history, whether it’s science, whether it’s technology, it’s all a gigantic lie. And likewise, it’s a lie that anything is impossible. Nothing more impossible that we can imagine or think up. Does not go, does not exist any more. Everything that a human mind can conceive will be possible. “It can’t be done!” or the question “How can it be done?” will no longer exist. We must understand this, even if it is difficult for us, because we are still stuck in the old, existing, but dying world with its restrictions and limitations.

Doubts or not wanting to admit something are still quite natural behaviors. But please think about where these behaviors have brought us. Where has it taken each of us, but also our entire communities? 40 years ago, there were no smartphones. If someone had told us something like that, we would have felt his forehead to see if he was feverish or asked him what he had been smoking, wouldn’t we? And today? Why shouldn’t it be possible tomorrow that we travel through space and time, explore and colonize other planets? Why should it not be possible that we can live in peace on a completely intact and healthy earth? Does not go, does not exist!

The plan is pulled through whether we believe in it or not. And if people cannot or do not want to believe in it any more, that is their business. As long as they leave those in peace and do not pull down, who are further firm in the faith and full of confidence, they should think all what they want. I can’t, don’t have to and don’t want to convince anyone anymore. Everything that happens on the outside is enough to awaken, to believe and to continue to trust. There are signs, indications and realizations everywhere. Waiting, impatiently or patiently waiting, is unavoidable in this show, in this movie. Think about a surprise party and the fact that you would have to plan it. Those who are to be surprised must not know anything, and yet you must organize everything logistically flawlessly until the day the party is to take place. And then imagine that you have to make distractions because something of your plan may have leaked out. You pretend that you are planning something at a different location, or you pretend that completely different guests are coming or completely different people are going to be surprised. You do everything, but really everything, to prevent premature disclosure of your real plan. No matter what it costs! If you can imagine that, then it shouldn’t be hard to put yourselves in the position of the alliance and all your comrades-in-arms, should it?

Let’s summarize, OK? Nothing is as it seems. Invisible to the world, the plan is being implemented. We see maybe ten percent, everything else is going on behind the scenes. Can’t, doesn’t exist and our thoughts create reality. Calmly observe and put no more energy into anything that has to do with the 3D world. Conversely, consciously withdraw energy from those who still want to hold us back in the old world in a penetrating and undiscerning way. Let’s try it, let’s train it, OK? Together we are stronger! They are only stooges who have no real power anymore. We have the power, only we are not yet all clear about it.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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