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REDNECK discussing: Group/Gang Mentality vs. Herd/Hive Mentality

Every “Society” is a particular collection of like-minded People. Perhaps, the most common among these might be any Church Group. Well, you’ll never find “a” church group that is “like-minded.” You’ll find ump-teen Baptist Groups within the Baptist Foundation. You’ll find (ran out of fingers and toes) groups of Pentecostals. And, there’s so many more that resemble (you can’t tell the difference) the Catholics.

Aside from various sects of “re-legions” you’ll find Ethnic Groups. Here’s where smooth sailing turns into White Water Rapids and everything gets pretty choppy.

I can’t talk about ________ group because I’d be called Racist. Not “Kool” to discuss. However, I can talk about Redneck Groups because I’m one of them. So, that’s what I’ll do. You can adjust and apply this dialog to ANY group that suits you.

Let’s begin. This Redneck Group (they’re everywhere in full disguise) is easy-going, helpful, and harmless. Yes, we like our “banjo” music, too. There’s no need to fear due to the music. However, if you’re in a small-unarmed group floating down a lonely river and you hear that “banjo” music, you might want to make sure your Survival Instincts are on High Alert. You see, we in the Redneck Group don’t give out a lot of information about others in our Group. Maybe we don’t approve of certain ones, but we sure don’t talk about them.

This is our first example of Herd/Hive Mentality. We will inform (warn) outsiders of their potential risks. You see, we really are good people (overall). We exhibit our “fight or flight” potential when threatened and we prefer to “live and let live.” Isn’t that sweet?

Now, we have the eccentric (slightly off-balanced) collection within our Herd. We’ve tried to educate them and have shown extra attention to these “problematic” individuals to no avail. They are not much of a problem when there are only a couple of them. However, when several get together they form a Gang, or Group. Sometimes their very best attributes shines like a new penny. Sometimes they make “real” music. Other times you want to collect all the fiddles and use them for kindling.

O.K., you’ve read my example. Now, let’s talk about when the Gang/Group Mentality becomes a HAZARD TO YOUR SOCIETY. Yes, a hazard to you. Remember, this Gang/Group can be a Political Group. (Can Be? What kind of idiot are you?) It’s ALL Political. Political relates to Police; they want to (must) control you. If you’re not part of their Political Society, then you are their enemy. Yes, they will dominate you with threats, police action, pain, discomfort, anguish, taxes, open thievery, etc., etc. It’s sad to say, but the Truth of the matter is, “they” become a Predator (pre-dater). They will “take you out” before your appointed time. Now, maybe you can recognize the problem.

Now that you’ve pinned the tail on the “Donkey,” whatcha gonna do about it?

First thing you can do is RECOGNIZE that the problem exists at your level. It is extant at City Hall; it exists at County level; it exists at State level and the Federal level is a “flagship”. It (the problem) drives your politician to “coming over to the dark side.”

O.K., you’ve recognized the problem, now what? The Holy Writ directs the “weak” man to declare, “I am STRONG.” Think about it, a wise man knows his strength, but chooses to present himself as Harmless. The strong man studies his enemies and practices sophistry. Sophistry is the Ability To Deceive. A wise man anticipates the moves of his aggressor. He prepares the snare that only the wicked would enter. The Man of War would make sure that none escape. They have entrapped themselves; any rescuer participates in their destruction.

I know that DJT did not read this diatribe because I just wrote it this morning. I think he already knew. Now, let’s see whether any escape. (Bet they don’t.)

Funky Pretzel


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