James Gilliland (ECETI News): More Notes from Saturday’s Show, November 5, 2022


November 7th, 2022 | #50

Notes from Saturday Show +

On the lighter side of things we just filmed around 15 UFOs flying over Hawaii Eceti. One looked like a fast moving comet, others flew low through the trees and through the Pleiades and Orion constellation. The planetary liberation is well underway.

Halloween madness hit as usual crazy dreams lots of clearings I am sure the dark hearts had their rituals always a weird night for us.

We just suffered a major hit, cell phone, computer, entire electrical system. Not the first time. We apologize for not getting back to people it is due to circumstances beyond our control. Back ups are now in place.

Elon Musk officially acquired Twitter Firing CEOs and Lawyers in the Trump style, You’re fired! According to Buddha karma is like fresh milk it takes a little time to spoil but surely as the cart follows the horse it will catch up. Lots of yogurt on face out there. Elon said Trump, if he wants will be reinstated along with others who were censored without just cause.

I would like to personally say you’re fired to all the ones who have banned, given out strikes and demonetized us. It is just a matter of time before they are a distant memory.


Kanye West or Ye as he goes by bought Parlor. Now with Truth Social looks like we are getting our First amendment rights back.

Speaking of the First Amendment, State Attorney Generals are suing Facebook, Google and Youtube for being state actors doing the bidding of government censoring anyone who does not adhere to official stories strictly forbidden by the constitution. Working on behalf of the government they are no longer a private institution which brings to question liability.

In discovery they will be cross examining Fauci and others responsible for the major censorship campaign due to misinformation qualified by state actors, fact checkers and politically and profit driven science. There is going to be a lot of tears, purple and green hair on the floor.

As we said before despite taking all our shows off Youtube and leaving only UFO footage we were demonetized as many others in a campaign to censor the truth, any real science, research and critical thinking. New evidence is coming out concerning extreme election tampering with Farcebook and Screwtube. Conservative candidates are finding themselves censored or buried by algorithms designed to promote the far left demoralization and take down America agenda.

The Pelosi residence was attacked by a jedi master who mind melded all the guards, levitated and evaded all security measures broke the sliding glass door from the inside out and literally used a hammer on Paul Pelosi. Not the first time he was hammered at least this time he was not driving. It was a total fail in distraction, getting sympathy votes or what other agenda was being played out. By the way he was not mega or republican. Allegedly according to rumors and David Pepape himself who was previously arrested for male prostitution, the assailants report to police he was a gay lover and an argument ensued over drugs. Not looking good for the Pelosi’s. Of course this will all disappear with little or no charges ignored by the lame stream press.

I would highly suggest listening to the last two [redacted] speeches then compare that to our president. Also look up the weaponized bio labs, child and sex trafficking rings shut down, rescued children and who in the west were heavily invested in these ungodly endeavors. There will be a lot of Democrats probably some Rinos names on the receipts. This is a war against Nazis, Deep State and the Global elite of which our current administration is on the wrong side.

By the end of the month we will be out of diesel fuel. Let that sink in. Tractors, trucks, even ships will be out of diesel. Think supply chain. This is all orchestrated. When we allow America to be taken over by morally and integrity challenged leaders and allow ourselves to be socially engineered by the lame stream media critically thinking and research impaired there are consequences. Soon we won’t even be able to pay attention. Stock up while you can.


We wrote about all of this in 1982, the multidimensional war, who is who in the books Reunion With Source, Becoming Gods, The Ultimate Soul Journey and Annunaki Return. They are at please read them share them it will help us out and your friends.

Be well,

James Gilliland


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