(Reader: Helen West) Trust is Earned, Lies Create Division


Reader Post | By Helen West

Dear Patriots, 

I watch Telegram, Trump Social, Rumble and Charlie Ward, and many other Truthers. I am now wondering Why I bother. I’m looking for Truth, believing in a false reality. Again, I can not state this enough. Do any of the so called Truthers understand poverty?  How about fear to the point of suicidal thoughts?  Many of the Rich Truthers charge the People that watch their shows get information, that most times is misinformation to set them up knowingly, to get their  high hopes up with anticipation, only then to bring a crushing blow with nothing coming of the Truth they charged them for. We are not suppose to go by dates, however they are given on operation disclosure and repeated by many other suppose Truthers websites . Another painful let down. The Rich tell us “Not to worry about the money, or RV. “It will happen in Gods timing. If that is true, then shut off the computers, TV and wait for it. God will let you know the truth. 

What’s really sad is the false information to hurt innocent trusting people. Not to worry about money in this economy, really. What a stupid statement. This economy is killing the working class, disabled, and seniors. The  Elite class – both types, in my opinion, black or white saying , Don’t worry about money, don’t worry about the RV is a selfish statement. Don’t you realize, the money from the RV is a thought of a type of saving grace at this point. God has not intervened as of yet. Their families are loosing everything, some dying. The ones saying you don’t need money, are people that don’t need to struggle with lack of funds, food shortage, having to choose between food or medicine. They have the funds to help other, if they choose to.  Paying $7.49 for 18 eggs is nothing to them. 

These are the same people that have Their  egos fed by their followers, there bank accounts funded by millions collected by monthly charges to give misinformation or even sometimes repeated information other Truthers have shared earlier.. 

I will be stopping the ability to be cruelly treated this way. I chose to follow. I chose to believe that President Trump would not allow crooked people to openly use his Name and Logo to rip people off with memorabilia that is suppose to be used at a later time to cash in on. I have now seen with my own eyes the cruel behavior of this misinformation campaign has brought on my neighbors, friends, and family. The ones that are struggling now financially. They are people that can not afford to buy his memorabilia that want too- with hopes of increasing there wealth at some point.  Those that have bought tons of coins are now regretting purchasing it since paying for eggs is a hardship now. 

This entire movie is a painful reality of the fraud and corruption we have all around us. For me, I’m very heartbroken to watch anymore. I always told my kids, “ Never lie because there is nothing worst.  “ A thief you can watch but people that lie, they can not be trusted- in anything. As far as the “Truthers” movement goes, your safe watching Monkey Werks. . That’s about it. All the rest is Cruel misinformation to hurt and misguided those wanting the truth. They keep saying they give misinformation to ward off the black hats. That is also a lie. Remember, the Movie is playing. Pre recorded. They can intercept any time to help us. There is an agenda to be fulfilled. What agenda you may ask. That’s for the Elites to know and us deplorable to watch and pay, and obey- these cruel Elite leaders that have taken over our society. 

If the movie is not pre recorded then we should never have been told it was a movie. As for 


Most people I talk to, they are sick of the movie and many are loosing interest. Trust in Government?  Not so much. Expect lies from your Governments, Nailed it!

Sincerely, Helen West


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