Kat update: Juan O Savin on President Trump’s Imminent Arrest and the Plight of the J6 Prisoners


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 22, 2022

Graphic by DAN MARTIN 1776 @danmartin17

On January 6, 2021, one million Patriots showed up peacefully and prayerfully to protest the stolen 2020 election. As Juan O Savin has often described that day, because he was there and made a brilliant movie about it, there was a lot of hymn singing as well as praying.



After the President spoke and Patriots began to gracefully return home, the deep state demons unleashed their D.C. Metropolitan Police on the crowd with concussion grenades, killed people, and herded them towards the Capitol Building where the huge doors were mysteriously open & some actual-Patriots & a lot of FBI-disguised-as-Patriots, poured into the building.


Special Forces also went in that day & got Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

We are living in a Spy v Spy world of laptops: Anthony Weiner’s, Seth Rich’s, Hunter Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s. The reveal [finally] of what’s on those is going to be epic. Biblical.

As Q posted often, “These people are stupid” & “WE HAVE IT ALL.”


Steve Pieczenik, 1-16-21 “BTW, there was no rioting in the Capitol. I happen to know 3 to 4 people here from my town who said it was very peaceful. The Police took down the barriers. In effect, what people don’t know is we sent Special Forces operators in there to take Pelosi’s computer.”

On Gene Decode, 1-11-21 reported that when Special Forces went in to take Pelosi’s laptop and “things” her laptop was actually on and had Emails up that showed EXACTLY what she was involved in — Italy and Election Fraud. [sic “these people are…”]

What I remember especially about J6 is President and Commander-in-Chief Trump’s plea for PEACE.


After the faux-insurrection the President made an appearance by video. I emphasize “by video” because as you may have noticed in the past 7 years, since June 16, 2015, when he announced his candidacy for President, YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS.

You THINK he’s in Washington D.C. but he’s actually in Cheyenne Mountain because it’s posted later that he was there. You THINK he’s in Florida at Mar-a-Lago, but he could be off planet.

You THINK he’s giving a speech at a rally but it’s actually his double. (I personally think his “deceased” brother Rob has given one or two of those.)

As has been widely reported by all those I constantly post, Q The Storm Rider, Juan O Savin, Charlie Ward, Gene Decode, etc. both teams have clones, body-doubles, rubber masked actors, or present themselves in CGI.

Juan O Savin recently said Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t been a person for years (or maybe never was) or if he has been an actual person, he’s many different people wearing a rubber mask.

9-24-22 Q The Storm Rider

>}CABLES : President XI and his family had not returned home
since his meeting with Putin days back.
Chinese sources confirm the current XI in house arrest is a DOUBLE.

(With the power of technology, & CIA advanced mask creations
that cannot be detected, even in up close communications
with agents wearing face masks…
These features of mask have become a norm for ELITES
to use ( DOUBLES)/// as MI6 sources reveal
even the Queen had been dead over 10 years (I suspect 3 years)
& her DOUBLE wore these MASKS.
are just a  few That have many DOUBLES…
(Have you ever noticed TRUMP is SUPER CHUBBY & a bit shorter in some photos
& other EVENTS tall & stocky & fit?)///

When President Trump gave his plea for PEACE on J6 he was ostensibly outside the White House but I think it was more a case of “Elvis has left the building” and President Trump was helicoptered the heck out of there.


Nevertheless, from wherever he gave the speech or if he pre-recorded it, it was full of emotion:

President’s Message of Peace after the Storming of the Capitol Building.

POTUS Tweeted it but it was deleted from Twitter. I transcribed it before it was.

President & Commander-in-Chief Trump

“I know your pain
I know you’re hurt
We had an election that was stolen from us
It was a landslide election & everyone knows it
especially the other side
But you have to go home now
We have to have peace
We have to have Law & Order
We have to respect our great people in Law & Order
We don’t want anybody hurt
It’s a very tough period of time
There’s never been a time like this
where such a thing happened
where they could take it away from all of us
from me, from you, from our country
This was a fraudulent election
but we can’t play into the hands of these people
We have to have Peace
So go home
We love you
you’re very special
You’ve seen what happens
you see the way others are treated
that are so bad & so evil
I know how you feel
But go home
& go home in Peace.”

