Australian Twister, Spirals, Cubes, and Spheres


Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 26, 2022

Australian Twister, Spirals, Cubes and Spheres

Kookaburra Song

The Kookaburra is an Australian bird that lives and “sits in the old gum tree” – the eucalyptus.

Songwriter: Professor Marion Sinclair, 1932

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
Merry, merry king of the bush is he,
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
Gay your life must be.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
Eating all the gumdrops he can see,
Stop Kookaburra, stop Kookaburra,
Leave some there for me.


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Counting all the monkeys he can see
Stop, Kookaburra! Stop, Kookaburra!
That’s not a monkey, that’s me


Twister: spirals, spheres and cubes

In the 1995 movie ‘Apollo 13’ NASA assists the astronauts in fitting a square carbon dioxide filter from the main spaceship into the circular receptacle of the Lunar Module, quote: “We gotta find a way to put a square peg in a round hole.”


On the small island of Isla del Caño and the Diquís Delta in Costa Rica there are over 300 mysterious stone petrospheres often referred to as the Diquís Spheres. They have been attributed to the now extinct Diquís culture.



Live, learn, become aware. As per Journals 31 and 32 found at Home >> Four Winds 10 – as discussed in my last article, Parasailing Space, Matter, and UFO Presidents | Operation Disclosure Official, the main shapes in Creation are the spirals and cones of electricity, the spheres of matter and life, and the cubes of space and death.

In the 1996 movie ‘Twister’ starring Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton (The Extreme), Cary Elwes and Jack Black, storm-chasers finalizing their divorce try to place equipment inside a tornado on the Oklahoma plains. (The movie setting could have been in Australia, which also experiences lots of tornadoes.)

Quotes: Jack Black as Jesse, “I’ve seen The Extreme in high gear.” The Fujita scale goes from 1 to 5 such that tornadoes are categorized as F1 to F5. “Is there an F5? What would that be like?” Answer: “The Finger of God.” Tornadoes are spiral and conic shapes. In the second scene The Extreme returns to his storm-chaser crew and is shown his idea in the physical – an instrument pack named ‘Dorothy’ for studying tornadoes; to take scientific measurements from inside the funnel. “We put her up inside the tornado and release 100’s of sensors that measure all parts of the tornado simultaneously. The sensors go up the funnel and radio back info about the internal structure, wind velocities, flow, asymmetries to get a profile of the tornado. We can design a better warning system – down to 15 minutes. You have to get in front of the tornado and have it pick up the sensors.” Dorothy’s sensors are all light metal spheres. 

The kiss-ass Cary Elwes character has big corporate sponsors but he doesn’t have the intuition, the storm-sense of The Extreme. He stole the Dorothy idea, named it ‘D.O.T. 3’ but the sensors are light metal cubes.

The Extreme survives after he succeeds in placing the spheres inside an F5 and Dorothy records massive amounts of digital data. The corporate clown dies in a tornado with his cubes.

Only after reading J31 and J32 did I see the symbolism, the parallels.


The deep Twister love story reflects many human experiences. From Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s: “I got a funny feeling when she walked into the room. Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me.” And here’s a quality quote from the movie ‘Tolkien’: “To love someone, who, for whatever reason cannot return your feelings is painful. But if you listen to the poets, perhaps there’s a kind of beauty to that love. It burns – bright. And it’s never tainted by reality or by overuse. It’s as clear and fierce today as it was the very first day it began, and there’s a beauty to that.”


When I visited Las Vegas my favorite game was Roulette – the little sphere spirals down in a spinning ‘conic’ wheel; others tossed the dice cubes around for craps.



Nature Outside of the Box: Weird cube-shaped cloud over UK

Phantoms and Monsters – Real Cryptid Encounter Reports – Fortean Researcher Lon Strickler

What Do You See? – Galactic Update ( = link to photos of sculpted cloud formations


The Hatonn Phoenix Journals state that there is only the Stillness of God and all else is a simulation, an illusion of Light and motion of the One Idea from God. God is the zero-point centering all things from where ‘He’ controls the holographic electric Universe that we sense without.

Quote from comedian George Carlin: “In times of stress I still go back and say the Hail Mary; but I know I’m using this as more of a mantra than as an appeal to some person. I think that sense of Superior Being that we look to when we look to that, is us. We’re calling on a higher potential in ourselves when we say ‘Please help me God’. We’re saying: Please God, help me find in me what it is like You that’ll make me do this the way I’d love it.”


