Restored Republic via a GCR as of September 27, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 27 Sept. 2022

Compiled Tues. 27 Sept. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Code Red
BIG Announcement
This Is It
The Hour Is Upon Us
The Storm Is Coming
They Are Not Prepared
I Am Back
…President Q

UN Storm Troopers Takeover London!

Chinese Communist Party Faces a Double Coup!

Global Markets Are in Freefall!!!

China Banks Are Collapsing; Australia’s Bank Has Collapsed; British Pound Has Collapsed and the Financial Tsunami is Moving Toward the US.

Prepare your backups and have at least 2-3 week’s worth of cash, food, water and essential items on hand.


“Tender Mercies”

May 1, 2022- #4833 Music & the Spoken Word (

Many people find that God is most generous with His tender mercies during our hardest times- when we need them most. Tender mercies open our hearts to the Lord’s reassurances, comfort and support. They open our eyes and we see that, all this time, God was never far away.

Judy Note: The Stock Market was being held up artificially. Central Banks worldwide were closing or reorganizing because of the US Inc. bankruptcy. They say everything will close down soon for a short while as the system adjusts to the new gold-backed currency rates.

  • The Global Currency Reset has begun. Wells Fargo Bank received the GCR release codes Wed. 21 Sept. midnight EST, marking the beginning of the Global Asset Redemption Program.
  • Sometime this week Stock Market Trading was expected to close down as the World adjusts to the new gold/asset-backed rates of various countries and banks undergo major internal changes.
  • Mon. 26 Sept. MarkZ: Over the weekend some SKRs and Zim Bonds were funded, but were not yet liquid. Bond folks who were expecting funds on Tuesday were now hearing they will be able to spend their money starting late Wednesday. The bond markets are in the middle of its worst decline since 1949 and we are watching the bond market implode. This is what we told to look for at the end of this.
  • On Sun. 25 Sept. Fleming: “The German Bonds have to finish first before notifications come out for Tier 4B. Redemption Centers will be open 20 hours a day for 12 days.”
  • The GCR would complete by the beginning of the new fiscal year on Sat. 1 Oct, after which Exchanges for the General Public would begin

Recent GCR History:

Calendar of Possible Upcoming Events:

  • Fri. 30 Sept. Hal Turner News says Russia will declare war on Fri. 30 Sept. It was the Vatican’s payment deadline for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other families that owned US Inc, United Nations, World Bank, and IMF. The US Inc, British Crown and Vatican laundering of slush funds to the Cabal corporations of State Street, Vanguard and Blackrock would now stop.
  • October will see big Global financial changes.”…Charlie Ward Charlie Ward: Special Intel Report – “The End of September” (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (
  • October Event: Pre-Quake Signals, 6000 Year Event, Sunspots.
  • Sat. 1 Oct: Global Currency Reset, beginning of new fiscal year, the world pulls credit from US Inc.
  • Sat. 8 Oct. Drama (Congress) – an October mega Black Swan Event triggered by the Cabal, was set to occur. This could be a bloody revolution, anarchy, or a peaceful transition. (The Cabal has planned riots in 17 major cities).
  • In October the Chinese Communist Party will convene to make amendments to their constitution that will lead to “new strategies of governance” – likely a democratic state.
  • Tues. 8 Nov. 2022 Elections:I have on extremely good authority from three different sources that the USA election in November 2022 will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court – SCOTUS – and they used a Shadow Document to overturn the 2020 Election.”…Charlie Ward
  • 9 Nov. 2022: World War 3 Announced + Fake Nuclear Attacks + Martial Law Stay at home order (9/11/22)
  • Nov 18th Major Satanic Event: 322 Skull and Bones day of the year and Illuminati founder died.

Where We Are Right Now, Phil Godlewski Predictions:

