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Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello Readers,

Thanks for the response Black Russian, but there is one thing people must overstand.

The truth is the truth, ANY white washing, dilution, adulterating, candy-coating, bending or breaking the truth turns it into a lie and it does not help anyone, it actually perpetuates negative static feedback loops which cause untold amounts of disharmony within someone, because true resolution cannot be reached to dissolve the static because there is information added or retracted from the hard truth, no matter how difficult it may be to process.

The reason why, is because the frequency is never transmuted when the truth gets any of the things mentioned above added to or subtracted, essentially it distorts the frequency.

Make sense?

One would be surprised how many countless VICTIMS OF THEMSELVES end up dead from willful ignorance and stupidity, that is just a fact jack, nothing more nothing less. No need to shed a tear or get the EGO worked up because you must respect the fact that they willed it to be done.

Does not matter if your the most intelligent individual in the world, you still can be willfully ignorant and do stupid things which ultimately lead to you shedding your outer projection (death).


Does Creation white wash, candy coat or do anything mentioned above to the truth….not by any means.

Dose Creation care that someones EGO gets upset over hard unadulterated truths, no it does not. It will only suggest you raise your frequency,  grow a backbone and expand your cubistic matrix in order to handle the unadulterated truth.

SO I am actually showing a lot of compassion by not doing those things to the truth.  Putting light on the hard facts so individuals can see without a filter  and recognize what they need to do to stop the negative static feedback loop and get proper transfiguration of the static into Pplus static (positive).

Now may I remind people that Negative (Nplus) energy/static is not evil or bad and positive (Pplus) energy/static is not good.  There is also non-plus and over-plus energies/static.

Those are just polarities and those energies have attributes, its the EGO that puts  emotion ties onto these things because usually they know no better and it is heavily indoctrinated by the mentalized illusion, or they are just operating at such a low frequency their outer cubistic matrix is not expanded enough to handle the information by ANY means.

Despite what is being said here and the negative comments I receive for telling the unadulterated truth, that per 1 negative response I receive there is 20 positive ones thanking for giving the un-adultered, truth.

Here is one for example that is right on the money and I agree completely.


If people are getting upset over the emotionless truths I have revealed, then YOUR EGO is the problem.

The whole point of ascension is to clear your negative nplus static conditions, which includes SILENCING your ego. IF you cannot control your EGO and take self-responsibility then you will not Ascend PERIOD, regardless of the energies coming in because it still cannot effect your free will.

So out of the %10 of the realms and worlds that were the worst affected by the service to self, Luciferian rebellion, which only exists in this local universe and no where else in creation. Earth is the top of that %10.

At the end of the Age of Aquarius another 1990 years from now, if you still have not done those things required for ascension then you will be stuck in another 750,000 incarnation cycle on one of the other worlds which are brutal compared to Earth.  Mainly because there are no higher radiations there yet so you will be stuck with only the 5 beast senses and nothing more. no intuition, no ESP, no nothing other then the 5 plain Jane senses.

Sound fun?

Also being a spiritual bum will not get you ascended either. Being a spiritual bum means you learn spiritual things so that you may lord it over others in a service to self action.

Don’t be mad at me for telling the hard truths which so many cannot tell without adulterating it, worried that they may offend someones EGO.

The pure Christ teachings have been here in readable format since 2017, I suggest you ALL study them as it will help solve the EGO problem as its the crash course with the required knowledge for ascension.

Here they are


P.S. remember its about the message and not the messenger. Also I am not a messenger who seeks glory for delivering great messages.  If your EGO attacks the messenger then its PROOF you missed the message.

Thanks for the response,

many blessings,

Will serving Creation



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