(Reader: Jason Adams) History is Repeating itself, Please Spread


Reader Post | By Jason Adams

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am not sure wear to really begin with this, but I have been to several city council, and police/sherrif’s stations, and the facts come closer to the light, and more history begins to cease from our almanacs and books. There is a man known as Bill Gates, who has recently published a book about “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic,” to say the least this plan is a monstrous attack on the “public” citizens. The federal government has devised a plan on this book, it is a bench book for the Judges, the Bar, and all clerk/court room officials, “Pandemic Prevention Plan.” I live in Ohio, the Ohio supreme court is preparing the order of The Public Health Authority, and it’s Quarantine Guard, which will have Ultimate authority, Police Powers, Patriae powers. The document for Ohios is 127 pages, and each Page more vicious than the last. It has got myself to the point of divulging one thousand percent of my devotion, the point of trying to break the Latin codes left for us to find, when these vicious usurperious attacks on the people. The false sense of comfort and the flagrant lies of, extension of British parliament, that has not fully been exposed since the late 1700s, that made an extraordinarily brave, patriotic, men layed their lives and fortunes apon Declaring Their Independence from. We have been warned apon this by those very same men, I have been doing my best at trying to catch all the details on the history accounts, but I am only one man. When I tell people, they me “one man can’t make a change,” I respond One Honest man is worth more than one thousand tyrants.” I believe now, just as those men did then, the soul of our American dream is on the line from a vicious tryant, Who speaks a twisted Tounge of Deceit in order to Devide and Conqure. A nation that is devide from within will crumble to dust, they push the boundaries to far to reality, then justify with more lies, over the false principle of wealth is power, That is the monarch of Olds way, keep all the ancient knowledge frome the people and rule with force, the power of love, faith, and Freedom will make even the coward come to face either his rise, or fall, but will do it as a Free man. There is but once or maybe twice a man will have the fog clear from his path, to reveal the path leading to his sancuary of truth, in a world laid in a web of the tyrannical spiders lies(royal secrets). This exposer I bring with every once of passion, to protect the future of every man woman and child, I’ll quote John Adams, the second president of the United states who truly believed we are all created equal, “The true source of our sufferings has been our Tmidity. We have been afraid to Think and to the Extent in which we have the Indisputable right to Demand them, Against all the power and Authiorty on Earth. And those who have not Scruppled to examine for themselves, have yet for certain prudent. In a word let every sluice of knowledge be Opened and Set a Flowing The Encroachments of Liberty in the reigns of The First James, and the First Charles, by turning the attention of Every Man to the political knowledge of those reigns, and our Devine right, that we be led nor Blind Folded to irrevectable(irreversable) Destruction. Nothing less than this seems to be a Direct and Formal Design afoot, to enslave all America, this however must be done in Degrees; The first is to create a whole subversion of the system our Forefathers the cannon/feudal laws, (common/federal) though greatly mutilated in England, Who’s alters were all but destroyed, and yet the domineering spirit them still remain, The Design and the LABOR of a Certain SOCIÉTÉ the Form of them has been well exposed to the public by the Writers (actors, Politicians, The Royal Family’s in America) But it Seams to manifest its self by The Stamp Act Itself, to Strip us a Great Deal of knowledge, by Loading the press, colleges, and even the almanacs, and the news papers with restraints, to  introduce Inequalities in America and Dependincies, by taking the poorer sort of people of all there substances, and Confering it on a set of Stamp officers, Distributors and their Deputies.” 

It is no mere coincidence that this sounds so closely related on what is going on today. This has happened time and time again. This is the way the Royal family stays at the head, This is their secret by controlling the history, is to control the future; If you know not where you have been, you’ll not know where to go, there is nothing that will be that has not been done and there is nothing to be done that has not already been. The laws of metaphysics simply put “there cannot be one without the other; with life there must be death, with peace there must be war, with love there must be hate, with desire there must envy, and where there is health there must be sickness.

When their is a beginning their must be a end, and there can be no end Without an Agent to that End. Another aspect to take not of is that no life truly matters it is what we leave behind, not so much wealth but our knowledge, there is so much taken and stashed in vaults away from the publics eyes, hidden temples, troves of antiqueties, vast amounts of sacred texts. 

My Name is Jason Adams, I live in Hamilton Ohio. It is a long distance of John Adams family Tree, or so the story goes, I have not done the genealogy ancestry website to check, the stories goes our family history was ripped away in 1959, a long line of decendents right next to the Smith’s, Park’s, Lindsey’s, And Seeley’s. I am not doing this for money I am simply doing this because this is my duty to My Country, I pledged my allegiance to the American flag every single day growing up, and when liberty is a jeopardy it is a Sin to Sit in Silence, When you should Stand And Speak in Unity, and Demand, with the Firm Voice of a Baratone, that the Natural laws of equality stand firm, as a foundation of a Mountain Granite.

We are all born with nothing, and we will take Nothing with us but the knowledge we should record for the children of the coming generations. We do everything to try to prevent the the certain death, but to try to force apon people of a novel ideal of treating a sickness by suppressing your natural defense to a virus the strongest cure for any thing is to get it, and let your body fight it off. The problem there lies in no money to be stolen, “Res Ipsa Loquitur,” it is Time for the people to know what is realy coming from the lies in the Head of State, I do not want a Fight, I seek harmony of body and soul, We lead by example. When they lead by lying, cheating, killing, and steeling. What type of people do you Think will come from said example.

The enemy of everyman is his own imagination, by this like I tell my children “we do not lie, and why is this? When we lie or try to tell a story, our memory’s grow foggier as we age and the story we told yesterday will not match today’s.” And I tell my wife this next part, deleting a text or blacking out sentences,” The absolute worse think some one can do is plan a lie then hide the plans, because they leave it up to the persons imaginationTo figure it out. A person’s imagination can conjure up the wildest fantasies, but if you want to know the plan just do your due dillagence to study history, if a plan has worked before it will be done again.” 

