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Reader Post | By GK

The first problem most people have in understanding the gargantuan conspiracy against the masses is that we have a free press that would tell the truth. That some Woodward and Bernstein team would blow up the lies.

What we have instead is an elite that uses con-artistry in everything they do. For example, the contract law that protects them is because cable news is registered as an entertainment subscription. Any sort of wink wink entertainment is protected, even the reality behind this widely reported shooting the picture above proves was a lie.

Newspapers have different laws. However, it ultimately comes under corporate laws that uses the uniform commercial code and admiralty law in place of man on the land common law. 

Admiralty law is the laws of the high seas. Martial law put in place in 1871–Essentially that the Judge is the ship captain and dictator. What comes before him pertains to CAPITAL LETTERS (EUGENE KALMES) strawman entity…Your bills come to your home in capital letters Your drivers license etc. It is not you, it is a fake you. 

Birth certificate is all nautical terms. After 7 years a child is considered “lost at sea” when the parent doesn’t claim ownership of the body. The elite then create a bond they trade on the worldwide stock market in your CORPORATE FICTION version of you. CITIZEN. This value should pay everything we ever do in life because it is worth millions but they instead use other tricks to keep people paying double when everything is already paid for. Like electricity as one example. Or school loans as another.

Some families who know the game get free money for everything they want to do like start businesses. The elite families stay elite by knowing the tricks.

Life Insurance is paid from the bond NOT your premium payments. Since THEY know the game and you don’t they trick you into a lifetime of illegal and unlawful practices through contract law. Color of law. They just get you to agree to stuff with signatures or verbal agreements out of ignorance of your common law rights.


Attorneys are British Crown Law (The Bar) NOT Common Law, man on land. Everything, including the creation of money is a trick. Money Magick. Private entity creates currency that loans it to the bank that loans it to you so you are perpetually at least 90 dollars behind each dollar for life  That is the National debt. They have the meter running in interest on every WAR they fought for YOU. When congress passes a BILL, it is literally a BILL. They then get funded to carry out that new law in created money that has interest attached.

It is entered into the HALL of RECORDS.

This is a parallel system sitting on top of common law. They administer punishment largely with fines. Incarceration has similar games of monetizing the cage a prisoner is kept in.

The next thing that keeps you from understanding all this is that you assume someone would tell the masses the truth when in fact it is how the elite stays elite. They are luciferians who derive their imagined superiority from [redacted] ritual and [redacted] ritual. Eyes Wide Shut.

Contract law protects them from any responsibility to make sure everyone is given the truth.

Why fake a school shooting? To pass BILLS based on fear and emotionalism.

The elite uses the stock markets to place bets on the emotional trends that get the BILLS passed. They know what phony stock is there to take the bet.


Every 99 years and 499 years they grant themselves corporate charters such as who gets to print money.

People dying is how they fix their books. Manufactured wars and plagues.

Doctors, nurses and medicines aren’t any different than the Jiffy Lube franchise. Products (pills and ejections) Services (Mammogram) and the trained technicians only know where the oil and fluids go in the vehicle. They know the polite comforting script and NOT the real numbers on how many people are maimed by their poisons. Thinking is rarely part of their skillset. Memorizing scripts and repeating and pushing buttons is.

I should have done more to stop you girls. Dark times are nearing. The clotshot has lifeforms growing in your body. You need to look for the truth from those telling the truth. They aren’t on the first pages of Google.

TRANSHUMANISM is their goal. Melding genetics with patented tech.

Rockefeller medicine profiteered off of everything CANCER, much of the cancers, created by injections. As well as DISEASES.

Synthetic peptides in pills and injections are mostly derived from the biomaps of animal venom. They said “bat” but it really is the Chinese crate snake. Synthetic peptides they aren’t milking snakes.

So ahead and ask the perpetrators of all this if it is true? They either have no idea or they will lie.

It is up to you to go to the people who are telling the truth.



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