(Reader: Karen Revell) The War of the Minds: World War III Written in 1994


Reader Post | By Karen Revell

The War of the Minds
World War III Written in 1994

Karen Revell, author of “Chasing the Carrot” Page Publishing Inc

The destruction of man and/or our planet will not be done with a bomb or a bullet. It will be created by our own thoughts and emotions. The outcome may be anywhere between total annihilation, or should we choose a different path, peace could also be created by our thoughts. If the mind were a camera and the senses were the lens, whatever comes into the mind comes in through the senses. Quantum theory and quantum force, along with the rational and intuitive processes, make up our world. The rational mind focuses on what it sees and hears, making logic of the input. The intuitive mind feels its input. Our senses give us all experiences: pain and pleasure, harmony and disharmony, growth and decline. Our senses see what we want to see, hear, feel, taste, etc. the list is endless. The senses can only pick up what we are focused on, and our mind translates the information.

There has been a change in how Americans are being trained to observe violence through the media. Since the assassination of President Kennedy, news, movies, and television cameras have attempted to put the viewer in the middle of the crime or violence. Americans were inundated with the playing and replaying of the assassination. The camera took the angle of the crosshairs of the gun that shot our president. From that time forward, most movies have taken that camera angle and used it to bring the viewer into the middle of the scene. The subconscious mind is loaded with pictures of what an exploding chest or head looks like. Watching violence from the angle of the perpetrator puts the viewer in the movie rather than being an observer.

While watching movies created since the assassination of JFK, the mind is involved in the movie much like virtual reality technology. With the camera now taking the position of the traveling bullet or flying fist, the viewer is there in his/her mind. It doesn’t matter if it is the bullet of the hero’s gun or the perpetrator’s gun. This is creating a generation of children and teenagers with minds that see nothing wrong with violence—it’s only a movie. The subconscious mind has file after file of movies with violence, and the subconscious mind also files the emotions attached to the pictures. If a viewer watches and enjoys this type of movie often enough, when reality shows the same pictures, the mind doesn’t know it isn’t a movie. People are wondering why there is so much violence, and it keeps getting more bizarre.

We are being blinded and seduced into the madness of more negativity or darkness. This could be the evolutionary progress of entertainment, just greed; or maybe, it is purposely being done by outside influences.

Our former president, George H.W. Bush talked incessantly about the “New World Order.” That New World Order he spoke of is being set up, a piece at a time, by the rich and richer of this planet. How much power and money does any one person need? When is enough really enough? In watching the movie “JFK,” we can surmise that the president is not the man in charge of our country. It is the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, and the IRS. Our finances are run by the elite rich of Europe through our Federal Reserve Bank. The bank that prints and controls the economy of our United States is privately owned. Our money is as worthless as a paper bag. The only difference is that they TELL us it is worth something. What if we wake up some morning and they say, “Sorry, your money has no value.” 


These rich and powerful people pull the strings of our economy, our inflation and our interest rates. Since the gas shortage of the 1970s, all of our disposable goods have risen by over 100 percent. The things that the poor and lower class depend on keep getting further and further out of reach. Our housing costs are unbelievable. Housing cost up until the late seventies or early eighties were $20,000–$40,000. The same houses today (1994) sell for $140,000 up. We moan and groan, but we don’t do anything. (2018: $250,000–$500,000 for an average house.) Most of our manufacturing has been moved out of our own country in order to produce goods cheaper. This act of greed by our own corporations has taken away jobs that our citizens have relied on for decades. (How are we supposed to purchase these goods if we are homeless?) These moves are orchestrated. Is this by our government, a foreign government, or the international ultra-rich known as the Trilateral, the Illuminati, the Deep State, or the Swamp? The middle class is being annihilated; our global economy also appears to be influenced by the same forces. Is there something going on, on the globe, that is orchestrated and deliberate, and until the last moment, the masses won’t know what hit them?



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