(Reader: Empyyrean) More Weird Occurrences Happening in this Location, and ZPE IED Update


Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

Since the attacks on me during Sept2 and morning of Sept 3, there has been weird occurrences happening around here.

So far every night since then at around 11:30pm the strange stuff happens again.

Last night was in shop working on stabilization circuit and doing some repairs on the Principal 3 ZPE Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED), apparently during the battle that happened on Sept 2-morning of Sept 3 seen here it got partly damaged, its back to being fully operational although.


or seen here

Last night at around 11:30pm the resin cans I have on a top shelf in the shop started to make a popping sound almost like they were starting to boil or someone was squeezing them and letting go and the can bounces back, then knocks were heard directly behind me on the inner wall as well as the tarp that covers the shop started to riffle when there was no wind.

Something was obviously trying to get my attention and it did.

then after stopping what was being worked on, there was this tingling sensation, very strong the kind you get when something is building up or about to happen.

Felt strongly then “well its time to shutdown and get into house” so I did, put the IED on a setting that doesn’t do crazy stuff and was on my way into house when weird noises started happening.

Tonight will be a little different because there is a plan and will attempt to get it on video or at least some pictures.

The negative forces are in for a stiff ass kicking if they try anything tonight or in the future, whether they be seen or unseen.

Also an update on the Principal 3 ZPE Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED).

After making a couple adjustments, have been able to increase its output from what was seen here:



With Input = 1.23V, 90 ma, .113 watt

Output (max pulse) = 343 VDC, 6.17 amp, 332 VAC = 2116.31 Watt = 2.11631 KW

approx %21000 increase in energy out.


Input is 1.27VDC, 90ma, .114 watt

It’s now at (max pulse) 1214 VDC 12.36 amp and 750 VAC = 15,005.14 watts = 15KW

a mind bending approx %150,000 increase in energy out from going in.

Could mass produce these things at an affordable $250 per unit and with bulk orders of supplies, it could probably drop to under $100 per unit.

I am NOT a capitalist, I am a volumeist so prices go down with increased demand instead of up.

no wonder the negative minions are attacking so erratically and desperately, they should figure it out though their attempts are in Vain because the more they push me the faster I go.

It also the reason why they are doing what ever they can to stop me from getting ahead financially, because those with Looking Glass tech and TT ability already know what happens if finances come my way.

Illuminate the Way Independent Energy Infrastructure Upgrade -(IEIU)

seriously with only 1 million – 1 Billion $ I could end at least 11 out of the 15 world problems almost seemingly overnight, now imagine with a ZIM redemption, which is why they attacked that specific day & night.

If you don’t have a humanitarian project for your redemption please feel free to put it towards Illuminate the Way Independent Energy Infrastructure Upgrade – (IEIU)

Now please be aware IEIU doesn’t necessarily need the contribution since the way its designed, but it will speed the process along greatly for sure.

One of the few true humanitarian programs that made the cut with flying colors.

many blessings

Will serving Creation



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