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Reader Post | By Danlboon

What will happen to all those criminals that were tried and convicted under Admiralty Law? Will they all be released or will the process start all over again under Common Law? Is this a Humanitarian Project???

Not many have spoken of the details of We The People returning to Constitutional Law otherwise Common Law, but IT WILL HAPPEN once we have all our Lawyers and Judges retrained in that, so that may take some time, not years. And attorneys are sworn to the Crown and not to our Republic, so they will be retrained or removed.

This is what I have picked up over the years as to what in detail may happen and is not actual fact, but it may very well lead this way like an 80% chance it will. So speak out to your Republic government representatives when this comes up to make sure We The People want it like this, as we are the authority.

Just for now Trump and the White Hats have things under control and are letting things go this way for the corruption to appear to have control, but maybe it was in the best interest to have the US Supreme Court rule on the Brunson Case with not hearing it to then take action. We cannot wait another 30-60 days for this to be heard and a decision made.

Just get an understanding of why we are changing is that many have been fined, arrested and/or sent to prison on something that did NOT harm anyone but what the government leaders claimed they did, and that is not Common Law. Making a Law to make a profit for the Department of Justice just on the basis that someone’s feelings were hurt is a violation of the US Constitution.

The USA has the highest percentage of the population that are incarcerated, compared to other nations, and why should we except to make a profit for the government on that.

Did you know that the Department of Justice is the largest ‘Profit’ making government agency in the USA, much larger than the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve System or the US Department of Defense? But those are all just US or Foreign Corporations.


Once we have the properly trained authorities, including the law enforcement, then it should go case by case expediently on whether someone did any harm to another, and if not then they will be cleared of their charges, released and most likely their record will be expunged as this was never to happen in the first place.

Those then that have been released on those good terms most likely will be remunerated for their penalties including; fines, court costs and time for their incarceration, but it should not be based on the states to deny anything as to what they now have occurring as the states in reality violated not only the US Constitution, but theirs as well. Yes, it is most likely that they had a Birth Certificate and they were bought and sold on the stock market like the rest of us so they should not be denied any of the QFS funds and remuneration.

Those that have done harm to others, mostly financially, may have to pay back to those if it is still due, but those cases most likely will have to have a hearing to verify if it needs to go to court again and if it was valid.

And then there are those that actually did do harm to others as to whether their case was strong enough under Constitutional Law and not just based on Admiralty Law, and they most likely will have to have a hearing.

Now all those cases where there was government corruption to put the people away, like from the early years and/or bad neighborhoods pertaining to racism, they will surely get a hearing as there should be people speaking up for them, but they will not just be put on top of the list to look at yet people will be get them in soon.

Those that have been denied time after time for release in their parole hearings may get that last chance even when they are on death row, as they may have been wrongfully convicted in the first place. And my reasoning would be they start with those that have been in the longest and not the other way around, like those that spent 40 years in prison for a crime they did not commit, and for that many of the prosecutors, witnesses and others may have passed way and that cannot be a reason to keep them in prison.

Those that have already been released and still have a criminal record will have to submit their case to the courts as to whether they will be heard again under the proper Constitutional Law so they can receive any QFS funds and remuneration and not be denied.


I would think there would be plenty of volunteers that would jump on the band wagon to get this moving as this is a Humanitarian Project in itself, as you would be receiving your NESARA funds so nothing to worry about on trying to survive yourself.



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