(Reader: Sheri) Can Circumcision be Reversed with Med Beds?


Reader Post | By Sheri

If so it would go a long way to heal a huge problem in America.

You see, they tricked us again!

What circumcision does, aside from causing unbelievable pain and terror to newborn little guys, who should be resting on his Mommas warmth and skin to create a bond and bring in her milk, while patiently waiting for all the blood in his umbilical cord to be drained into the child who needs it, not quickly cut and hurried off to some vampire lab to create a “youth” serum for some really ugly people.

Those moments are precious and tender,  the reward for hard work and so awesome to behold! and not to be hurried!

Dimmer lights would be helpful too so baby and momma can lock on their gazes with one another. You don’t get moments like this every day.

Maybe if they put away all their knives women would benefit too.

My children had no drips that burn eyes either. They were eager to see me, and I them. I’m sure babies wonder why you had to burn their eyes. Fact is, you didn’t.


But they didn’t tell you that either.

To cut a baby’s foreskin is also to cut a connection God built in boy children from their male organ to a place in their brain that’s responsible for EMPATHY.

Seems they do things to us without teaching us why. Maybe they don’t know?

Or that isn’t taught in med schools. Neither is healthy nutrition.

Gods male organ design is perfect as is. And CLEAN if you soak them in little tubs. No stretching or torture required.

A child’s scream should tell most normal people something. Like, “Dont do that!”

It was designed by God! It’s perfect! and He created it with a connection to the male brain!!!


Why remove that male child’s ability to a feel complete bond with a future mate, or deny him healthy respect for the feminine?

God already disconnected some connections from one hemisphere of his brain to the other side PAINLESSLY. That occurs in the womb by the hand of God to complete the process of becoming male.

It was painless and natural. It’s so the man can be better able to make good decisions, less emotional ones, and become a better, protective and rational leader of a family.

Little guys need that empathy connection too! to become balanced and respectful.

Please don’t do this barbaric surgery on any more of our male newborns!

Its contributing to the destruction of healthy marriages. Men can’t understand or relate well or are handicapped to a very important other half of their lives!

And it’s certainly not what God intended!

It might not be what the medical system might say. If they know the truth, they might get in trouble for telling patients? They might know little to nothing about God, or empathy or even actual male physiology…or seem so.

It’s perfectly clean as is!!! How can we know?

Becaise God wouldn’t make a baby girl in need of breast or sexual part removal for cleanliness at birth, and He wouldn’t make a little boy in need of this surgery at birth either.


If you’ve done any research,  little digging, because it seems truth is often buried or hard to find today, you will come across the research and truth. It’s been known. People need to politely ask the right research source. Pull together! Dont play tug of war with yourself….

We just weren’t born into a sane world! It belongs for now to satan. That’s going to change. There is a merciful God. If only more people had a teaspoon of His compassion daily. 20 minutes… Read.

We need to take it back. Maybe med beds can help us accomplish this. Reverse direction! Go a new direction one led by a loving God. And learn to work TOGETHER as a family unit.

If I marry, I want my man to be intact. I’d certainly reverse any circumcision on a boy child if possible too. I’d never circumcise a baby. I didn’t. If you’re pregnant and in a hospital, just tell them your Jewish and that it will be done next week. Let’s see how many Jewish pregnant women we have now! And no eye drops. They burn like hell. You try them. You’d think the could make them pain free, right? Unless you are highly contagious with a horrific disease…I wouldn’t believe it. God can prepare a womans body for birth! Surely!

And no quick cut procedure on your cord either. Let’s those babies have all the healthy placenta blood and leave it connected! All animals take their time. Only masked interns are impatient, in a hurry. I would be too if I felt I had to chop up pregnant women and newborns! Sick!

Find a good midwife who knows what she’s doing and is able to take feminine contol in a hospital environment if possible or like me, consider meeting one at the border.

Keep them out of the soc sec sys that way….. ?


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