(Reader: timjoebob) Response to Empyyrean “Chinese Astronauts Take Photo of the Flat Earth”


Reader Post | By timjoebob

It doesn’t matter if a person believes Planet Psycho is flat or round. Pictures shown in your post proves nothing. You’d be surprised what Photo Shop can do. 

Both sides of this stupid debate can do amazing things with pictures. I’m not buying it. And you can quote things till you’re blue in the face but unless you back up the article with actual scientific real-time data backed by mathematical terms and equations to offer proof, you’ll not be taken seriously by any honest scientist or mathematician. 

I’ve looked into this debate for at least 10 solid years, looking at and reading all of the so-called evidence that is suppose to support flat earth. From my personal observations and research and talking to pilots, sailors, world explorers, and scientists, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, I’m not swayed to the flat earth model. 

I have found that debates between flat earthers and globe trotters are usually a one-sided argument. Flat earthers use insults and derogatory statements when asked to prove their theories using math and their flat earth model while using flight logs from actual, real airline flights from point to point. The distances don’t equate with travel times, given airspeed, east or west, north or south. I’ve seen perfectly level lasers across large bodies of water show different measurements at a distance when there should be none. I have found outright lies in some of their claims. I did not see or find the majority of globe trotters to be insulting or berating flat earthers. Globe trotters usually are just polite and offer scientific facts and math to back up the globe model. The flat earth model simply does not work the way they say it does. Maybe they need a new model to prove their theory. 

I, myself, am a retired General Aviation pilot, not an airline pilot. But I can tell you first hand that when I flew straight without deviation tracking straight over the surface, I’m not slowly turning left or right. That is absurd. Funny how sailors have used the globe model for hundreds of years and using star charts to guide them across vast distances of water. I’ve personally talked with sailors who have circumnavigated the planet and have told me that the flat earth model will get you in big trouble if you try it out on sailing to distant lands. Good luck with that. 

Why are flat earthers so belligerent towards globe trotters? They seem to think they have some sort of moral high ground. Globe trotters have offered open debates in public and flat earthers offer insults and dismiss globe trotters as brainwashed idiots for offering math and science to back up a globe model. I’ve never once seen actual scientific or mathematical empirical evidence to back up flat earth. Not one. 

Maybe it’s time for a real, honest, open debate from 3rd party scientists and mathematicians who have no skin in the game and could care less if it’s flat or round. Flat earthers pull their specialists together, globe trotters pull their scientists together and Duke it out in a debate for all the world to see.

I really don’t give a damn. It really makes no difference to me. But my observations tell me the flat earth model doesn’t hold water. Prove me wrong and prove to the world. I have no skin in the game, but I’ll stick with what I believe to be more logical, given all of the evidence compiled over centuries and the forces of gravity that go with it which can be verified. Globe models work simply, which I believe God does things simply and directly without confusion. The four seasons is a real stickler for a flat earther. And gravity is something they explain by acceleration and spiraling ever faster and faster. That’s what I remember about just one aspect. 

I don’t believe this planet is flat. Round makes more sense and can be backed up with math and simple observations. Yes, the moon landing was faked. Why do you think they did it? They want you to think there’s no outer space and so they fake the whole thing so you won’t think outside the box. They don’t want you to expand your thinking. So, see it’s all fake and we’ve all been lied to about space and the stars and blah blah blah. Keep everyone stupid about the universe. Perfect. We’re the only ones in the entire universe and multiverses. Yeah, right. God thinks so small. 

God doesn’t think in limitations and is so far advanced and incomprehensible that flat earthers would crucify anyone who goes against their narrative. They simply can’t give a rational answer to how gravity really works. It’s speculation without scientific evidence or math. I’ve seen their model of how gravity works. Wow. I totally disagree with their explanation. 

I’ve found flat earthers are easily insulted when confronted with simple facts and truths. It makes me pull back when someone won’t discuss or talk about this subject without getting cocky. Flat earthers are one-sided and closed minded because they can’t debate this subject without getting all bent out of shape. 

That’s a red flag for me right from the start.

Yes, NASA lies all the time. But the shape of the planet is not one of them. See how confounding this subject can be?

Try to tell the guy from Monkeyworx that the planet is flat and he will laugh at you. He’s been up to over 60,000 ft and he says unmistakably that the planet curves. I’ve spoken with military pilots who’ve been up there high enough to see a curve. Why would they lie about it? They have no reason to lie about something so trivial. 

Maybe empyrean should watch Professor Dave on YouTube debunking flat earthers with anything they can throw at him. He’s an arrogant guy that backs up his shit, something they can’t do. I don’t really care for the guy because he’s really kind of a smart ass sometimes, but he knows his stuff. I could go on and on with all of the things to debate on this subject, but that’s too much to endure for me. But, to be sure, not one article or video or scientific explanation has lured me to the flat earth side. They’re going to have to really pull out the stops to prove it to me. They have not.

I’m out.



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