(Reader: GK) Rant, Part 2


Reader Post | By GK

I want to summarize what I was saying more succinctly. The reason I did all those screenshots was to prove, I get at least 30 tips a day for 2 years.

But the second I posted Juan and Kim’s little tiff, I had zero–total crickets– for 3 days…still nothing even today.

So it indicated that those who control the flow of information stopped me from having my efforts validated. They were in a panic over this Juan and Kim thing and I wasn’t the only indicator by far.

I noticed Judy’s report was delayed. I tried to show thru screenshots that the usual order of importance took a temporary detour.

Everywhere else– regarding Juan and Kim– we saw people scrambling to mitigate the damage to the 107 narrative.

Now going forward, it will be interesting to see how the agencies try and get their baloney roadshow back on the road. Even Kim tried to be less harsh on Juan in her second broadcast. 

Juan’s appearances have gone out of their way NOT to mention Kim’s name. 

They don’t want her to have followers because it contradicts this other effort to control the new money system.

She had made it clear she is opposed to all of us getting rich on foreign currencies.

Let me ask Kim this… If we aren’t getting to cash in on a currency investment will you also be taking away ALL wealth from the the currency profiteering people like Soros and Rothschild and Rockefeller have done?

Everyone knows they start wars, bankrupt the currencies then buy everything up and become hugely wealthy or even wealthier.

How is it their trillions in the bank was okay but we aren’t allowed riches in the bank also? Seems like a plan Rothschild would want. We get nothing, they get to keep everything. 

This of course is the pure gold elephant in the room. WHO THE HELL do you really work for? Marduke? He was evil right? Rothschild and Rockefeller answered to him right?

My understanding of the white hat redispersal of money was to weaken the usual creepy old trillionaires by empowering average nobodies.

Your mantra is grow your own food. Jeeze how nice, we get more austerity while you decide on a system that will no doubt let the creepy trillionaires keep their money while we will get some BS UBS with a meritocracy but we still have to keep our service sector jobs because the rich are worried about who will wait hand and foot on them.

And then Juan has recently said some anti-global reset things too.

When all the military contractors (mercenaries) stood down on 911 then went off to man the Afghanistan opium racket, Bush and Cheney had “promised” them they would be rich off the currencies…

Somehow, I doubt they all got stiffed like the rest of us “investors” but this point remains.

Why couldn’t you buy our currencies from us at a reasonable rate using Ratchild money? You claim to be in charge of?

Why can’t the new system begin with the poorest people first? Get all the world out of squalor using fair and transparent numbers?

I could rant on but maybe later. Curious what you will say next.

And I am also NOT curious what Juan will say. My ears have bled enough from his blathering.

And final note on all the actor/agents reading scripts. Why do you think they do that?

They do it to keep a high percentage of us as braindead zombies so once they finally wrestle control of the new money system, we will accept our usual crumbs with a non-disclosure agreement.

They need us as cheerleaders and an angry mob but we can’t actually understand what we are mad about and who tricked us again.


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