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Chapter 6… The Magic in the Box…

I began writing my novel about the huge alligator named Bob in 1993. I was 33. I had been to Hollywood a few times to try and pedal my screenplays since film school in the early 80s. One might say I was manuscript rich and money poor. Your basic starving artist. I also worked on movie and TV crews. Low budget stuff mostly. I went where I thought I might find work. Quite often, between jobs when I was being asked to pay the rent or vacate. I went where there was a couch that someone would patiently offer for a few weeks. Back in Wisconsin I worked regularly at a little video studio that did family oriented commercial stuff like shooting weddings or transferring old home movies to video, or VHS video to DVD.  Changing technology provided a niche for us.

Basically, I went from gig to gig wherever it was, if I could extract a few hundred dollars from someone.

Back in Florida, after my mother’s sad death to colon cancer, I had my father’s couch available to me. My younger brother who moved to Florida with my parents’ years before, had his own bedroom. We were all in mourning and deeply missing Edith.

I was working sporadically as an opening act in standup comedy. A friend of mine had a booking agency and threw me gigs when one of his other comedians had to cancel. To work regularly you had to book at least 6 months in advance and stick to that calendar. I was way too flakey for that. My planning was day to day.

Although I had spent the first 29 years of my life near Chicago in the suburbs, I had moved to Madison Wisconsin to be closer to my 2-year-old son in 1990 whose mother had come to hate me because I cheated on her. Well, that is a long story whereby I say we were broken up at the time. We broke up twice a week. Whenever we broke up, I filled the void with another woman. Then when we got back together that wound would heal for a few days when the pattern would repeat itself like the instructions on a shampoo bottle.

The older I get the more I realize the constant fighting with girlfriends had something to do with my own childhood. You know, those years as a toddler when weird unexplainable things happen that you can’t remember. I do know part of my problem is I am very alpha and believe in the traditional roles of mother and father as defined in the 1950s and not the feminist abstraction of those roles. Well, for a couple decades I was suckered in by the leftist liberal nonsense sold to us by the world government think tanks. The brainwashing had nothing to do with tolerance and equality. In fact, it was designed to splinter. By everyone being told they were being oppressed it created constant turmoil in society. Feminism was one such tactic. Traditional roles made families stronger but the so called empowering of women made the broken home statistics soar. Certainly, the correlation needed to be taken seriously. But the attack was coming from all sides as men had been convinced by the Playboy revolution that they were missing out on the free for all fun of almost anything goes. Oaths were merely a stuffy old prudish suggestion.


I was not a baby boomer. I came after the boomers. My father was stationed in Korea right before the Korean War began in 1950. I was 4 when the Beatles invaded. The civil rights era was about to consume the 1960s and that included people of color and women. But contrary to the scripted legends that are handpicked to be “organic” outgrowths of oppression, several of these people all came from the same socialist school of subversion. Both Rosa Parks and Betty Frieden attended “Highlander Folk School” in Monteagle Tennessee. What are the chances? Rosa Parks worked as a secretary for the NAACP. The school was cited for subversive activities and closed by the State of Tennessee.

In other words none of it was organic, it is called social engineering. The Montgomery bus boycott was planned in advance. Martin Luther King was brought in to lead it. Rosa Parks was chosen to kick it off. The testimony of numerous Russian defectors confirms that this was not spontaneous. Name any movement and our luciferian friends who sculpt the world are behind it. They control the left and the right and everything in between. Being that their original power base was the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe,  this uprising was provoked by the Communist party to help destabilize America.

Of course, some good came from it. Balance between black and white and male and female needed to be evened up but the people who created it were doing it for nefarious reasons of divide and conquer. The elite never gives us the facts and a choice, they trick us into everything and use violence as the glue to piece together each major change. All these things could be achieved through transparent honesty but no. That has never been their way. What if your mother taught you how to dress yourself by throwing you and your clothes out into the snow. I imagine one would learn to dress quickly but the methodology would be psychopathic and overly harsh. The elite kill fifty million in a fabricated war to change borders on a map. Treacherous, diabolical, social engineering that is always overkill.

Some of these elite’s believe with all faith that they are granted powers when they sacrifice the lives of unaware innocents. Whether it be sheep, or a baby or an entire city firebombed. Evil is evil, it cannot be rationalized. There isn’t good in everyone despite the nauseating trite proclamation.

Some predators are assholes 24 and 7.


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