Jetson White: On the Heavenly Lionsgate Event Coming


Jetson White has evidence that there is a heavenly event planned, by God, at the stroke of midnight on 9/3 (the real date of the Lionsgate).

Lionsgate is a heavenly event that happens each year, where the energy inside and outside of the dome is exponentially higher than normal. There is evidence that this plan (these events) could happen during this year’s Lionsgate, which is coming up very soon, on Sept. 3rd.

According to the messages from Jetson, the Q-Plan to save the world is God’s plan to save the world, not man’s, and it has to happen during a Lionsgate for it to work.

The plan is for those who are in the mid-range of vibratory rate to be carried out of this matrix and moved to a new world, where evil has not corrupted it. By mid-range is meant: people who are not necessarily always “good”, but they do not knowingly choose evil over good. Jetson proposes that Earth is so corrupted to the core that it isn’t able to be repaired. So, this is the only way. WWG1WGA.

Jetson breaks the Lionsgate Event down into 13 smaller, successive events, which all happen within the same couple of hours of each other.

  • Event 1. The alignment of key celestial bodies will open the sun-gate (heavenly gate, located in the sun) and allow God’s supremely high energy to enter the dome. All heavenly powers, including the power of the arc of the covenant, can come into the dome via a beam through the gate.
  • Event 2. A twin star (set of 2 angels), named Anlitak, is already poised inside the dome to catch the energy coming in the sun gate. Anlitak will then aim it at the main Giza pyramid.
  • Event 3. The beam will come into the pyramid and through a shaft into an oscillator at the base of the pyramid.
  • Event 4. The Giza pyramid will power-up.

(Note About the Next Event: The pyramid is a MASER (Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

  • Event 5. The oscillator will convert the energy beam into H2O Magnetron-microwaves.
  • Event 6. H2O Magnetron Microwaves will be sent from the pyramid up to a transmitter on the moon.

(Note About the Next Event: The moon’s transmitter, referred to in Event 7, is already connected to the data banks in the moon that are storing the consciousness of reptilian-invaders)

  • Event 7. The moon’s transmitter will receive the beam and send it to a space station, that will then broadcast it out to the worldwide 5G network.
  • Event 8. Using the amplified power of the Lionsgate heavenly energy, the 5G network will have the power to hack into the DNA of humans who have enough nano-tech in their systems. Those who have been heavily jabbed will be the most influenced by this. Once connected, these people will feel compelled to do whatever the invading reptilians’-consciousness directs them to, i.e., Zombie apocalypse. This will be a hellish near-death experience.
  • Event 9. After it sinks in that humanity itself is under attack, a collective cry out to God to save us will occur.

(Note About the Next Event: Nicola Tesla is now working in the Cheyenne Mountain command & control center, and is preparing for Event #10, the sound blast (trumpet blast) part of this event. [In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and we shall be changed. 1 Corinthians 15:52]

  • Event 10. Nikola Tesla will have his magnifying transmitter set to send out a world-wide sound wave from his location under Cheyenne Mountain, while at the same time the military’s advanced radar technology located under the ocean floor will send up a ping to meet Tesla’s blast at a 90-degree angle. (A ping is a short, high-pitched ringing sound)

Note About the Next Event: Superconductors have zero resistance. When an object has zero resistance it has the capability of being in two states: stable levitation and quantum locking.

  • Event 11. Cern’s “Alice” in the East and “Dune” in the Americas will heavily populate the skies with accelerated, ionized particles, to boost the effect of Tesla’s blasts. This will prepare Earth’s skies to be used for the next step.

Note About the Next Event: When the two massive soundwaves collide it will sound like an elongated trumpet blast, and this (with the extra power of extra ions from the Cern and Dune blasts) will cause all those within a mid-range base vibratory rate to enter into a temporary 5D state and become invisible, levitated, and lockable. This blast will be heard and/or felt simultaneously by everyone on Earth.

Also Note: The only way to get the billions of people and animals who need to be saved will be to load them up inside the dome and time-tunnel them out. This will be the HAND OF GOD moment. (liken this to Noah’s Ark – the hand-of-God moment was in loading up the ark at the last possible moment). Hundreds of thousands of craft are already here in the Sirius Stargate, under the dome. These are “the Ark”. The craft have already been prepared, under God’s direction. There is a light-chamber for each person and animal. God’s hand is the only way to safely/quickly load all of those being saved onto the crafts, into the specific spot prepared for them. For humans or aliens to do this it would be a logistical nightmare, but for God it’s possible to all happen in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Event 12. After Events 8 & 9 (Zombie Apocalypse and cry-out to God) and, at the last possible moment, Tesla’s tuned sound-waves will have made billions invisible and weightless. to temporarily give human bodies the same characteristics as superconductors (they will enter a charge-less, weightless and lockable state). Tesla’s soundwave will still be blasting as this occurs. During this time, all of the billions of people and animals who are levitated and locked will be loaded into their proper spots on the awaiting crafts by the hand of God, just as the animals in Noah’s Ark were loaded in by the hand of God.
  • Event 13. Anlitak will provide the beam needed to the Sirius stargate (where all the ships are loaded). This beam will provide the boost needed for the time-travel-time-tunneling-jump to the Sungate, where we will then be able to exit the matrix.

My Own Thoughts on This Event

While I think this Lionsgate event is certainly possible, I don’t know if the Earth is so thoroughly corrupted that God would have to go to such an extreme as this. However, I will always be the first one to admit that I don’t know it all. Especially recently, there are signs that the corruption is this bad and this thorough.

I think it’s equally possible that what Jetson is describing is a possible future timeline, which will surely occur if we can’t get our planet fixed ourselves.

I do not see any part of this event as scary or bad. Going to a new world, which isn’t corrupt, and living out our lives under God’s original plan for us sounds actually exciting. But, my thoughts on this are that perhaps we could do that here, wthout the necessity to move. We’ll see how it goes.

I encourage you to watch the linked videos, below, and all of Jetson’s videos to see the evidence and more explanations about this event.

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