This link works:


I enclose two partial Juan O Savin transcripts:

The first outlines the terrible plight of the innocent January 6th prisoners. Reading it first will make a bit more sense of the second transcript but it will also break your heart.


In the second, Juan tells us what he’s been telegraphing for months but now we have arrived at the terrible moment: The IMMINENT arrest of President & Commander-in-Chief Trump.

Juan has done everything he can to prepare Anons for this arrest. If indeed POTUS is going to be arrested, it will be a shock to the world. And while people are reeling from it they’re going to need those annoying “conspiracy theorists” to talk them through it.

It may also be that Hunter Biden is arrested. This is just my personal opinion, but both Juan & Q The Storm Rider have talked about “arrest wars.”

I don’t know who might be arrested first, Hunter or POTUS [or Hillary?] but whatever happens, we’re buckled up & (think we) KNOW that much of this is QTeam’s “movie.”

If I thought for one moment that President Trump would be in ANY DANGER WHATSOEVER I’d be worried. But that is NOT EVER EVER going to be allowed to happen. EVER.

THE MOST PROTECTED SOUL IN CREATION is John F. Kennedy, Jr. & second to JFK is President Trump. Maybe POTUS is even more protected than JR at this point. But the safety of BOTH MEN are & has been in the hands of the GENIUS QTeam. They’ve got this. No worries.

Anticipating the terrible events on tap, because no matter how “knowing” you might feel about things, it’s still horrible to see your President take MORE slings & arrows than he already has for We The People, but in holding my breath for what’s to come, I thank God that I’m AWAKE.

I daily give thanks, no matter how difficult this journey has been, no matter how solitary because I’ve lost pretty much everyone I knew [I live in S. CA, hello,] I wouldn’t trade my life or this path for ANYTHING.

I’m so grateful I remain UnTested, UnMasked, UnVaxed & Never Sick because to this day, to this very day, I STILL see people wearing frickin’ masks ALL OVER THE PLACE.

It’s truly mind-blowing.


Some possible events to anticipate from either Juan O Savin or Q The Storm Rider

[Juan – & QTSR –]:

– Arrest wars in both the Trump and Bidan camps

– A 25th Amendment to remove Bidan

– A hung Nov. 8th election that is stopped midway, or that doesn’t even get off the ground

– Russia is getting ready to have Military Tribunals in the [redacted]. They’re going after War Crimes charges on [redacted] Military personnel & people in those BioLabs for Crimes Against Humanity in the [redacted] (Juan O Savin 10-18-22)

– The U.S. is also getting ready to have Military Tribunals that the whole world is going to see.

– Ghislaine Maxwell broke her silence about her “dear friend” Bill Clinton & EPSTEIN CONNECTS EVERYTHING. Maxwell’s list, BTW, is in the hands of White Hats & will figure in the Military Tribunals, big time.

– Did you know Russia has a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drives? Yup. Tick Tock FBI.

– A Cuban Missile Crisis-type event; the threat of nuclear war


– Did you know Gitmo has one of the most advanced Media facilities on the planet? We can remain up-to-minute on what’s happening at the Military Tribunals.

– EBS, Air Raid Sirens, Military in the streets, possible incoming missiles

– 10-day Communications BLACKOUT [we’ll still have POWER & WATER] just no phones, TV, banks, etc.

– Martial Law for 10 days while the brilliant, brave, awesome Global White Hat Military pick up the worst of the worst deep state demons across the planet and KEEP THE PEACE because the demons are itching to create a Civil War.

Once we’ve made it through some or all of that — the best is truly to come.

We will slowly be acclimatizing to a new Quantum world.

A new Financial world

A new Medical world.

A new Political world.

A new Tesla-Tech world.


A new Education world.

A new Pristine Planet world (because tech already exists that can clean the oceans, air & Earth in no time at all.)

In other words, Q2450: A Beautiful Brave New World.

Meanwhile, sending prayers & blessings unceasing to President & Commander-in-Chief Trump, his wonderful family, our magnificent brave Militaries, the genius QTeam & Patriots throughout Creation because, understandably, All Eyes On Earth.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing,

This is Kat,

Over & out,







Juan O Savin

1:50 I had to come to Juno [Alaska] on something,
down the road people will hear about it..

13:22 Where we’re at as a nation right now
there are preparations being put in place
to do something important..


