80 Percent Death Rate Predicted from Genetic Vaccines


Source: Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 20, 2022


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Dr. David Martin’s predicts that a new imaginary pandemic is about to be invented as Covid-19 (that was imaginary) which will be used to blame the deaths of 80% of the world population that will die from the genetic vaccines. It is an extraordinarily interesting video. Covid-19 was never isolated in a laboratory so there is no proof that it exists or ever existed.



It has always been that the vaccination testing model took five to ten years to be sure that there were no harmful effects,and to see that it even worked. In the US there are administered over 200 million influenza vaccinations a year and the number of influenza sufferers does not go down at all.  In an interview Bill Gates said it was a worthless vaccine but the number of inoculations are still over 200 million a year.  I am not recommending any vaccine at all as I do not believe that one is supposed to make oneself sick just to have resistance to a disease. I agree with George Bernard Shaw that vaccines were just a scheme of the medical profession to make bucks out of healthy people. Shaw maintained that the diseases such as small pox, typhus, cholera and diphtheria were wiped out by Florence Nightingale’s advocacy of sanitation (Deuteronomy 23:13). Polio was cured not by the Salk Vaccine but by ending the DDT poison. Dr. Albert Schweitzer found no cancers in Africa at all as a doctor there from 1913 to 1930, and then found the chemicalized, European processed foods when introduced to Africa in 1930 raised the cancer rate to European levels. Dr. Max Gerson taught that the only way to end cancer was to shift to organic food and maintain healthy air, and the only way to cure it was to change your diet to organic food.  He based this on Dr. Schweitzer’s findings.


The corona virus was alleged to have been introduced in 2020  but for most of the year of 2020 there were no monthly increases of US deaths, and around September there were added to the national US statistics about 400,000 dead even though it was not true. This was disproven by the later statistics from the death records of insurance companies which showed no increases in US deaths for 2020. 2019 was not a pandemic year.  In 2021 the corona vaccines were administered in the US and the death rates soared from the warp speed vaccine rollout.  This is covered in footnote one.

In an interesting recent interview the right wing former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced the mandatory vaccination of soldiers and the ruin of the US Army which can no longer recruit sufficient soldiers which army has been sodomized, transgenderized, woked and devastated as a fighting force. The chief cause for the defeat of the Carthaginians by the Romans under Scipio Africanus is according to Roman history that they were sodomites. Thus, in a Biblical sense they deserved to be destroyed as God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and the Romans destroyed the Carthaginians, destroyed the City of Carthage, and salted the ground as at Sodom and Gomorrah so that the cursed City would never be rebuilt as Sodom and Gomorrah have never been rebuilt. We can see what the fate will be for New York City which is a Sodom on the Hudson unless it acts as Ninevah in response to Jonah.

When I was in the Holy Land I visited the Dead Sea which is a salt sea so full of salt you do not have to swim to stay afloat. Here is where Sodom and Gomorrah stood. There is not a trace. I marveled on how the area seems to have sunk into a low land or crater as though a thousand hundred megaton hydrogen bombs had struck it, and commented that at Hiroshima and Nagasaki all that was left of the people was salt as Lot’s wife whose salt statue existed at the time of Josephus who saw it.  Nearby our conversation was overheard and four scientists came up to us and said your account is amazing as we have detected radioactivity here in our studies and cannot figure out where it comes from.  It is a lesson to be learned as western civilization sinks into sodomy and Russia is now showing an exemplary first step in outlawing all public support of sodomy where violators will be arrested and sent to prison. The next step for Russia is to criminalize sodomy as the Bible does and as Stalin did. The US should follow suit.

This is an extraordinarily interesting video of an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts on the depopulation mapping of victims of the Corona Virus Vaccination where wealthy areas receive the saline solution and others are liquidated by the spike protein version. We particularly recommend the eleven minute video of Dr. David Martin regarding the administration of the vaccination bioweapon as an act of mass premeditated murder of millions of people by their doctors which is now being prosecuted in a US court.

Fed Defending Dollar No Matter What Crashes – Catherine Austin Fitts | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Watch Bill Gates Weasel Out Of Answering The Question “Are The Vaccines Safe?”

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Date: Saturday, 15-Oct-2022 16:04:04


This was on the MSM no less. Shocking to say the least . . . SC

In the meantime Dr. David Martin predicts 700 million will die from genetic corona virus vaccines.

700 Million People Will DIE From Covid Injections, Says Dr. David Martin

The so-called coronavirus US death rate in 2020 was the same as 2019 as pointed out in this video by Dr. David E. Martin indicating that there was no pandemic in 2020. Insurance death payments for insurance companies did not rise in 2020 the so-called pandemic year versus 2019. I watched the US death rates during 2020 and saw no increase until September when the revised death figures dramatically upward which was purely fraudulent. The insurance companies cannot lie to shareholders and so their figures had to remain accurate lest they violate the security laws while the government figures were false as much of what comes out of the US Government. The entire interview is worthwhile but the death rate part is at 18:30 minutes into the video for a couple of minutes for those who do not have time to listen to the whole interview.

The death rates skyrocketed in 2021 from the coronavirus vaccinations.

David E Martin ~ The End Game For The Elite’s!

Now, we really have a death rate problem in the US not from the imaginary coronavirus but from the vaccinations.

Life insurance deaths up 40% – Dr. Robert Malone’s chilling analysis | Columnists | – Vaccine Safety Info

David Lifschultz



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