(Reader: Mondexmomma) From Censorship to Disinformation


Reader Post | By Mondexmomma

Anyone who is awake and is watching this movie is ALREADY FULL OF POPCORN. They are drawing their own conclusions.  First of all if the good guys are so down on censorship then why are they censoring us on the information they have?  Disinformation, if some of the evil ones are already put away then why are we having  ” actors” parade around with masks or clones.  Give me a break with the sensitivity reasons…after the whole world is in a genocide event with the plandemic and the death jab and people keeling over left and right DEAD!!! We are over with the sensitivity…at this point give it to us straight.  We all are going to die anyway if not from the jab it will be by the impending nuclear war that is building or by the next plandemic or by starvation.  So really are there any kind of good forces out there? Why is it we are allowing tax payer money ( another fraud) go to Ukraine and not fight at our southern borders.  Having Fentanyl pour over the borders along with human trafficking and illegal aliens enough Fentanyl to kill every American at this point. 

How Bad Is The Border? DEA Agents Seized Enough Fentanyl To Kill Every American In 2022
By Joseph Curl

How are we to take care of these illegal aliens when we can’t even take care of our own?  

What I am hearing,  is if the TRUTH was told to us,  there would be a civil unrest ….REALLY?  What I am seeing if there isn’t anything disclosed soon there WILL BE a civil war… people have had enough.  Tired of the slave society we live in.  The liars of leaders we have put our faith in.  Don’t get me started on the ” we need the 80 percent to wake up scenario.”  The whole world has awakened.  Protests going on all over….so is this more of your disinformation?  I really hope God is behind his children because from what I am seeing as long as the white hats play this game they are no better and  become more gray until they are like the evil black hats….if you are listening whitehats I hope you understand that.  Personally the only person I see doing something is Putin so shame on the rest of the world leaders who are supposed to be with the world alliance.  If I am a simple minded person then so be it….I  am also a critical thinking person as well the very reason I didn’t take the death jab….why would anyone in their right mind take something that says experimental use only.  Scared me enough NOT to take it.  Yes I already sent my letters to the Supreme Court Brunson vs. Alma S. Adams and to the Brunson brothers…by the way Brunson brothers while I get it… impossible to let everyone know and thank them we are all in this together how about a adding a list of who sent you their support on your blog/website.  I personally would like to know I wasn’t the only one that stood up for our Constitution.  I hope more that is reading this did so as well.  I also hope every person reading this prays everyday for our country, the world and mankind… we are hanging by a thread if you don’t believe it just open your Bible up to the very last chapter Revelations.  Read it.  If it isn’t enough to scare you straight into asking for God to save your soul.  Even though this isn’t the month Christ was born…check your Bible no where does it mention when he was born…..I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Praying for a blessed New Year for everyone because after all some where down the line you all are my brothers and sister.  May God send His blessing to all of you. 



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