This was going to be an epic moment in American History
We are there now
It is imminent at this point
Now the ink is on the paper
Not even dry
We will see the next turn in these things..

20:35 We look at what’s going on in the world
whether it be about Hunter
& the information that’s going on about him
Pending charges.. plea deal agreement..
he paid $2 million in back taxes
some deal is about to happen..

20:56 The Konnech Inc. case..
We find out the CEO running Konnech
the information [is going back] to servers in China..
The largest data breach in American history took place there
with the vote numbers going back to China through those systems.

That’s relevant cuz the calculations could be made
& then the information coming back in
via a different route
on how much you have to cook the vote in various places..

21:55 He was allowed to fly back home to China
because the FBI put in paperwork that made it look like
it was no big deal, a million dollars & he’s gone.

22:08 Again THE FIX..

22:40 The [redacted] stuff, information there
Business deals

35:54 The Bidan Administration has been steadily bleeding down our oil reserve to the lowest level it’s been at in decades & decades & decades..

When that’s gone, now what are you going to do?

36:25 The Saudis had a summit, looking at tech & things,
they invited everybody, they dis-invited America.

Our $ is tied to Saudi oil.

The Russians did go to the summit.

37:00 [redacted], Northern & Eastern Europe

the amount of Military aircraft activity has gone up radically..

large numbers of aircraft have gone in to a black mode where we don’t see them in normal air traffic control operations..

37:47 We’re steadily in this march to get to a dramatic moment.
It’s coming.
Everybody knows it’s coming.

37:58 Even the amount of activity going down to Gitmo
has gone up again radically out of Andrews..


39:30 There’s a move of God taking place
& God is protecting his people

40:22 There’s events that I believe are about to occur
to all the world, to most people would appear to be horrors
& they are horrors.

44:05 We in America who have been fighting through,
there is a demonic, satanic desire to implement pain
as much as possible on those that oppose the satanic agendas..
Teaching children they can choose their sex [Lord!!]

1:18 This is a moment for prayer..

Laura Logan spoke in NM the other day..
she mentioned the plight of the J6 prisoners

in the WA D.C. prisons
& those that are under indictment..

1:19 I made the movie BLOODY HILL..
where we talked about the Metropolitan D.C. Police:
THEY killed 4 people. THEY killed..
THEY’RE the ones firing concussion grenades into the crowd,
hit 2 men directly right on their heart & killed em..
We have the film..

1:19:41 Who shot Ashley Babbitt?


Juan O Savin: BLOODY HILL > Jan 6th Revealed!


Juan cont.

1:19:57 One of the things that’s going on
& it’s very disturbing & we’ve had numerous accounts
by people that were in the D.C. jails.
They have contractor guards out of W Africa
in the jails & they don’t like America
they don’t like the whole American thing
they like to talk in their little coded language from back home..

1:21:30 Some of them are in isolation.
Literally put in solitary for MONTHS AT A TIME.

1:21:41 One of the guys I was with in New Mexico
said he was in solitary for 3-weeks
& he didn’t think he could take an hour longer
it was that horrible.

1:21:48 There’s guys in D.C. that have been [in solitary]
One of the things they’ve done in the Gulag of DC
is every night at 9 o’clock

1:22:14 We as a people need to understand
that the charges these people are dealing with
for just being present
& saying something’s wrong with the last Election,
they’re being maligned
It’s not true what’s being said..

1:22 We need to align ourselves with those people.
Laura Logan called for that we as a Nation
should be stopping EVERYTHING
& praying & singing with those people.

There’s 1000 people now under indictment
Hundreds in jail
Over J6

1:23 Those people think that we don’t know about
what they’re going through.
They’re losing hope at some level

because they’re getting sentencing
they’re giving in
confessing to crimes they never did
just to get an agreement they’ll get out of there.

1:23:34 They’re being held under the Patriot Act as Terrorists
without normal hearing processes
normal bail being set.
People that were pretty normal average folks
just show up trying to make a point.

1:24 And you got the Chinese Guy [Konnech CEO]
posting a little bail
who was involved in one of the greatest data mining frauds
in the history of the country
maybe the world connected to the 2020 Election.

