(Reader: Urban Alpha) The Awakening of your Great God Spirit Within


Reader Post | By Urban Alpha



These are the Words I have given you in Journal 7, as to my identity.   Let there be no mistake of whom I am or from whence I come.  I come in Love and Light to all you souled ones in your “fleshy envelope”, as Ashtar has so aptly written. I too, have experienced that same in many, lifestreams upon your orb, so I understand exactly how you, who have awakened feel at this time.

I, too, came on Mother Earth to learn my lessons such as you.  The one lifestream you remember about me was when I was called Esu Immanuel and later misnamed “Jesus, which is an evil twist given me by Saul my greatest enemy. 

I did learn my lessons and although it is written in your Bible, I did not rise in the sky like God Almighty when I left Earth.  I was taken aboard The Star of Bethlehem, the great starship of my father, Arch Angel Gabriel.  Those of you who laugh about this departure have been taught lies because those, who comprised my writings into your most holy Bible, left off words, changed the meanings of what I said, and left off great portions of my writings, thinking the little people would never understand.

Whom do you think was the force behind your Bible? I tell you truthfully that it was Satan. That is how he works to snare you in his evil trap.  He tells the truth mixed with lies and disinformation so subtle, so filled with “trickery” that you can’t see the difference between truth and LIE.  He has helped others of you to become great gurus, who tell the lies mixed with Truth to absolutely convince you he/she tells the Truth of God.  Well, they DO tell the truth of God only it is God-Jehovah Satan.

Satan has, in is wiles, created thousands of his houses of lies, called churches, where ones of you teach the lies of his ‘War-Book’.  How I have grieved over this which is Satan’s treachery to snare you in his trap.  The ones called the preachershave great karma upon their heads for leading those who attend to his sermons to miss the lifeboat of Truth. 

I am the Great Shepherd, and although my Flock is few compared to all souled ones upon Earth, they are held carefully in my care as a shepherd cares for his flock of sheep.

I keep the wolves of untruth and lies from each and every one of them.  I herd them in the ways of life and soul growth.  The scribe of heaven has penned the Heavenly Book of the Lighted Realms as dictated by the great Cohans, Lighted Masters and above all from Aton, God of Light, whom I call Hatonn.  That is because Aton the Creator of all of the Nebadon Universe has squeezed himself into 4th dimension to better communicate with all of you souled ones.

Creator God Aton (Hatonn) and the great Masters spoke to the earthly receiver the words that you see in these Journals.  They communicated through a radio signal to the earthly receiver whom they call Dharma.   Thus, these Journals are not channeled, for they are the very absolute words from Creator God and the great Masters and teachers of the Lighted Realms.

There are 241 of these Journals called the Phoenix Journals for a reason.  The Phoenix name means “Truth Risen Again” to set things straight from the twisted and tweaked “truth” you have been taught in Satan’s Warbook.

There are, also, those of my precious flock, who have gained great soul growth, and are studying the Journals as their class books.  At that point the great Masters and I teach them advanced lessons in order to groom their soul even more.  Lessons continue on and on and get more difficult, just like the schoolroom.

Lessons are the goal of all souled ones.  The first step is to awaken and fan that spark of your Great God Spirit within to a Mighty Fire.  There are some of you souled ones still asleep to Truth, whose soul is like an unborn babe.  How can that babe within live forever within the womb of forgetfulness and not be birthed into a great a Mighty Soul? You have to birth that great Soul within, to awaken.  Then you must feed your soul just like you would a child you have, with food, daily love and care. 

Do you, of my Flock keep giving your soul the food it needs to grow even more each day?  Many are doing this with daily reading, mediation and prayer.  Some of my Flock have just awakened and shall graduate, but even then, lessons shall continue on and on.

Mother Earth is ready to graduateMy Flock has helped rid her of the evil Satanian Empire, among other things. She is most happy, as she has seen new sparks of life arise out of the darkness.  For that she is most grateful.

I Know each one of my Flock has their own problems, and at times loses hope of ever coming home to the Lighted Realms.  To my Lightworkers I say this:  There are a few little things that must be done that will complete your mission.  I hear you ones talking today, and you have realized such, and you are working of those little last things to get done for Mother Earth.  I tell you that Heaven rejoices because of all the work you ones have done to clear up even the entire CosmosStay strong and focused, for you are there for a wee bit more. We are ready at a moment’s notice to take you home, but right now you are needed there on Earth.  IT WILL NOT BE LONG!!

Take advantage of this most beautiful day to live the Laws of God and Creation the best you can.  You must judge yourself against those Laws when you leave your earthly life.  I am the Great Teacher among all those Great Masters and Hatonn/Aton is here to help you learn and live those Laws, if you but ask. 



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