I got a new boomerang the other day; one problem though. I can’t throw my old one away.



Ancient Aliens; original air date Sep 16, 2022. Giorgio looks back at the glyphs that he believes tell a worldwide story of alien visitation.

Within the 700 square mile area of the Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA there are 1,000’s of petroglyphs and many depict visitations by star beings – the Zuni Elder Clifford Mahooty suggests the glyphs are a record of the spiritual connection to the Star Beings who rule the Universe. He also says the star beings visited all of the mesas.

Similar petroglyphs can be found in Brisbane Water National Park, New South Wales, Australia, in the Bulgandry preservation site, a sacred Indigenous location. There, in rock, is the image of who the Indigenous call their Godfather, Creator Being, named Baiame (Bay-am-eee), who came from the Morning Star within the Mirrabooka. Mirra means stars and booka means river so the star-river, also known as the Milky Way. Baiame holds the Moon in one hand and the Morning Star in the other and beside Him is a canoe for sailing the Mirrabooka. All around the world are similar depictions of a canoe within Creator God glyphs, as in Egypt. The canoe lands on mountain tops and leaves with a fire trail like a rocket ship. The Australian carvings are believed to be 8 to 10 thousand years old.

The Gosford Glyphs are another series of rock carvings in the same park. Cut into two eight foot tall walls are more than 300 Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is reportedly the burial site of the Egyptian royal ‘Lord Nefer-Ti-Ru’ dated to 2637 – 2614 BCE. They match proto-Egyptian language. There is the UFO glyph: a saucer shaped craft with rays shooting out of the bottom. They show a spiritual connection to the sky world.

There are similar glyphs found worldwide which depict birds that look like airplanes, serpents with wings and turtles descending from the sky, for example the 3 turtles and canoe with a bird-like head found at Kamuihei on Nuku Hiva, one of the Marquesas Islands in the south Pacific. The turtles are said to be messengers sent from the gods.

Another Ancient Aliens episode tells that the Australian Aboriginals believe that their first ancestors were created by Star Beings from the Pleiades 70,000 years ago, in the Dreamworld.


Earth has hit the Point of No Return (Chess anyone?)

The 1993 conspiracy thriller action movie ‘Point of No Return’ is based on the French movie ‘La Femme Nikita’ and stars Gabriel Byrne and Bridget Fonda.  Convicted murderer Fonda hits her Point of No Return when the government fakes her death and turns her into an assassin trained in martial arts and etiquette (another reason to eliminate fake corporate governments). Harvey Keitel is a cleaner sent in to scrub personnel and evidence. Fonda’s signature line is “I never did mind about the little things.” The film ends with an act of mercy.

A wider meaning of the phrase ‘Point of No Return’ is described nicely at Para’s site:


Search Results for “point of no return” – Sòlance Voyage Gallery (

How do you ask an Aussie waiter for the bill? Checkmate!

For Our Aussie Lady: finger eleven – Paralyzer (Official Video) – YouTube


Phoenix Journal 35 quotes Confucius: “The moral man conforms himself to his life circumstances; he does not desire anything outside of his position. Finding himself in a position of wealth and honor, he lives as becomes one, living in wealth and honor. Finding himself in circumstances of danger and difficulty, he acts according to what is required of a man under such circumstances. In a word, the moral man can find himself in no situation in life in which he is not master of himself. In a high position, he does not domineer over his subordinates. In a subordinate position, he does not court the favor of his superiors. He puts in order his own personal conduct and seeks nothing from others; hence he has no complaint to make. He complains not against God nor rails against man. Thus it is that the moral man lives out the even tenor of his life calmly waiting for the appointment of God, whereas the vulgar person takes to dangerous courses, expecting the uncertain chances of luck.”


Aboriginal music & dance | Northern Territory, Australia

The bilma, or clapping sticks, are a part of the oldest songs of the Aboriginal people, often used as the rhythm for chants and melodies. Clapping sticks shows are frequent around Alice Springs and Darwin, and you can catch plenty of them at one of our annual festivals.

Australian aboriginals playing clap sticks and the didgeridoo.