1:24:20 These people who just showed up to say something’s wrong
are in jail
under indictment
Military members with great histories
have had all their Military benefits taken back
who haven’t even been convicted of anything.
but because they’re charged
& considered involved in treasonous activity..
They want to take the braces out of the mouth
of one of the children that was there
the fact that it was paid for by VA benefits.
Cars & loans being repossessed.

1:25:36 This is the time we have to triple down..
This is going to have to raise to a new level.
Think of what time zone you’re in
Think of 9 p.m. Eastern
& say a prayer with the prisoners & families.
This has to grow out
& become more deeply rooted with our people
We can’t allow this to happen on our watch
& then events that are coming
Will make this even more INTENSE.


10-21-22 JUAN O SAVIN



0:40 I have multiple sources now
including folks from inside the family
Based on my understanding of the situation
I believe that 7 days will pass
from yesterday morning 10-20 when the ink was wet
until everything’s in place to do what they’re gonna do.

1:05 From within our group
it could happen anytime, it could be instantaneous.

We have a rally on Saturday.

[Robstown, Texas 10-22-22]

Juan cont.

There’s a very important dinner
with many of the women
that have been at 95 consecutive rallies.
That dinner’s at Mar-a-Lago.

1:32 The reason I think that’s an interesting detail
is because Christ,
before he went into his Gethsemane moment
& then his death & resurrection period
had a last supper.

At that last supper
the woman brought a very valuable ointment
that was the equivalent of a year’s wages.

2:03 Judas who betrayed them
made a big thing out of this fact
because it was so valuable.
‘For he held the bag’
he was the keeper of the money
when she “wasted” that valuable ointment on him.
He was incensed.
Why would Christ allow this woman to waste this valuable resource
When it could have been sold
& put into the Treasury..

3:04 Christ said, “What this woman has done
will be told wherever the gospel is told”
because she anointed him for burial.

She had heard from God directly
that there was something that needed to be done
to prepare his physical body, on the outside,
with this act of mercy, kindness, blessing,
to add a preservative to his flesh
while his Spirit left it
& died in the tomb.

3:52 So in preparation of that
anointed him with this beautiful ointment.
And then he left the dinner
& went to the Garden of Gethsemane..


this Gethsemane moment as a nation
but also for the individual who will be leading the pack
for everything he has done & will do,
his family,
we need to be there with him
most of all in prayer at that last second.

5:30 Others will be with him to have a dinner
to say a blessing
to say a prayer
to add the preservatives of beauty of the Holy Spirit
shouldering up
that there’s that last step.
And here we are in the wee hours
to pray our President & his family
through this horror that’s about to befall them.
To preserve him through all of this
& the Nation

so that on the far side of these things
when God calls us back from this near-death experience
from the grave as a people
& these representatives of us

6:20 the President & his family,
that they will be ENERGIZED,
their physical bodies will be PRESERVED & HEALTHY

& we as a body politic,
America, the people,
will move forward according to God’s will
& do that which we were created to do.

6:50 First of all to be a blessing.
God says he created us for his own pleasure.
So we do things that are pleasing to God
so that he can enjoy us
whatever that is that we’re called to do right now
& then we go out to the world
& we do likewise
& we bring gifts of enjoyment, health, beauty
to the rest of the world in their dark hour.

7:29 The whole world’s on the precipice right now.
Nuclear war
Famine, self-imposed
Great sickness because evil people have mandated
that people self-terminate.

7:45 We’re the preservative.
We’re the ones that God has called —
we poured out into our Nation.

We’re to bring the healing words
the healing balm of prayer
& Spiritual attentiveness
The Spirit of God being present in us
for the whole country..

10:30 I’ll be in Texas in a few hours
for the President’s rally.
It may very well be his last one
he’ll have important things to say to the country.

10:44 The one thing that I asked was that they do a prayer
at 8 o’clock p.m. Central
9 o’clock p.m. Eastern

that they stop the whole thing
the President right in his speech

& that we join the January 6th prisoners in prison
& those people praying for them
outside the prison gates
at 9 o’clock Eastern every night
they say the Lord’s prayer
& they sing the National Anthem.

President Trump, January 6, 2021
“I know how you feel, but go home & go home in Peace.”

Juan cont.

11:17 Let’s join them in doing that
especially this weekend
& all of next week
as what’s about to happen begins to unfold.
These are very very dramatic times.





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