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Reader Post | By Melinda Siebold

I was watching a Janine Morigeau, Tom Numbers and Ana video today, and they mentioned some possible significance to this December 18th. I don’t recall what they said it was.

That caught my attention, because I am always trying to see Numerology significance to dates and events, as I know that numbers and even the movements in the Heavens, are very important to those directing this End Times “game”. I’ll use that term even though I don’t like it.

But the 18th in Numerology, is a 9. 1+8 equals 9. And 9 is the number of completion.

So I always hope a nine day, will mean the completion of our misery. Or at least a major lessening of it.

So I wanted to look to see if anything significant happened on December 18th in history. This is what I found:

The first thing I came to, was that in 218 BC, Hannibal’s Carthaginian army heavily defeated Roman forces on Italian soil. The way I look at that, if it has significance at all, is that the Carthaginians were Phoenicians who were the Israelite tribe of Dan. The tribe of Dan has been a huge player in world events. And they have been that snake biting us. And the Romans  were descended from Cainites, Edomites and Japhites. So in that battle, you have Israelites against Cainites or Canaanites, or a Cainites Israelites mix. This really is the long running battle in Heaven brought down to Earth for resolution. And it manifests as actual wars and power plays amongst those that control us and their opponents.

The next significant event was on that date in 1271, Kublai Khan renamed his Empire the Yuan Dynasty marking the start of the Yuan Dynasty of China. If this has any significance, it may be in the fact that Kublai Khan was a descendant of Genghis Khan, and the new, unannounced Emperor of China is a descendant of Genghis Khan. The further significance to this, is that Genghis Khan made his westward conquest to defeat the Khazar’s who lived in what is now present day Ukraine. The Khazars were descendants of Japheth’s grandson Ashkenaz, combined with Danites, Edomites and Cainite/Canaanites. The presence of the Danites among the Khazar’s is found in the fact that they were called Radanite traders and they controlled traffic on the China Silk Road. They were an evil and corrupt people and Genghis Khan was trying to destroy corruption through his conquest. So to think that a descendant of his might still be at work behind the scenes to bring down the Khazar’s, a.k.a. Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State, Satanists, Ba’al, Molech, Satan and Lucifer worshipers, Nazi’s, Communists, “elite”, etcetera, is easy to understand. And the Chinese royal family through their BRICS metals backed financial system, is bringing them down in the way that is lethal to them. By taking away their “funny money” system. By using gold backed Yuan, no less.  One can’t help to see some significance there.




On that date in 1621, the English parliament unanimously accepted Protestantism. This was the beginning of the Protestant religion. I can only describe this in terms of the battle between the two sides of my family. The Seth line and the Cain line. The Seth line, Seth being the third son of Eve with Adam. Cain being the son of Satan and Eve. Seth being an incarnation of Archangel Michael. The Romans, composed of the people groups previously spoken of, who crucified Jesus and started the Roman Catholic Church, were the opposition to the Protestants. Or the Protestants were the opposition to the Roman Empire turned Roman Catholic Empire. Seth/AA Michael’s bloodline was behind Protestantism and Satan’s bloodline through Cain was behind Roman Catholicism. In fact, Roman Catholicism was started to corrupt Christianity. So to the “White Hats” many of whom are bloodline descendants in the Righteous line of Seth, which ran through Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the Merovingians and offshoots, the date of English Parliamentary acceptance of Protestantism would be hugely significant.

On December 18th in 1774 Empress Maria Theresa expelled the Jews from Prague, Bohemia and Moravia. The significance to this, is that the Empress Maria Theresa was of the royal bloodline of Judah -the Jews. Or the true Jews as I like to call them. So why would she kick out her own people? The answer is: she didn’t. She didn’t even kick out real Jews. She kicked out the Khazarian mafia synagogue of Satan, who were composed of Cainites, Danites, Edomites, Amorites, Hittites… all the enemies of the Israelites. Even though they were partially Israelites. Some were Israelites with grudges or power trips. And they turned bad. So Maria Theresa expelled secret Satan worshippers disguised as Jews- Ashkenazi Jews. Some of whom were also known as Nazis. There was good reason they were kicked out of one country after another.

On December 18th in 1799, George Washington’s body was interred at Mount Vernon. So to the secret society members in Freemasonry who are White Hats, that date would be hugely significant. It was the day he was laid to rest. Or his body was laid to rest. But has George Washington’s soul found rest? How has he felt seeing the British royals and Roman Catholics in the Vatican surreptitiously overtake and corrupt The United States of America and its Republic? How does he feel about it being called a democracy divided by a two party system – both things he warned against in his writings? So to have something significant happen on the date of his internment into supposed rest – would be understandable.

On December 18th 2020, Moderna Covid 19 vaccine was granted emergency authorization by the US Food and Drug Administration, which is a privately owned corporation. And we all know where that led us.

So I await that date with anticipation and curiosity. I know that often things do happen on significant dates that are behind the scenes and we won’t find out what happened until later.

But my anticipation is really piqued because of what came out of the literal mouth of a babe. Or a four year old little girl in a story related by her mother. The child was obviously spiritually connected to her higher self and the Akashic Record. Wise beyond her years. She even spoke of “pod people” (clones) and about people having robots in them that go into their hearts and kill them. And she spoke of how souls speak to souls.  And she spoke of “knowing everything”. She said that before Christmas, everyone else would “know everything” too. Now, an Emergency Alert System notification with an “information drop” would certainly be a step in the right direction, but it certainly wouldn’t result in the entire population “knowing everything”. That would require the Great Solar Flash – The Event – to accomplish that.

And another thing that catches my attention about the date of 12-18-2022 is that Numerologically, it can be seen as a 3 (1+2) a 6 (2022) and a 9 (1+8). And Nikola Tesla said if we only knew the secrets of the 3, 6 and 9, we would have the keys to the universe.




So….let’s just say I am very curious.

Melinda Siebold


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