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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Nothing new in Germany, folks. Behind the scenes arrests, Deep State stooges carrying on with the BRD company and all sub-companies as if they had no warning from SHAEF, clone and clown show in the government. Wake up program by KKR picture newspaper which is totally ignored by the indoctrinated and of course still people who continue to wear masks totally scared. If the world had to wait for Germany, it would probably take a few more years. Unless the alliance finally takes over the media and puts the military on the streets. Well, maybe the time will come soon.

“Everybody gets a turn!” doesn’t just apply to Germany or the Germans, I’d like to divide that into three categories today and write a few words about it.

The first category concerns the upper and middle levels of the former pyramid, i.e. the real rulers of the past centuries and their puppets in politics, economy, sports and organizations. The wire-pullers and dark entities have already gotten at it, they are gone or have fled. The political bigwigs, corporate CEOs, celebrities have also been at it for a long time, they are either already executed or waiting in one of the many gitmos for their tribunal. What we still see are actors, clones, robots or CGI, it belongs to the show, which will end soon and whose acts, stage directions and actors will also soon be made known to us. There are now so many comparison images that show so obviously that masks are worn or that they are computer-generated performances, it’s already too noticeable. And I am absolutely sure that the White Hats are deliberately putting in mistakes, because they could do it much better with their technology. So they have the real control, because they, or their actors for the following levels give the instructions. And I’m also sure that they still lull all the levels into safety as well. They just want to get everybody who participated. No matter in which position.

Nobody can and will escape. Where to go? The tunnels are under control or destroyed, the alien dark forces are up and gone, so there is really no way to protect yourself from arrest anymore. Only surrender and hope that the deeds were not so bad. I wish the systemlings in the FRG would capitulate, they have been warned often enough. But: Who does not want to hear, must feel! And that will come!

The next category are the gatekeepers and ego-strokers, who should awaken us again strengthened with their exaggerated prognoses and false reports and all the stooges of the lower middle levels, and/or the upper lower levels.

Those, which operate channels and web pages, turned in places around 180 degrees, which exaggerate everything and exaggerate which they do. Again, there is footage of some of them, from which you can see that they have been replaced. They are to shake up the awakened ones, who are simply still too much entangled in the 3D world, who fall for everything and everyone, who simply cannot or do not want to question, once again properly. Those who blindly or even sightedly follow a leader again instead of realizing that they are sovereign and can regulate everything themselves. Those who still think they would be better than others, would be able to rule over others through their knowledge, opinions and future wealth, would be above others. There will be no one left whom they can “have under them.” All people who go along to the new world, who go along to the golden age, will stand next to each other, equal and on an equal footing. To realize that within themselves, that’s why the Alliance is still allowing all gatekeepers.


Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with following a gatekeeper right now. Just like us humans, our souls are different. In different levels of experience, because what kind of creation would it be if we were all the same? I really don’t know how this will happen at the event, and honestly, I don’t want to speculate there. There are enough theories about it: Timeline separation, two earths, evacuation to other 3D worlds or a 4D world. We are told a lot, but we will only know when the time comes. And after the event here, everyone will also have it better in the future, because the profound darkness has been taken away from their world. There will still be bad, but no longer so blatant as it was on earth in the last centuries. How else would we recognize the good when there is no longer a counterpart?

And I don’t know where I’m classified, I find both kind of exciting.

I’ll find out soon enough. So the second category will get their turn as well. But they’re going to have to build their world, repair it, then master more lessons and do tasks that will allow them to ascend to higher dimensions. They are not ready now and they knew that before they incarnated. As I said, I would find that exciting too, I like to repair and also rebuild. And also a new beginning in a pristine 4D-/5D-world is something I can well imagine and which is equally exciting. Since we have no contact with our soul, we don’t know and have to wait for everything. In any case, what will come immediately are new technologies. Last year I once wrote articles about it and got answers that the introduction will take a few years. I don’t think so, because the six technologies we know have been withheld from us for seventy years, they have been hidden from us. So they already exist and they come to us again from one day to the next. They have to be, we need them!

The third category blurs a little bit and also has similarities with the second one. With this I want to express that both those who have currencies, or precious metals, or digital assets will naturally exchange, because this revaluates EVERYTHING. The price of gold and silver are manipulated, as is the ratio between the two, so both will also revaluate, but silver more so. ISO20022 will only leave 5% of cryptocurrencies and they will revaluate as well. If you keep your eyes and ears open and don’t wear blinders, you will get this. ZIM and historical currencies will revaluate because the entire world will be freed from the cabal fiat money system. Therefore, even people who do not have ZIM and currencies will benefit. So personally, I no longer believe in high exchange rates, project rates, “street rates” or anything like that. Why would those who have been holding a carrot in front of us all for decades be right about this of all things? Think about it for yourself.

I exchange my currencies, get a fortune, sign an NDA and have to keep quiet for 90 or 180 days. What do other people do during that time? Does their world just go on as it is? Then what’s the point of the event? So that after 90 or 180 days I can or am allowed to help save the world like a big shot? So that people look up to me because I am a philanthropist and distribute funds? Or perhaps so that I can build up a kind of new elite, on which others depend again, who had no currencies? I also don’t believe that the RV, the GCR will happen as we have been told for so long. “He who lies once is not believed!” And everybody has lied so far, I don’t need to name names, you know who I mean. I believe that “everybody comes to it”, really everybody! Whether it’s the 3D timeline or the other 3D world or the one world, everyone gets a turn to improve their lives, whether it’s through money or whether it’s through new technologies.

I have met such great people, people with heart, wise people, people who would give their last shirt for others, but who have no currencies, no precious metals and no ABDC. Are they supposed to submit to someone? Do they get nothing for 90 or 180 days? Why? Simply because they have not acquired currencies for an exchange for some reason that we do not know? Maybe these people instinctively feel that we will not need money much longer? No one can tell us authoritatively whether we will still need money in the future, whether we will have to pay for something and how much it will cost, if so. What if money disappears much faster than we suspect? Money is energy, and depending on how I use it, it is good or bad. But it is and always will be energy. If I barter, do I still need money to do it? And let’s take free energy. What will not change if nobody has to pay for energy anymore? I won’t list it all now, but think about how we will heat in the future. No one will have to burn gas, heating oil or wood anymore, not even in large companies. Everything can be powered by free energy. FREE! Think about it: why have we been deprived of just that?

I can’t tell you how it will all work out. Nobody can! That’s why I also withdraw to neutral and keep myself out of all forecasts, give no more energy in anything that has to do with RV, GCR or other. I am observing and the more I observe, the clearer the picture becomes that EVERYONE GETS A TURN! It has been written so many times and also dropped by “Q” that THEY HAVE EVERYTHING. “We have it all”, what is there not to grasp? Everything about each of us. That’s why no one has to register anywhere for an exchange. We already get info when the time comes. And others get their income in a different way. A basic income or regular payments from the collateral account. No one is forgotten or misses out on something they are supposed to get, and no one has to follow anyone or will be dependent on anyone. This is becoming more and more clear to me. What pleases me immensely is that many of my contacts see it that way too and agree with me. They report to me that they have become much more relaxed and calm after just observing. They can focus on completely different things, for example on the energy drain of the dying FRG system. And they can strengthen their confidence because they know that everyone will get their turn.


First, it comes differently, second, than you think or are told.

We know we don’t know anything.

Trust the plan.

The best comes in the end. Not just for a few, but for ALL! Everyone gets a turn!

Patriots, hang in there a little longer, hold the line and believe the show will end well. Don’t give up, it’s not an option and would be stupid now.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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