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Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

Here is pictures of the just finished Principal 3 – ZPE, Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED).

Take a look at the pictures, they are pretty self explanatory.

there was a tiny 10 milliamp fluctuation between the shots did not make a noticeable difference in output.

the DC to DC power supply is running off of a battery and 175 watt inverter.

Input = 1.23V, 90 ma, .113 watt

Output = 343 VDC, 6.17 amp, 332 VAC = 2116.31 Watt = 2.11631 KW




%21000 increase in energy out.

In actuality the output is many times more as that is just the hot electricity shown, the multi meter cannot pick up the static (cold) energy, will have to get one that does (they do exist, but are very expensive). the device produces both hot and cold electricity simultaneously.

Picture 1:

Multi meter setting is on 1000 VDC

Picture 2:

Multi meter setting is on 750 VAC

Picture 3:




Multi meter setting is on 10 AMP

Picture of the Principal 3 – ZPE Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) itself,

Glorious isn’t it, this will probably drive the Ivory tower people wild, will I allow them to see it before it gets mass produced…maybe, in reality I don’t give a S**T what they think.

There is still another component that is being built to stabilize the output for heavy loads when plugged directly to the unit, but putting it on a battery or cap bank, it does not notice any load being applied.

The effects follow the research precisely, If this was attached to a main output like a hydro dam, its negative entropy effects would transfer through the whole infrastructure to anything connected including your house.

It would drop total power consumption by 60% immediately, eliminate dirty electricity, eliminate all waste from entropy, make things self charging and vastly increase in appliance and other plugged in things efficiency and decrease charge times + more.

Technically if you plugged a electric car into it, the LI-ion batteries would get tuned to the ZPE field and be self-charging, this is a delicate effect mind you.

Here is just one out of multiple experiments I have been running to verify the ZPE tuning effects, (with math included) regarding the Principal 3 independent Energy Device(s) – (IED)

So I charged this power pack using the Principal 3 Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) on June 1st 2022:

To charge the Weal negative Ion generator shown beside the power pack.




Power Pack specs :


Model: ETHPB10

Amps : 10,000 mAH = 10 amps


output: 5V/2A

Ports: 2 USB, 1 Micro USB, 1 Type C

Weal Negative Ion generator Specs:

5 million negative ions/sec

10 hour run time




1Hr charge time


100 milliamp

.0.5 watt

10 mA per hour usage

I have been charging the negative ion generator twice a day since the experiment started and its still on going to the present.

June 1st, 2022 – Aug 19 2022 = 79 days

100ma per charge x 2 times a day = 200mA

200mA / 10A = 50 days for the power pack to be fully drained.

Its still 4 bar…why? because it has been turned to the ZPE field so technically as long as I don’t break the tuning with a super heavy load, then it will stay full and be able to charge the ion generator forever with never going below full.




interesting yes?

So therefore if someone had lets say a 5200 KW LI-ION bank they technically would be self charging, since the more bank greater the effect and heavier load variance before tuning breaks.

If it does break, the effect can be reapplied by taking off the load and turn the principal 3 (IED) off and back on = effects restored…. yes its that simple.

Also to note about the Negative ion generator is that instead of taking 1 hour to charge it takes approx 15-20 minutes.

If your batteries memory is screwed up (it says full but it really isn’t), This will correct that as it de sulfates perfectly and resets battery memory.

Technically it will make a battery last near permanently, including a flooded lead acid.

Now battery type or cap bank type will differ on quality of tuning of course, flooded lead-acids can tune but they are inefficient because of so much loss, but they can take an absolute variance beating.

Li-ION is best for tuning, but they are very delicate when it comes to voltage variance and other power variance.

The other types are various in between with Flooded Lead acid on the bottom and LI-Ion at the top.

Next experiment is to get another replica of the Helix battery bank, charge it on the (IED) then use it to power a 5V 1A mosquito lamp, that has a light and fan, to see if after 10 hours the battery goes below full.




There is over 30+ different effects that I have noticed during testing various things using this principal 3 Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED).

Amazing stuff indeed, also this can be scaled up if needed.

Please remember this is just one principal of Independent Energy – (IE) there are 3 more and they can all be separate or intermingle with each other in any order.

Also my professional videographer friend is coming this weekend to film another episode of Independent Energy – (IE) REVEALED video series found here:

There will be real time video of numerous experiments and devices and an interview, etc,so follow the channel and stay tuned.

Energy problem solved… who needs oil…even though there are many oil producing plants found in nature…:)

many blessings,

Will serving Creation






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