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Reader Post | By TIGER has posted an article claiming the Military is upset with Donald Trump’s remarks about the Constitution. At one point in this article it quotes general Berger as saying “The Constitution is set in stone.”

The idea that “The Constitution is set in stone” is the very reason we have waited SO long for the military to ACT.

In the Constitution there is NO provision entitling We The People to TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. The Idea Of America is a self-governing Republic in which The People tell the Government what to do, not vice-versa. To do this, they MUST know what the Truth is, otherwise they are voting on false premises. It should be a FELONY to even ask, “How much of this can we tell the public?” The entire government should be on a sworn honor code with the exception ONLY being military operations in kinetic war. To do this, the Right of The People to Truth should be added to the Bill of Rights!

When the Constitution was formulated, one’s honor was cherished and preserved, by duel if necessary, because all contracts depended not upon courts for implementation but one’s Honor. There were no “credit ratings.” One could not do business or seek office without Honor.

IF the US military, the Congress, and the President, who say they have a duty to the Constitution, had been forced to show up to forums where The People could question them, they would have had to explain A LOT and there would not be so many SHEEP wandering around in the DARK. There would have been NO EXCUSE for all this waiting for (“commie”-) sheep to WAKE UP. Also, chemtrails would have been stopped YEARS AGO, NASA (Not A Space Agency) would be toast, and the CIA would be cinders. All this EVIL would never have materialised if the Government was on a strict Honor Code backed up by prompt telephone-voted recall.

Further, though, when the Constitution was formulated, there was no such thing as Socialism. The Founding Fathers could not anticipate problems like Socialism.

In the 1960s I was “taught” in 8th grade that the Government has an obligation to carry out Charity (LBJ’s Great Society) while in fact Government charity is a way of implementing tyranny by paying for votes, and ruins society because those who languish on welfare constantly demand More and eventually the parasite devours the Host, the money these people require overwhelms the budget and Government becomes nothing but a struggle for Other People’s Money. We have witnessed this by live test. To support the parasites an incredible amount of currency is printed and everyone’s money is debased. This is Socialism. I have spent 60 years watching this grow into the chaos we now see. My faith in The Plan would be restored if I can start seeing a universal recognition of Socialism (erroneously called “charitable government”) as corrupt and destructive. The correct means for distributing wealth is through salaried labor or direct farming, not through welfare offices where people beg for money. Profit is a control over spending, while non-profits are uncontrolled by this, and thus their money can go for all sorts of nefarious purposes. If marginal income is high enough people will share directly with those in need.


Kerry Cassidy now refers to Normies as “Commie-Normies” and so I think she recognizes this not just as a Criminal but a Systemic Problem. This IMO is VERY SIGNIFICANT. Charity is a good but government charity is a disguised Evil.

Those advocating Socialism hide behind “free speech” but this must not entitle persons to advocate essentially the destruction of the Republic and dividing the booty amongst themselves.

The Founding Fathers could NOT have anticipated a huge advertising industry that inserts basically deceptive messages into and around every form of entertainment. Reforms must include the termination of advertising. If one needs information one can query the Internet. Advertising serves no useful purpose and there is the technology NOW to make all mass entertainment pay per view. Unquestionably, all entertainment is already paid for by The People because companies that advertise simply raise prices to cover it. There is no need for an industry that trains and pays people to deceive others. Anyone in love with advertising at this point must answer the question, what would cause you to shed crocodile tears over this industry if it were not here tomorrow?

The examples above are not exhaustive. There obviously are other areas that need some specific language, such as, specifically prohibiting “emergency powers”, which are no more than an excuse for Tyranny so long as one can say there is such -and-such threat, proof or no.

The voting system needs work. I believe all voters  should have to prove they understand the intent of the Constitution and, further, swear an enforceable oath to support it. The right to be a voting Citizen should not be a birthright. To be trusted with the right to vote, one must understand and support the Idea Of America.

The Constitution is two things: INTENT and a SYSTEM. The INTENT, Liberty, is what must remain intact, set in stone. Meanwhile, the SYSTEM needs some work.

Recently Mr. Jim Willie observed when discussing the Brunson case potentially removing 388 corrupt politicians, (link “Imagine a hundred (remaining) conservative patriot Republicans, in charge, alone, without opposition, in the Congress, going CRAZY, BUSY-crazy in a positive way to restore the Republic and reverse the damage of the last, I would say, thirty years ago.” To reverse the damage, there will need to be a lot of changes to law and as necessary, the Constitution.


But to return to the central idea above, the Constitution and the laws legislated under it must be revised and in some cases made more specific so there is no question of whether The People know what is going on and their Will is being realized. To deter those who would violate their Oath, the laws must not only be clear but the punishments must deter. If there is no other way to prevent abuse of the People by a tyrannical, elite ruling class, retributive (eye for an eye) punishment must be defined as neither cruel or unusual. Prison is currently a holiday for crooks until their lawyers get them out. This situation cannot stand.

Right now I see NO leadership in reforming the System. Maybe Donald Trump, with this remark, is indicating he is willing to embark on this Crusade.



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