The Wonder of Australia

In Australia the Indigenous story began

MU-man, HU-man, the first man

Rhymes on reality’s page

Simulating the wisdom of age

The Ancients’ children smile and grin

Enjoying the enchantment they exist in

Walking with a dignified Aussie stride

On a wild dandified joyride

Boomeranging down under the Southern Cross


The Uluru sandstone millennially glossed

Wattle, wattle, wattle

Coddle, coddle, coddle

Clap sticks are beating, Lady Blogger

The sky is heating, dingo dogger


Driving along Highway One

Kangaroo Island under the Sun

Ayers Rock emanates magic to all

The Motherland still stands tall


Her history’s a-humming

Banjos are a-strumming

Top the Blue Mountains, reach

Swim and boat at Bondi Beach

The Coral Reef’s a growing wall

Listen to the Bottlenose Dolphin call

Seals and sea lions dance the ‘Magnetic Spin’

Fairy Penguins waddle right in

The Outback winds are moving with the tide

Aussie friendship 25 hundred miles wide


Today there’s lots of bird interplay

A Kookaburra down Old Gum Tree Way

All kooked out, free and full of glee

A Koala sits clapping on a kangaroo’s knee

An Australian King Parrot perches on a teapot

Unknots a fraught thought with a spot of tea

The Kookaburra sits laughing at me

A Rainbow Lorikeet grates green grass seed

A Gouldian Finch flies at slouch hat speed

The possums brush tails with bliss

Some Sheila just blew me a kiss

Aussie lovin’, make a wise wieldy wish

A wallaby wallows with a delectable dish

A bird of paradise, a cockatoo and an emu

Are jumping up and down with the kangaroo

A wombat waltzes on the Welcome mat

The birds join hands and whistle-chat

Merrymaking Australia sings along too

All hear the blowing of the didgeridoo


Holding pure crystals of white sand in her hand

Our Aussie Lady librates like laser lights in a grandstand

She sees her gentleman’s soul shining oh so bright

Hears Sydney Harbour sounding in the night

Smells and senses what the ocean breeze brings

As the Sacred Old Ones watch from the trees

Their pleasing energy bringing ringing ears ease

Hold her closer Aussie Dancer: Can you hear the Heavenly band?

On her sacred pilgrimage to find her true self in the Dreamland


Like the Murray River

And the Cannington Mine silver

The ancient intuition each Aussie has

Is a flowing, glittering glass of fine Shiraz

Breathing in the mandolin moonlight,

The Aussie Lady glows a golden-pink light

She sings her song under a kurrajong

Her echoes carry the Universe along

Present in past memorabilia

The wonder of Australia


Two Other Items

Spiral the World Up Urgent meditation for peace between Russia and NATO every 4 hours ( Within this link there are instructions for a one-time special mass meditation at 1:17 pm EDT (New York, Toronto) on Wed., Sept. 28, 2022, for peace between Russia and NATO – includes a conversion table for other time zones.

Why? To help dissolve the tension as the situation between Russia and NATO is escalating. Russia has declared partial mobilization. A referendum in eastern parts of Ukraine for those regions to join Russia will be held between September 23rd to 27th. This sets the stage for a possible military escalation in Ukraine and nearby regions. On September 11th, Russia launched a massive barrage of cruise missiles against Ukraine. For the first time, they are hitting electric generating stations.  Blackouts are reported in many areas of Ukraine. Train service has come to a halt across the whole of Ukraine as power goes out amid hits on critical infrastructure. Some areas have lost water supply and internet connection throughout the country has been affected. There are also reports that Russia is preparing to come into direct conflict with US and NATO. Moreover, Russia threatened NATO that much more grain needs to be exported from the Ukrainian ports to Africa.


In Barbara Marciniak’s ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ the Pleiadians teach the Creator’s words: ‘Free-will is paramount’. With fewer and fewer slips over time, I obey the 18 Laws of The Creation as listed in this article: (Reader: Urban Alpha) Obedience of God’s Laws Must Precede the “Global Currency Reset” | Operation Disclosure Official

You read postings of your own free-will, so therefore submitting them and presenting them are in accordance with the 11th Law of The Creation: You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another. Also known as “The Law of Non-interference”. Teaching in parables is also in compliance with this law.


Magnetic Love and Light to the Kookaburra and the God Fractal You from the God Fractal Me.


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