Men lack originality, and yet suitable to the test of time the founding fathers of this nation patriotism since of justice the 56 who, signed the declaration and bill of rights. Of only 8 who signed the British parliament in 1804 with Thomas Jefferson and Henry Lee, stating we are all nationalist we are all ffederalist, the law has for far to long been changed to suit the requirements of the chairs of theiving scoundrels, who’s False patriotism has led men of incredible honor, to sacrifice everything to fight for a lie, a False Flag Doctrine. A government to attack its home land to cause a war for Natural Resources, And Tax Money. 

Where is the justice for the hundreds of thousands or millions, our own American Country Has inflected over the British parliament. Quick to be the pot calling the kettle black, the new laws being passed are nothing more than an American democratic “elite Corp.” Board holding, cowards of the Old East India Trading Co., “this is a speculation of mine.” What ever happened to the American Creed?

William Tyler Page wrote these words in 1917; ‘I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; Whose Just powers are derived from the consent of the Goverened; A democracy ina a Republic; A Sovereign Nation of Many Sovereign States; A Perfect Union, one and inseperable; Established upon those Principles of Freedom, equality, Justice, and Humanity for which American Patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes for.” 

I would like to add to this by saying “when the eyes of Justice become sheathed by the scoundrels cloth of glitz and glamor, The law a weapon of the wealthy to assult the little of the poor. When greed sharpens her talons to grab Libertys Throat and vex the promise of freedom, When the heads of state Sell a land, not belonging to them, stolen from a genocide of the native man, who’s morals was to protect mother earth, by portraying then as a savage unlearned man. When lies are obvious at fault of a failing nation shackled in a never ending debt of a foreign land, we now are no less a slave to America than ever, trained as a hamster to run the wheel for a lie sold as success, when the boards are the silent heads of state forcing further and further debt. 

When a man relies wholly on the state, to supply the food, the wealth, the knowledge, and all creative thinking come from an artifical invention  of man, who’s corrupt to the core, as a luscious delicacy spoiled by waste and ruin. The invention will only help by the convection of heart. Too much reliance on artificial invention will destroy even the purest mind, that of a child whose curiosity sparked by the glits and glamor, the lights and attractions to the Ahorstosio Ş£Í×Vw(worthless show). 

When Life, Liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness, becomes the means of wealth, let no man go unnoticed of the Inequalities really be shown by not of Race nor Religion, but Rich and Poor. When the ball and chain clutches the ankles from the injustice of the Governments pursuing those they Ignorant, and beguiled into dismal, from the malignancy of the novel speeches of the leaders who’s, profound actions are in excusable degradation of character. There is not one man or woman better than another, everyone has flaws, an ivory scholarly education Is a Practice At best, I am what society would proclame as Uneducated, If there is a will to obtain information on specific topic there is a way to find it, and it is not finding the first sight you reach, dig and comb through the oldest books first, to find the conclusions and regards leading to the present time. 

“When all is at stake it is up to We The People, to Stand against all the Forces at work, To assert, the Devine right Given to us, that Justice be Blind no longer, that no corporation, ageny, charter, or any party to think them selves above it. That it becomes the Duty to the People To Protect the Flag, To Protect the Children, To Secure and not Destroy the Beeton, Battle Scared, Often Biasesed and Often Racist Past, so We Can Learn From And Prosper Our Future for Years to come. We must work together and Embrace our different views beliefs, This is the American Way, To put Truth back and No scioetys to vest lies and secrets ito controll for Power. No matter the cost it is what America symbolizes for all, a land Free, a Majestic belief of Migration to create hope, we have some where lost our way to this.”

Let no force tell us we must submit to a tyrant of laws that only work for money. What happened to the days where we would cross hell and high water to give a helping hand to the person that has fallen and needed the boost to lift back up. The lies secrecy and money hoards have gave us these principles with envy jealousy and greed. The men who fought countless wars caused by a disgraceful royalty ideal their blood bleeds red, they die alone, and theft and treason on millions of people. 

We are at a turning of an age, but the fate of America is at stake to say the least. The United States of America can come back from the 30 trillion dollar debt, in the face of division and false inequality, Can we stand together and embrace the differences to rid the corporations greed endowed wastful tyrannical rule, or we continue to spiral out of control over a false sense of debt and comfort and collapse. The soul Liberty peace and true justice for all.  

The future is in our hands now, this is not the foreseeing future This is now, we can do this if we love and not hate, our charity and time is of more value than any amount of money, gold, or silver.

What is the legacy you wish to leave behind, that of a swine baithing in a robe, or a man of courage to stand and speak for unity Not war, but if war is what it brings this will be in our own back yards from forming agents smuggled into the land for Tha Stafford Act, The Insurection act, The PCA Act, &c?       

This comes from a man who’s heart is raging in a blazing Passion, for the sake of the children growing lied to in a senseless war in the making since the birth of the Last Republic the world will know if it falls. Together with love and faith we can move mountains, we can topple the grandest monarchs but, in a true republic there can be know secrecy, and the schooling of all children should be the most important job in America, Even more important than a military that has been surpassed by others at a fraction of the cost.

Yours truly and I have been trying to get this message to every American, I’m not doing this for money or fame, I even asked for a lay off to give this 100 percent of my effort, any thing less then I am failing as a Father, a Brother, a Husband, a Son, a Neighbor, or a Freind


P.S. I have loads more information on this feel free to call or email if any questions concerns please help me get this out to every one

+1513-416-9586. Mradams429@gmail.com


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