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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Actually I can report good news. The headwind for some German political figures is getting stronger. Not only opposition, no, also from their own ranks and especially from the MSM. Since the patriots are in control, I can only say that it comes to light perfectly prepared and just in the right speed. The Cum-Ex scandal is getting Chancellor Scholz into trouble from which he will not get out so quickly and unscathed. And our Minister of Health, Lauterbach, appears so deranged with his planned measures for the autumn and also his own “Covid infection” that some colleagues want to subject him to a psychological examination and demands for removal by the “head of government” are also getting louder and louder. And also otherwise, certain topics are taken to such extremes that even my boostered neighbor thinks he wouldn’t watch the news anymore, he would only be more confused afterwards. Maybe he’s been given saline, like so many others.

Even though this may sound a bit harsh now, especially since many people regret getting vaccinated, it has become indifferent to me. I can’t sympathize with every injured or dead person. It is beyond my strength and I need it for other things I want to do and have to do. Letting go of the old, which we will no longer need, also includes letting go of emotions that distract you, lead you in the wrong directions or simply disturb you. Among many realizations that have hit me over the past few weeks, definitely includes letting go. A filled vessel can’t be filled any further, so some of the contents have to be let out. I’ve let go of a lot of what was bothering me yesterday. Losing all interest in things that didn’t let you go before is stark. And it often wasn’t a gradual process, but overnight in many cases. It’s also more and more things I’m letting go of and cognition is not always the motivation for it, it’s also a serenity that has “afflicted” me. What books have I read on this subject of serenity. Never managed to implement the tips and advice. And today I just have it?

In the last few days I have been thinking about the article topic. What will I do after the RV? On projects I have only one left and I can describe it in one sentence, so I don’t need a page long project description. No planning, no investment plan and no plausibility. In my opinion, it is also impossible to plan anything without real facts about what our future might look like. I know many people who do this now and gladly, and they should. But there are also a lot of people who can’t, and I want to reassure them with this as well. The next thing I let go of is the documents we are supposed to take to the appointment. Whole lists have been published of what all we need to verify ourselves as the people we are. So either the Alliance knows who we are and what we are up to, or they don’t. But if it is said that it does know and at the same time it is said that I have to bring even more documents with me than I used to at the German-German border, I do get suspicious.

One excuse for the recurring delays in the RV start is that it is not certain. Only a few days ago it was published that the RV will be started when it is safe. Well good! When it is safe, there will be no one left to steal from us, kidnap us, take advantage of us, cheat us, etc., right? There are only people left who are all like me, that is, ready to create the new world. Then why should there be an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement? The bad, the evil is gone then after all, otherwise it would not be safe! And why can’t I tell the people, who all tick like me, what I will provide in funds? Both for each individual person, and for projects and new technologies. Wouldn’t a secret, that is, keeping it quiet, even if only for 90 days, be a bad foundation for a new world? I thought we could, if it was safe, be honest with each other. The more I think about this NDA, the more illogical it seems to me. And I know I’m not alone in that, in that view.

So the fact for me is that right now I have decided to wait it out. We’ll find out soon enough how the revaluation will go, then we’ll have all the time in the world to observe how our world is changing, what new regulations and laws there are, how little of the old world remains, and most importantly, how much new/unknown stuff is coming our way. And then the more facts I gather, the better I can plan. There will be plenty of time for that, it’s not a race to build a new world. And which organization I will join, I will decide only then. In the meantime there are so many good ideas, programs and organizations that I can choose and decide at my leisure. Making a decision now seems impossible to me personally. Almost everything I have come across in the last three and a half years has pros and cons, sometimes more, sometimes less. So why not wait and see?

It is the same with a country in which I would like to choose my new home. I have by no means seen everything in Germany, and how will it change when all the cabal is destroyed and we rebuild it? Will I stay in Germany at all or follow my longing that keeps coming up? Why does it keep coming up? It has a reason, just as everything has a reason in these times. So here, too, I can’t decide and plan now. There are beautiful landscapes in Germany, almost everywhere. Plains, mountains, lake plains, rivers, forests, as I said, I have by no means seen everything. Also in the country of my longing I have not seen anything yet, only pictures and films. However, I am set in such a way that I must also feel the country or the region. Otherwise I would feel as if I had to choose my home from a catalog. As you can see, it’s not easy to commit yourself right now. Am I alone with these views? Well, there are certainly people who have a plausible motivation to choose Germany or another country. That’s because we are all individuals. There is no single paradigm solution for every person. Everyone has a different drive, we should realize that. If I want to be respected, I have to respect others. Especially when they disagree with me. Putting people down or simply turning away is not the answer. In a fair, respectful exchange, things may come to light that you yourself hadn’t thought of. That’s what we’ve been going through now since March 2020 related to “C” and the vaccinations, right?


With me, there is also a tendency to think outside the box, or better, the Earth’s edge, and look at intergalactic tasks that might come my way. I have over 30 years of logistics under my belt, so why not intergalactic trade? Or I would also love to help other worlds advance and join such teams. And not just to give back some of what we have been given, but to continue to spread the light in the universe. So I asked the spiritual world for clues as to what tasks I would be given in the future, and I dreamed the following:

A confused dream suddenly became clearer. I was standing in uniform (I had never seen before) in front of a group of people, all in yellow and orange suits, sitting in a larger room. I told them everything I knew about their destination. What they needed to be aware of, where to report when they arrived, what dangers there were, what was safe, and so on. There were many questions, all of which I was able to answer. Men and women looked at me curiously and followed my explanations.

Only later did I notice that there was a large window in the room and there was only darkness to be seen and stars passing by, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depending on the distance. Then I woke up.

Was this a clue? Transporting and instructing tour groups or people repopulating a planet? It had, after some consideration, something of the scene from “AVATAR”, when the general subjected the new ones to a briefing. Only there was nothing military in my dream and the dangers mentioned were not as blatant as on Pandora. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and can really relate to such a task. Fittingly, I watched a short video today where there was talk of our Earth being allowed to be turned into a prison planet where we are, or have been, all prisoners for a few months. Was that the next clue? That we will soon all be allowed out to expand our horizons, so that we can get out of thinking in terms of limits and lack? Emerging thoughts, how we will finance all this, I have pushed aside without further ado. They are also based on scarcity, because I don’t think any advanced civilization in the universe is concerned about money or other financial resources anymore.

They have values that others need and exchange them for values that they need. And if that’s not possible, that’s what the Stellar (XLM) is for. That’s why we got it, so we can get used to it before. “They show it to us in movies,” I saw when I was watching the StarTrek movies. Jean-Luc Picard says in one scene that the Earth people did away with money because they didn’t need it anymore. And when the Enterprise had to go back in time to bring whales to the future, James T Kirk also handed out money to the others and said “That this is common here in this time to pay for something”. Has anyone ever seen anyone in these series get upset about their paycheck? It’s all part of our still jail. Let’s wait it out, serenity pays off here too, as well as with all the information we get regarding funds, exchanges, installments, dates, etc. . Don’t you become much more relaxed if you just wait and see what comes? The most important information is:

– No one is forgotten!
– Everyone will be treated the same!
– Everyone will be equal, no one will be above anyone else!
– Everyone will get what they need for themselves or their projects!
– The QFS is safe, incorruptible and fair!
– Currencies, coins and ABDC we will get are value backed and will stay that way!
– Nobody knows what the future will bring us, except freedom, peace, prosperity and justice!

“The right words are sometimes the lifeboat that can take us home.” A phrase from an episode of the series 9-1-1. I hope I find as many right words as possible for as many people as I write.


WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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