  • There will be a liquidity and credit crisis as banks and online payment systems are about to suffer a huge outage in Europe and the United States. There are already talks of a liquidity and credit crisis happening in inner circles. Customers will try to get money from banks but will be turned away. Talks of bank runs on twitter and facebook will be promptly banned. Late-Sunday night Euro-zone banks will suffer a liquidity issue and fail critical margin levels.
  • Monday 26thLiquidity crisis contagion will spread to the United States. Financial instruments much like those used by Archegos will blow up across the entire financial sector. Bank of America, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are rumored to be insolvent along with others. The Super Rich will attempt to pull their money out of the banks only to be denied. Stock market will drop 20% and is closed for the day. Tether and other stable coins will fail causing crypto currencies to crash as they become illiquid. Short-Mid term is that crypto currencies will become worthless.
  • TuesdayEurozone total melt down. Bank deposits are bailed and most people will lose all their money. Social protests erupt. U.S. stock market will drop another 20% before being halted for the day again. Hedge funds will collapse and banks are stuck with meme stock shorts which will be revealed to be in the trillions. Banks fail critical margin levels and the DTCC will be forced to cover the shorts. DTCC insurance policy will fail as the insurers never had money to begin with and the Federal Reserve is stuck with the bag.
  • WednesdayStock market will drop another 20% before getting stopped. Subprime finally hits and housing prices crash by 50% and more. Meme stock, silver, gold, commodity trading is frozen and halted but this will only make the problem worse. Dollar insolvency is all over international news, while silver and gold skyrocket. U.S bonds will be dumped sending interest rates into the stratosphere. Mainstream media will now blare the Great Depression 2.0 and the collapse is here.
  • Thursday U.S. government will begin to collapse and pressure on the current Admin to resign. Stock market will drop even more for a total of 85-96% since the crash on Monday. Grocery stores will now be empty as supply chains completely break down. Rumours of a coup against the U.S. government will begin to pick up on social media and gain public approval. Massive protests against the government, wall street, and the banks will erupt. Police will be deployed and attempt to brutally suppress the protests but they will be unsuccessful.
  • FridayVoter fraud data is going to be dumped on the internet and this will add fuel to the fire. Reveals stolen elections going back 40 years. Government figures will go into hiding. Meme stock and silver/commodities shorts issue reaches international media and heads of state will demand answers from the U.S. because they too are exposed through weird financial instruments. BRICS will pick up steam to replace the dollar then and now. Dollar is declared non-grata in many countries in the world with legislation fast tracked to convert dollar denominated debt to other fiat to prevent a total credit freeze.

Mon. 26 Sept. John F Kennedy Jr, 19th Vice President

  • Several countries were going back to lock down for the Omicron variant, which is the Military code for the cleanup operation for the CCP Pedophiles & Traitors. As the remaining countries lockdown and reports of COVID- 19 diagnosis continue, the news unlocks the map of events.
  • We’ve entered the closing Act initiating the EBS, Military Tribunals and Full Disclosure Of The Galactic Alliance.
  • Sending out the 5:5 MIL OPS was a confirmation SIG in our primary objective – rescuing our children from tunnels & DUMBS.
  • Prepare to archive and be offline. SHUTDOWN.

The Real News Headlines for Mon. 26 Sept. 2022:

Mon. 26 Sept. Great Awakening World Q + Trump:

  • We are witnessing the War and Transition from New World Order (Great Reset) to New Global Alliance (GESARA NESARA).
  • Russia just granted Edward Snowden full Russian citizenship. This will trigger massive FLOOD DECLASS.
  • Biden Admins plus other Governments, CDC, WHO, Globalists will be implicated in money laundering, frauds and other crimes against humanity.
  • Italy just elected yesterday first woman right wing to end Globalists.
  • Today Canada Trudeau just removed ALL 100% of COVID mandates.
  • This is the Transition to Greatness. The biggest transfer of Wealth and Power from the Globalists Deep-State to The People with the help of the MIlitary, QArmy, Whitehats and QAnons worldwide.

Q White Hat Agenda:

  • The 60-year Q Plan To Save The World was launched Christmas Eve, 1963.
  • 2015 was when information about White Hats and The Plan became to come out.
  • “Space Force will completely shut down the internet, pull out all the Deep State demon spyware & dark web & officially turn on Quantum worldwide.” …Juan O Savin
  • Owners of the Mainstream Media were under the Israeli Flag. The Chinese Communist Party and Mainstream Media would be the last to fall. …Charlie Ward

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • The Rockefellers were working to further disrupt and eventually rob humanity of all control over the food supply. Obviously, this is all due to the fact that Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in the country, as well as Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reboot” program: “You will own nothing and be happy. There is a much larger agenda behind the current food shortage across the globe, and anyone who has been paying attention can see where this is going. We must do all we can to grow our own food and help each other.”

Obama’s Treason: SGAnon discusses recent comms from <45> referring to the treason, and nuclear terrorism committed by Obama, and how it ties into Election Fraud of 2020, the coming war in Europe and conflict in the Middle East.

