(Reader: Helen West) History Proves We Need to be Skeptical of Everything


Reader Post | By Helen West

I have been doing my own research, as well as watching the new Roku channel BURROW.  The fall of the cabal by Janet Ossebaard is very detailed and true by all accounts. (research). I’m sure lots of other documentaries on that channel will inspire more research. However, while watching documentaries and research shows that other counties are now majorly protesting in the streets. I don’t mean in small groups. I mean filling up miles upon miles of roads, fields, and byways,  These countries like France, Iran, Venezuela, Spain , Belgium, Poland, Germany, Canada~ all protesting peacefully to get the attention of their wicked demonic Government. The main stream media is not telling us this or showing it. The reason I believe, our White Hat Military are encouraging us to stay calm, stay out of the streets, send letters to Government officials, and not do what they are being encouraged to do is because We Americans have been smart enough to NOT give up our weapons. They know with our constitutional rights to bear Arms we will do so, unflinchingly.  Guessing that is the difference between Americans protesting in the streets and the other Country’s. 

So now my next thought was why were we all told to sign up for Telegram and follow the Q movement, the way we were? I realized They needed to use us and the BOTS and the Deep State creeps to pick up our “Vibes” for lack of a better word.  This keeps them up on how fed up we are, with this movie. I’m truly hopeful I’m  correct, because if I’m not then that would mean they couldn’t care less that we Americans are at our breaking point with the lies, and eating popcorn, and dialogue of HOPIUM and then delay, delay delay.  

They do NOT want a civil war, and they want us to be obedient to “ The Plan”. Well, I’m trusting since I’m way to old to do anything else but I’m hopeful the Military will follow through. After this is done, I will definitely for warn all my family and friends of the BIG DECEPTION we witnessed. I would and will continue to encourage all to believe nothing anymore that people or the news tells you.  Also when people hold a place of power, be skeptical. Skeptical is good. Trust is earned. Remember, we saw the Nuremberg trials and believed the NAZI’S were put to death. The most wicked were kept alive to do more harm and we are now experiencing the left overs, from their evils. Passed down to another Generation. When we are told the Cabal and Deep state were put to death, remember History repeats itself. We have Clones, actors, masked doubles.  Money Talks. Oh, and for closing, the Julian Calender Jan 7, 2023 should be a Wonderful Christmas.  Again, another delay, optics we Americans not associated with Military Regulations, or Military law etc,,, would know. Christmas will not be in December. 

Thankfully, understanding  GOD is not so hard to follow. I still believe in him, and Christ Jesus but will never follow a religious group again. Spiritual person I am and that will never change.  This movie has killed so much in me and the beliefs of our Government, is another one. Any Government at this point.   If something does not happen soon, to stop all this division in the world, stop the trafficking that is currently going on on our streets ~ the Military will also be on my lack of trust list!  They have more than enough intelligent opps and information to bring this MOVIE to the end CREDITS. Soon, they say~ Well, I’ll believe it when I see it, Action speaks louder than words.  

Sincerely, Helen West


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