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Reader Post | By KS Patriot

I can see both sides of this debate and we all have to go with what we each see, believe, have faith in and respect each others opinions. We all come from different backgrounds, upbringings, and experiences.

My take is this…

First, to be dependent on “God’s timing” and “God’s intervention”

You can take this several ways. Why would God allow so many thousands of innocent children to suffer thousands of years and not do something? But on the other side, God gave us free will and did he allow this to continue or did we by complacently allowing it to happen? Is that we were ignorant of it going on or that we felt we could not fight it since the courts and media buried it? Too many refuse to accept that it could even be happening now and those that tried to expose it were silenced one way or the other. You can’t expect God to fix it and also expect God to give you free will.

Because of that, I have an issue saying we all should rely on God. I was brought up under the premise that “God helps those who help themselves” and this goes  back to free will. Is God’s hand involve in this? That goes to your beliefs. Yes, I think he is involved, but because of free will, he can only help us, he cannot fix it.

Have people died? Yes. Did they have free will in that decision? Yes. Many of us chose not to take the jab…under ENORMOUS pressure. It is horrible and sad that so many millions will suffer and die. Many of those people were self-righteous and easily led down the garden path. Do they deserve to suffer and die? I don’t know. Is it God’s fault? No, they had a choice. Each of us has to resolve that in our own minds. 

Is Q a pysop? Yes. Is it a good psyop or a bad psyop? You have to decide. In my mind, Trump has given many, many comms or PROOF, that he is affiliated with that pysop. To me, he has given much PROOF that not only is he affiliated with it, that it is a psyop that is there for morale and it is there for the good side of this battle. 


Then that follows that is Trump a “good guy” or just another one dividing us and leading us down the garden path. Some of you ask for proof. There is ample PROOF that there is a good force fighting for us. There have been tons of resignations, almost daily there are pedophiles being arrested. Now you are also seeing election fraudsters being arrested. Hollywood talking heads have disappeared from the media. Where are they? Why do so many people look different? I choose to believe they have been arrested and some executed. Are both the good guys and the bad guys using CGI, clones, actors etc? Yes. Both have their own agenda, but we can all agree that it happening, but why? If they have not been arrested, then why are the bad guys substituting them? There is also PROOF that Washington D.C is empty and boarded up. Why? Where are those people? Where is the fake Congress and White House “shows” being filmed? And for whose benefit? There is also PROOF of the DUMBs existing and also proof they are being blown up. Thousands of exactly 10km detonations registering on the earthquake surveillance site show it

There is PROOF out there. Each person has to determine by their own research and deductions on what is going on. Is COVID a virus? There is no PROOF that it is. Is the jab a bioweapon? Studies, scientists, some medical personnel and thousands of personal testimonies are flooding the internet to prove it is. Why did it happen? Why did the good guys allow it? 

Agenda 2030 is factual PROOF of the bad guy’s plan. They do not hide it..they are proud of it. Was there no stopping it? Did Trump try to stop it and minimize it’s damage? I believe he did. He rushed them so that they couldn’t disguise it’s damage over years and years. Why did he brag about the vax? I don’t know. I don’t know if he had a reason or if that was a bad guy Trump clone doing that. If it was Trump, I have enough faith and proof in his other actions that his number one focus was to save as many lives as he could and he had a reason for it. It could also have been a bad guy psyop. Are we at war? Yes, I believe we are and people die in war. Everyone had FREE CHOICE in taking the jab and Trump said that in almost every single statement he made about it. 

Are E.T’s and time dimensions involved? Each of us, has to resolve that on our own. I have had personal direct experience to myself that assure me that they are. Are there good E.Ts and bad ones? Yes, I believe there are, and they are each assisting their earth warriors for the side they are on. There are literally thousands of videos and testimonies that give PROOF to this, but you have to decide on your own.

Is this dragging on for what seems like forever? Yes. Was the Deep State/bad guys deeply entrenched, well funded, and permeated into every aspect of our lives, governments, facilities and services? Yes. Was it worse than the good guys even thought it was? Most likely. Does it take a long time to flush them out and expose them? Yes. Do we all wish it would happen faster? Yes. Are people suffering and dying because it seems to be so prolonged? Yes. Would many more millions suffer and die if they rushed it? Only you guys can decide that. We don’t know, any of us, the extent of this contamination and what it is taking to get rid it of. My personal feeling is if we don’t get the vast majority of it, it will be back in the near future, so even though it frustrates me to no end, I want this pestilence found and exterminated. Will there always be bad guys, evil and people that want to cheat the system? Yes, but hopefully we can get them down to small enough numbers that we can stop them in their track and this widespread evil and corruption will never reach this humongous stage again. 

There is PROOF out there that good things are happening. Just the fact that we can still post and discuss this is proof that the bad guys are not in control. All these Truthers (whether they are full of sh*t or not) would not be able to even broadcast if the evil was in charge. None of these resignations, disappearances and deaths of politicians and Hollywood mouthpieces would be silenced or happening. 

Each of us, has to take what we’ve seen, what has been shown and published (fake or not), our beliefs and faith in God, our faith in Trump and what he has shown by his actions and decide on our own. No one is right or wrong…we each have to resolve what we think, see and feel on our own. We have to use both PROOF and FAITH to do that.


I think the one thing we all have in common is………….it seems like it is dragging on forever. 

I resolve that by believing that it will take as long as it has to and we have to suffer through it, because the alternative is that the majority of us will cease to exist one way or the other if it isn’t actually happening.

God gave us free will. That means you have a choice. You always have a personal choice.  I choose to kneel to no one and will fight to the death for that free choice if I have to. We either win for the good of all people, or I die trying to win. To me, those are the only 2 choices and it will take as long as it needs to take for good to triumph over evil.

KS Patriot


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