(Reader: Melinda Siebold) Some Inconvenient Truths


Reader Post | By Melinda Siebold

It is a fact, that the Patriots and Truthers beloved Donald J. Trump did in fact rush out the Covid 19 vaccines. Vaccines, that when they came out, had manufacture dates of 2018 on them – even previous to the Plandemic. And their package safety inserts were inexplicably left blank.

And Trump did in fact, state that their distribution would be overseen by the U.S. Military under Operation Warp Speed.

And the masks were mandated, and vaccines pushed, by the people who stood right next to Trump repeatedly; doctors Fauci and Birx.

And it is a fact that Trump and his daughter Ivanka promoted the vaccines.

And it is an inconvenient fact that as people were intentionally suffocated and starved in hospitals, children missed more than a year of school and were needlessly scared witless, and millions lost their jobs, incomes, homes and businesses, the U.S. military continued to stand by and let people needlessly suffer and be poisoned.

And it is an incontrovertible fact that the U.S. Military itself forced experimental DNA altering therapy upon its own service members.

And it is a fact, that it is U.S. military planes that for decades have poured poisons on us from above through chemtrails along with altering our weather, causing droughts, hurricanes and freezing cold.


And here we Light Workers, Truthers and Patriots wait for these same people to “save us”.

To get off their sorry asses and save us.

Holy crap. God help us all.

Because I for one, have no faith in these self-serving fools.

And you “people at the top”, you  “ones in the know” selling your books, repeatedly repeating your utter crap. Your hollow, empty, shallow words. All talk and no action. Predictions that never come true.

Truly I’ve had it with all of you, and the military industrial complex you are the mouthpieces for.

Maybe you should just admit that you really don’t “have it all”. And maybe you should admit that you really aren’t in charge, after all.


Because every day I see on TikTok someone who has no explanation as to why their child or loved one has died. They can’t seem to put two and two together, and their doctors can’t figure our why either. And you military vermin continue to let them lie.

The Big Lie. Overseen by the same U.S. Military who is supposed to be “saving us”. Again – God help us all – because these idiots aren’t.

It is obvious to me you are aiding and abetting the Satanic New World Order genocide agenda while proclaiming to be fighting it. Prove me wrong.

Another stolen election. Still more H.A.A.R.P. weather warfare – but “we’re in charge”. So I blame that ice storm and these cyclones in California on you, U.S. military Commander in Chief Trump, since you and the military are “in charge”.

And I blame every raped and molested child in California where they just legalized pedophilia at the same time they released 8000 pedophiles from prison – on the U.S. military. And I multiply by three times the negative consequences that they not only go back to the pedophiles, but the “people in charge” who let this continue.

And it is an inconvenient truth that the vast majority of patriots and truthers who were cut off of Twitter still have not been reinstated even though it is supposedly the Truther site now.

And it is the truth that at this point, I couldn’t care less if Trump comes back or not. Republican – Democrat – Rino – blah blah blah. Who cares?!! I want all that crap to go.

This clown show is being run by beings who can’t imagine anything different from what they already know. And we’re waiting on them to bring about change.

God help us all. Really.

The Department of Defense knows that every person who has taken a Covid jab has a one in forty thousand chance of still being alive after seven years.


Yet it took a court order for them to stop mandating the Covid jab to their own personnel. It seems like they were carrying out the New World Order agenda on their own people, to me.

And on us – the people they are supposed to serve and protect. To defend against hostile enemies.

And they failed. Pure and simple. The U.S. Armed Forces have all unequivocally failed.

So what do you have to say for yourself Commander in Chief, and you Joint Chiefs of Command?

How do you justify your actions and your inactions?

Because people are still getting a lethal experimental gene altering therapy and they are dropping dead every day.

And the minute one of my loved ones drops dead from it, is the minute I curse you all to hell forever.

And you need me. You need my light. Without it you can do nothing. We light workers supply all your ‘power’ – and here I am cursing you to hell. And I am sending you no light.

Truly I will put my trust in no man. We have this messed up world to thank you for.

You and a bunch of fallen angels and their demons.


And we have hell on Earth thanks to your Patriarchal mindset that still enslaves us.

Source of us all, re-create this mess in a blink of an eye, because there is no justice to be found here among fallen men and fallen angels and their demons.

Melinda Siebold


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