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I am almost finished with the new edition of my old book. I will be selling it for about twenty bucks. It would be nice if you would all buy a copy to read on a plane or a beach. Warning though, it is thematically adult in nature. Drop me an email if you are interested. I’ll send the link to you when it is available.


The Bible insinuates the devil to be reptilian. I am going to call myself out. I believe my lineage is the Tribe of Dan. A notoriously aggressive tribe of the 12 tribes of Israel. They had strong ties with paganism. Affiliations with Draco beings? Was blue blood part of their deal? My family name traces to Luxembourg which is known to be the second wealthiest country in the world where castles of vampiric illuminati Kings and Queens sit on top of hills and mountains. Where most of the banking wealth insidiously controls the world. At one time my family was very wealthy. The Catholic church got their claws in our inheritance. Typical of the control these people premeditatedly employ.

There is a genetic infliction that Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan shared that traces to the Tribe of Dan, whereby the hands can become clawlike. My father had this condition as he grew older. More clues that substantiate my theory.

In the 1970s, when humor became cause for arguments at the dinner table, it was clear the artificially constructed division had begun. Humor used to make us laugh as a family and now the leftists were racketeering what was funny and making right wing beliefs out to be neanderthal buffoonery. Very effective programming from TV sitcoms developed by the Eastern European Luciferian bankers and Hollywood studio owners who created the Russian revolutions as well as World War One and Two. Where there is smoke, they are firebombing Dresden. In order for communism to succeed they had to make the right-wing belief system that said “god dammit pick yourself up by your own damn bootstraps” sound like selfish unsharing greed.

It was an extension of our Constitutional encouragement of the freedom of expression, freedom to pursue one’s bliss… The individual right to be independently wealthy based on intellectual property and hard work. Communism was the elite bankers hiding behind collectivism to pretend to have the majority forefront in mind as they stole people’s freedoms and rights. They vilified the brilliant and motivated individual and convinced the do-nothings to demand they get the individuals wealth disbursed among everyone, under the idea that that accomplished individual had too much– when others had so little.


Sure, greed exists but the trick was to exploit all that is ‘wrong thinking’ like monopoly, racketeering, war profiteering and cheating. Which allowed the “state” to control all disputes. The banksters were behind all the think tanks and those psychologies surrendered all wealth to the banksters under false premises designed to sound like social justice.

A con game that has been working for almost a century. Assisted by the media. Brainwashing comes in a form whereby the TV makes people think they thought of the answers themselves. Sales techniques tried and true that leads the buyer passed caveat emptor (buyer beware) to hey I am a justice minded social warrior. Look at me– I am virtuous beyond reproach.

Using war, once they had killed off millions of men in falsely contrived conflict, they could zero in on the individual families of the world, by slicing and dicing them like a kitchen appliance. Allowing Hollywood to use less violence and more subtle brainwashing over the longer timelapse of a few decades. Is the word “decadence” accidental? Language and words seem to already know the plan. Quietly mocking us in plain sight.


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