(Reader: Danlboon) Surprise Election Ballots?


Reader Post | By Danlboon

What if on November 8, 2022 you go to your election voting location, check in and go to the ballot booth, but the ballot shows the names, positions and propositions are different or something new? This may be the big announcement and it is not controlled by the news media to edit it.

New names; Trump for 19th Republic President or Biden for US CORP CEO? Proposition for the Original 13th Amendment of 1819 to be made public, ‘Titles of Nobility,’ NO members of the BAR allowed in office? This just kicks out all 9 US Supreme Court Justices, all other appointed and elected judges and government officials that are in office. Just to see where people stand and info that NESARA/GESARA is in effect? Election Fraud is when 90% votes go for Biden and NO for 13th Amendment.

It may just be the same as normal and they are just to keep things rolling for the deep state to deepen in their wrong doings as it appears nothing is changing and those US CORP elections are just a ruse for now. What if those politicians still want to be in the US CORP and not in the Republic they will be taken down in due time?

Maybe those that are working at the voting locations they have already been authorized to do this work and not deny people from voting on this new ballot, and just inform the people of the basics and tell others to come and vote.

This could be a sign that We The People could be voting for a Republic even though it is here already, but it is the Notice that things will be changing, more people could be going to vote to see what is going on, the TV, radio and internet broadcasts will have to put some type of news out there or be totally silent which has never happened on election day.

What is the best way to get We The People that are authorized to vote to get the real news rather than an EBS alert, or will that be a preliminary way to start the EBS as it was word of mouth by the people?

Rumors keep coming out and some say are facts, but it keeps stretching out to another day, week or month, yet the time for change is near. Chaos in these mid terms may be the trigger to change.


Also, for the whole banking system to change for the world is it could begin on closing day Thursday November 10, 2022 in America as at 7 PM Hawaii time it is already Friday November 11, 6 PM New Zealand time, and in the USA it is Veterans Day on Friday so no banks open here, the best time for all banks to be shut down at once and most if not All ATMS might not work during the weekend, so pull out some extra cash this week. Just a thought.

If you can get up and watch the Maximum Lunar Eclipse it is Nov 8, 12:59 AM Hawaii Time, 2:59 AM PST, 3:59 AM MST, 4:59 AM CST, 5:59 AM EST, yet Total Eclipse is about 42 minutes both ways with 85 minutes full Total, and the East Coast it will be setting with a Total Eclipse. Penumbral Eclipse begins 3 hours earlier than Maximum Lunar Eclipse. So many of you could see it as it is night time along with Jupiter a bright light to the West almost directly upwards that is 3 hours ahead of rising and setting. Is this a sign too that things are to change?



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