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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

From some areas in Germany it is reported that nightly shots, detonations, inexplicable lights in the sky, thunder rolls without thunderstorms are heard or observed. Not everywhere, of course, but still in such a way that you have to worry or rejoice. Because the White Hats are not only serious in the world, but also in Germany. They arrest the lower levels of the pyramid and go by their list. The danger list. So the more dangerous such a stooge is or could become, the sooner he is out of the window. So it goes on. So does the show. It’s no longer for the digital soldiers, but for those who might become them. At the risk of longer awakened ones giving up, the alliance continues in the plan. Those who give up still have learning to do. That’s how it is if you want to rise, if you want to be free, if you want to be prosperous. It takes a fair amount of patience, trust and faith.

A second part on the subject of family. Because I felt I hadn’t written important things about family and it just wouldn’t let me go.

I think we have all lost members of our family to a greater or lesser extent. And are still losing them now. Not just because of deaths, but especially because the wheat is still being separated from the chaff. Opinions, views, insights drive families apart, you wouldn’t believe how often I sometimes want to bite the edge of the table when trying to convince family members of the obvious. A few years ago this would have weighed me down or set me back years. Today, it doesn’t. We can only ever intervene up to a certain point. If that doesn’t succeed, we should let it go and focus on ourselves. And the issue doesn’t matter whether it’s harmful vaccinations, whether it’s financial matters, or whether it’s the existence of White Hats, a “Q”, or the Galactic Federation. As far as vaccinations are concerned, very many realize that they have been deceived. The numbers of those who have been harmed are too high and too noticeable.

That we can have another family, than our bodily family, I have already explained with the military. Units that have been in service together become brothers, or siblings. We can also have families within companies, because with colleagues we also spend a large part of our lives. I have worked in three companies where colleagues seemed like family to me. We shared everything with each other: Successes and failures, good times and bad, ups and downs. With some colleagues, it even went beyond friendship, as I’m sure you know. Of course, there were also companies where it was different. Try as I might, I just didn’t get along with many colleagues. That was especially true in the guard business, that is, in the companies that had a civilian guard at military locations. Not only were they paid badly and demanded a lot, but the company also encouraged people to work against each other. It was one big competition among each other and everyone thought he was the best. There were the favorites and the tolerated, and also those who were simply dragged along because one needed employees. And they never grew on trees.

It takes a long time before you can feel like a family in a company. This requires mutual trust and the right mix of colleagues. In terms of age and also in terms of gender. An acquaintance of many years worked in a department that consisted only of women, she used to jokingly say “bunch of chickens” about it (I know, there are exceptions too). But it can also be difficult in male departments, as I experienced during my training. There were too many alpha males in certain departments, resulting in competition by all means. Over the years, I have seen that those who wanted to be better always succeeded at some point. But they also had to make great sacrifices for it. And these sacrifices were not always only in the circle of family or friends, but also in the people concerned. They became cold, hard and unrelenting.

We find family today especially in groups, in channels, in chats. This has become especially much in the times of the flu. Still called a “pandemic” in many places today. We write and post to each other, we talk on Skype, Telegram or Zoom, we exchange ideas and if we are tolerant, open to new things, open to the fact that no one can know how everything will continue, then it can also become a family or at least something similar. And then we find members of our soul family there or somewhere else, even seemingly by chance. No, it is predetermined in our soul plans before incarnation. And depending on how our life has gone so far, we get lost with our feelings, expect a partnership, hope for the long desired soul partner. This is how it happened to me and also to other people in my environment. This is especially delicate when we unconsciously or consciously want to force something. With loneliness, with being alone among people. My future soul mate has often appeared to me in visions and also in dreams. And also the hint that I have not met her yet and she is waiting for me. And I am waiting for her, as for so many things in these times.


I wish for all of us that we find or find again families. That we then also know that it is our family, that we feel that we belong to it and that nothing can or will break it apart. We are still waiting, patiently, calmly and relaxed. We have had to learn this in the last few years and have managed it more or less well, each in the way he planned. I know that I will not only find my soul mate, I also know that it will be a whole family. Because the future communities will be families of all of us. With differences and with similarities. And it won’t matter what we call them. Whether it’s a tribe or a people or a clan, it really doesn’t matter at all. And it also doesn’t matter how and where we live. We’ll find out soon enough, and with all the new facts, we’ll be able to plan for it.

We are in the finale, news, good news is coming into our focus daily, the last act of the show is picking up speed once again on the outside, and then comes the curtain. Let’s continue to hold the line, giving up is not an option now, it would rarely be stupid, would it?

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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