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Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 18, 2022

Of course having knocked around, enjoyed and benefited from all kinds of channeled teachings I am not uncomfortable with the idea that in my past soul journey (‘previous’ lifetimes) I have been the innocent victim of and the perpetrator of, all kinds of awful acts on other beings and forms of sentient life, akin to the kinds of acts we hear the dark ones have committed in this age (Tho I think they are being or have been dealt with).

So given that, it follows in my (unremembered) journey I have surely come through some terrible furnaces of fire to bond the new and much valued and needed strands of compassion and awareness that form a significant part my overall expression now. Much like you I guess.

Furthermore with those same teachings in mind, there is very possibly a timeless aspect to all this in that, altho I see such experiences and lifetimes as very much behind me in expression, they are (or could be) taking place now, simultaneously in other dimensions.

So I should count myself very fortunate to be the consciousness expressing at this (relatively healthy, peaceful and dare I say balanced) stage of my evolution. Tho of course a future version of me (expressing in the now) might see the limitations I live in and perceive as normal as very taxing and restrictive …

Here then, is the big Big Big Picture question.

If there is some form of separation of destinies going on such that some will move into areas of higher evolution and some continue on in environments where they can most easily form and develop those strands of awareness so that they too can move on into higher areas. What if the awful onslaught of all the lies, persecution and manipulation and the effects it has had on people in general, at some VERY VERY VERY VERY high level is just the universe ensuring that souls get processed into the necessary classrooms to continue to grow to suit them for (eventually) evermore freedom, blessedness and bliss in this particular cycle.

So that the actions of the evil ones – altho setting themselves up for a vast and incredibly challenging journey involving major soul reformatting – were unconsciously (because deliberately harming others for gain is such an ignorant act of self sabotage) carrying out the dictates of the universe which is really VERY VERY VERY VERY interested in seeing souls evolving and getting on with their journey (because of all the good stuff in front of them.)

Now I am in no circumstances or under no considerations legitimising any pain that has, is currently or will be visited upon another for anything other than the consciously compassionate reason of preventing further and greater pain (and I am not speaking here in soul evolutionary terms but common face value ones) it is simply that my mind cannot help reaching for Bigger Picture Perspectives and then filling in the possible gaps of speculation/knowledge it finds at those heights.

Now I did have an even loftier idea that all the pain and darkness involved in lower densities is just the Great Light, that we are all an expression of, refining itself (including in some way, the continuing creation of new souls) so that it is ever ‘shinier’ and that such continual improvement is inherent to its (our) nature … but as you can see it is very idealised and when thought looks to project onto and perfect the universe in such ways there is a strong element of ‘So what … ‘ about the effort – no parsnips are being buttered speaking thusly. But feel free to play with the idea if it appeals.

Well there you go … Apart from all that abstract stuff, how are you … ? Keeping well? That really is the most important thing you know, all abstract, in fact all normal expression and interchange is predicated on a certain level of wellbeing in both the one presenting and the one recieving (that is why we ask ‘How are you … ‘ first thing on meeting someone, as a sign we have our values in absolute right priority).

If such a level of wellbeing is absent in either party any thoughts shared that are not aimed at somehow addressing or alleviating the situation are useless. So really keeping well and all the multifaceted areas that that idea involve us in will always be more important than refinements of abstract understanding. What I am saying is all this (and much else) is worthless without you being healthy and well so please make sure you

TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!!! And anyone you are responsible for.



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