(Reader: Victor) Voting is Giving your Power Away


Reader Post | By Victor

When you give your power away you become a slave to whom …..”you gave your power too”. We have been programmed to live completely backwards, that is why we suffer and everything gets worse.

Who you vote for today does not matter, because whoever you chose is the wrong vote. YOU VOTED WRONG! ….because ….YOU DID NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF.! 

It’s that simple if you let that shock set into your mind. A slave is only offered a limited choice and that is what an election is. A limited choice set out for you to fool you into thinking you are a free person, when you are not.

A free person only votes for himself and never gives his power or authority or consent to anyone to act for him. That is what you did when you voted. You consented to be a slave and to be lied to and to be abused and cheated and incarcerated and vaccinated and exterminated… only name a few of the abuses THAT YOU AGREED TO….by participating in VOTING.

You said yes to slavery and never had a clue of what you did. There is no GOD in the universe that can fix STUPID?….YOU HAVE TO FIX YOURSELF…..that is why…..”YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR”..but you have to see that and accept YOUR POWER.

Why have you ….”always”….been told a SAVIOR is coming or waiting for you?…That is what religions all say and that is what every politician and every election promises you….a FAKE SALVATION….a fake next savior in the next election that will fix it all and change will finally happen?…NOT!….Change can never come that way because YOU GAVE YOUR POWER AWAY….to thieves and controllers.

These fake salvations are how slavery works with YOUR CONSENT. If you said …”NO”… TO THE DEVILS?….who could they enslave?….NOT YOU?….YOU SAID….”NO”….


Now the devils can kill you for saying NO?….but they already are doing that even when you say yes?…In fact….it gets worse when you consent and say yer. Then they threaten you even more after you consent….because they are now empowered by the power you gave away. The slave masters are living off your energy  and your ignorance and stupidity and now they have no fear of you.?….BECAUSE YOUR POWERLESS.

You have been  programmed you whole life to….” BELIEVE IN LIES”‘…..Everything is a lie. Like If you do not vote…you are a sinner and consent to slavery; but the COMPLETE OPPOSITE IS TRUE.The hidden subliminal  implications are that you could eventually die if you do not do the “right thing by voting”.

You have been told that voting is your proof of freedom when it’s really “your proof of slavery by consent and your wrong free will choice….and so you give your power away by voting for false saviors in that voting proxy process of transferring your power to others.

 Haaa….haaa…..So fear of Death is the threat built into not consenting to vote for your slavery. YET?….DEATH is baked into the cake of LIFE… that DEATH may or may not be in your power to do anything about? 

What if?…. WHAT IF?….your time of death….Let’s say it’s predetermined?…Who knows….but if it is?….What are you afraid off?…Since you could say that GOD has to keep you alive until then?….Because the time is set and if GOD is LOVING?…You consented to this trip and the end point? and the memory wipe?

So in that context….”Why chose slavery and fear?”…when you could have GOD  covering your back? and you are always actually SAFE HERE….because you can’t leave until the built in end?

But …you are only …..”SAFE AND FREE NOW”…When you say….” NO TO SLAVERY”…and giving your power away to devils …as in ALL in elections. When you say NO to giving your power away….YOU ARE SAYING… “YES”…TO YOURSELF….YES TO REAL FREEDOM.


By saying… NO TO VOTING….What you are really doing is just keeping what you already have….POWER…which is really infinite options to create a new world….(one without lying politicians an slave masters)….YOU ARE VOTING FOR YOU….ONLY…then you are responsible and can create whatever options you want rather than only getting the limited set up options on a ballot.

That is how you simply change the world…..BY NOT GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY….and consenting to be a slave. So no matter who you vote for today YOU LOST…..YOU SHOULD NOT EVEN BE THERE?….But how can you fix stupid?….I CAN NOT STOP YOU and put power and wisdom and brains when there is no one home but …..A SLAVE.



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