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Reader Post | By timjoebob

There’s such an incomprehensible, unfathomable, mind-numbing tsunami of bullsh/covered by avalanches of more bs on top of all the bs that, really, we’re gonna need submarines to navigate because a boat or ship will only get you soaked in bs from the humongous waves from the stormy seas that used to be water, are now oceans of bs all AROUND the GLOBE. To the height of Mt Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench bs has taken complete control of every platform, even if you don’t think so. Only your heart knows the truth. Don’t expect to find truth in your fellow bros and sisters because they could be infected with the bs disease, too. Only your heart and Creator knows the truth. Look no further. When the real, authentic truth comes out about everything, and I mean everything, that’s when the SHTF for real…in real time. Sleeping sheeple will absolutely freak out. Liberals will melt down like the wicked witch because of pure, untainted water of truth. After all, doesn’t everyone know “orange man bad”? 

Marxism good.
Socialism good.
Communism good.
Fascism good.
Authoritarianism good.
Totalitarianism good.
NWO good.
Baal/Bafhomet good.
Lucifer/Satan good.
Evil good.
WEF good.
Klaus Schwab good.
Satanism good.
Humans bad.
Good is bad.
Truth bad.
Lies good.
Deception good.
BS good.
Ignorance good.
Awake bad.
Asleep good.
Harmony bad.
Discord good.
Love bad. 
Fear and hate good.
FLAT true.
ROUND lie.

This is endless…as in infinite.

I’m personally looking forward to the real, authentic truth about this planet and its true, authentic history to come out for the world to see. There’s going to be weeping and wailing coming from the deceived side and absolute jubilation from the awakened side. 3D, 4D, or 5D makes no difference. Some will stay in 3D, some will elevate to 4D, some will elevate to 5D bliss. Time lines will blur, coalesce, and emerge again in galactic time line splits. Some will die, some will live.

This will never, ever end…ever…never. 

We’re staring directly at infinity and most are completely unaware. It’s OK. We’ve got forever. 

But, for now, a submarine is looking really good. I, for one, will take a submarine over a ship or boat. When the oceans of bs recede and cleaner waters come forth, the walking dead will bury the dead and righteousness will prevail. 


A new world is emerging like mushrooms from a cow pie. Out of crap emerges a new growth and a new civilization of humankind. 

In the meantime, a submarine will suffice…even a Yellow one. 



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