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Reader Post | By TruthFreedomJustice

Hold on a minute – obviously, the author is being slightly biased and maybe is under Juan’s alt-media spell themselves–(an indicator is will this counterpoint be published or not?) 

-I like Juan from what I have seen, and read from his many many posts etc..over the nearly 3-year span now…. yet is not right about everything and has an agenda – what is his relationship with Kushner? What was his relationship with DICK Cheney & Bush? do you know?). 

Is it ridiculous for me to remind you that Robert David Steel (whom I really like along with Lt Scot Bennett) brought him and “placed” the intro—into the Alt Media fold along with others in the early stages… do you think that RDS & Juan were just reminiscing over steak dinners about their past intel work? 

Fast forward a couple of years ago now— — at a time sits self-serving and obvious to those taht are paying extremely close attention — remember Juan is spearheading the Alt Media consolidation via 1) Frequency 2) Repetition 3) Reach 4) COnsistencey he has “touched almost 85% of ALL ALT media host and programming…. that is in itself about par with eth CNN fake news systems narratives –again fighting fire with fire to drive a narrative- which encourages open discussion on topics -yet only the ones they/he presents… thereby controlling the goal posts… so its never a truly open forum because the paid shrills or influenced that are participating censor too…. its a game and the true patriots are being guided –to slaughter??? like sheeple??/ while the verdict is still out meanwhile they have been positioned in Alt Neutral position –exactly the plan in eth first place:–subdue your enemies… you win without shedding a single drop of blood…

— Juan take him or leave him has NEVER given the detailed in-depth related insights pertaining to the “higher” order of things related specifically to the “Dragon Families” or “Marduk” and the “Pindar”—  how they came of each color family based as Kim has done–& why not? etc etc  or the details insights of the ancient knowledge that Juan sometimes dapples with co-host “Numbers” and goes down that info road just like a layer cake frosty layer on top –just a pinch so to speak…. but never a deep dive— a little from with “Jetson White”,  yet always pulls back —

I mean how much of bot he & Kim have you watched? –myself quite a lot — so when Juan is with “Numbers” he is dishing out subpar surface info whereas Kim goes deep right to the core…. and that is a lot for the average American watching to take in without some sort of formal or informal prior knowledge base….which most will not understand – many hold in disbelief and goes against their own small-minded belief (pre-programmed by the same ancient systems within the Matrix they created).

I attend a private Christian based School for over a decade which was great as a child & young man, learning topics within the old & new testaments etc, and as an older man the foundational learning give sone the ability to discern with great prudence — and really enjoy someone like Paul Wallis, for example, you can see his work at the “5th Kind”.




Kim is controversial for sure — yet hasn’t deviated from her position and always dives deeper than anyone and NONE of these guys will call her out — except Fulford yet Fulford is somewhat a force-fed his info as he openly states he works with eth Fa portion of the Dragon families so that places him below her in the initial tree…. and she is obviously above Juan too and come on Juan’s attitude and personality is ego based — and that snot an insult its a fact– the lifestyle the clothing the cars … the look at me…. where Kim is straight in your face more like RDS was…with hard facts — not that Juan does t have hard facts yet he is a “professional fact dancer” as if a playing a role as the supreme conductor in the symphony tell me I’m wrong on my opinion there????…. please do… change my opinion– yet if you listen to all the above-mentioned players as I have you gather a different clear narrative of whats really going on…. like who is Juan’s master? ie who is he working for/under?????? 

Answer that question… 

I mean Kim has come right and stated who she is working for many times and how she got there… I await your reply it would be great to hear directly from Juan on this for all to read… peace love everybody WWG1WGA – in it to win it— TFJ


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