Mon. 26 Sept. China Coup, Ben Fulford:

  • There are signs in multiple countries that some sort of world revolution is underway. These include a power struggle in China, riots in Iran, military mobilization by Russia, a declaration of war by Texas, royal unrest in the UK and much more. What all this points to is some sort of historical worldwide black swan event, possibly in October.
  • The internet was all abuzz with rumors about a CCP Double Coup triggered by the Jennifer Zeng report:
  • We checked Zeng out, and it turns out she is a member of the Falun Gong cult run out of the US State Department by Khazarian Mafia honcho Elliott Abrams. Nonetheless, the report appeared to be highly credible. It shows a video of an 80-kilometer military convoy moving to surround the capital of Beijing.
  • There was a major meeting of Chinese military commanders that did not include Xi Jinping, the nominal head of the Chinese military. The two military-linked politburo members at the meeting very unusually did not mention Xi in their speeches. Furthermore, a top Northern general, who was supposed to have been fired by Xi, was sitting in a front row seat at the meeting. Also, Xi apparently quickly abandoned the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit meeting in Uzbekistan and hurried back to China but has not been seen in public since.
  • There was a real power rift in China between the military/intelligence group around Jiang Zemin and the group around Xi Jinping. There can be no doubt a major power struggle is taking place between the two groups.

Jim Willie:

  • The Starlink communication satellites (ready for EBSystem) are in place, in White Alliance control. In the last few weeks, a wild satellite warfare has become evident.
  • Wells Fargo has not been delivering home property titles after final payoff of home mortgages. They advise the homeowners to seek legal counsel, and to contact the WF Bank legal office. They are clearly in bankruptcy, as their assets are in receivership of some kind, like a trustee.
  • Home foreclosures could reach many millions soon in this crash crisis cycle, far greater than the volume seen in the 2008 Lehman event. The hidden cabal objective is to eliminate private property ownership in the United States and to model after the British Royal ownership system.
  • Symbols like at the recent Trump rallies are starkly clear, with a flag that bears no stars, only blank squares. The meaning might be for a New Republic.
  • Walmart and Target have canceled $billion orders. Speculation abounds, like whether they foresee much lower consumer demand, like whether they are forcing a supply shortage, or worse and something far different. Perhaps their assets have been seized following deep corruption at their top levels.
  • John Kennedy Jr and Princess Diana are not dead. They have each been posting messages on social media. They were each protected by white hat elite authorities, to avoid their killings by the cabal elite. Such news items will be coming out very soon.
  • Trump is planning to challenge the Patriot Act before the Supreme Court. This is what was behind the FBI raid at his Florida complex. The corrupt cabal FBI Gestapo agents were seeking evidence to confiscate or to become aware of. The Intelligence Branch has become the top ruling fascist body of the United States, whose existence depends upon the Patriot Act. Expect a challenge and possibly resulting in it rescinded. It can be stated unequivocally that Due Process is long gone in the United States.
  • Stock market decline, US Govt debt default, US Dollar global rejection, these are each in progress, each indisputable. These signals cannot be ignored.
  • Property values are on the decline. Much great property value declines should be expected in an imminent sector crisis. The mortgage bonds have been no-bid for two months running.
  • Electricity price hikes will soon awaken even the dullest and sleepiest citizens in the population. The impact on the electric car sector has been enormous. Charge fillups cost several $100. Battery replacements cost between $20k and $30k, like after 60 to 80 thousand miles. Expect hydrogen powered cars to arrive very soon.
  • More illegal immigrant inflow is currently measured than white new babies born in the United States. The Obama Admin began the influx of largely illiterate unemployable immigrants 15 years ago. They are often from Arab nations, from African nations, and from Latin American nations. In the last two years, the cost of their welfare (food, medical, housing) has been estimated at $50 billion. A vast transition is taking place to reduce the white population.


  • Major bankers who did not comply with the US Dollar transition, the new Gold Standard, and new transfer facilities have been arrested with their assets seized. Reports that many top big CEOs and VPs are being arrested.
  • The Davos World Economic Forum is being badly exposed in Netherlands and in Canada. Their Leaders of Tomorrow coincide with the most harsh health rule policy and vaccine mandate policy among nations. Credit goes to the Netherlands for their frontline  objection and resistance to genocide and land confiscation.
  • Leadership in several nations is being exposed under bribery by the Chinese Communist Party, the Narcotics agencies (aka Langley CIA), and the United Nations.
  • Media control, like Langley Operation Mockingbird, social media, search engines is gradually being exposed.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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