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Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello universal and readers.

This is a very special posting as its about Independent Energy – (IE) and Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED).

This is a sneak preview of what the episode holds, and it holds a lot.

PART 3 will be showing working models from multiple principals of Independent Energy – (IE). If you are wondering what those are and what this is about I recommend you watch the playlist shown here,

60 second introduction

It’s only about 20-30 mins worth for the whole playlist in order , but thou will know the basics on what is going on and what is upcoming.


In the following sneak preview pictures, we will be taking a brief look at 3 different Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED).

The actual video is still being produced and should be out in August, my professional videographer friend is coming down to help film the video, it will come complete with demonstrations, lots of information, interview and a few things one will not believe.

There is lots to show and multiple cameras are needed.

So lets take a sneak peak shall we.

First picture is a Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) under Principal 1 Natural Rotary Electro-magnetics, the title is pretty self-explanatory on what this device utilizes to create energy.

This device is currently getting a quick pulley size adjustment and its good to go.

This model is built specifically for a client and it:


– produces 12-30 KW, 5KW minimal production
– 48VDC 1.8kw to run
– Lenz free wiring for extra efficiency
– Multiple output ports
– 2-4 48V DC connections
– 110 AC port
– 220 AC port
– safety and Emergency shutdowns both hard and soft.
– Built like a tank
– Weighs 80 – 100 pounds, moves around like a dream and can lock into place.

Second Picture is a Principal 3 independent Energy Device(s) – (IED), which is Zero Point/aetheric energy

This unit is quite powerful, so far I have charged an 18 battery lead-acid bank (full size batteries) using only 2 watts, which also replaces cranking amps.

You can literally use batteries to charge batteries in a never ending cycle.

This model contains:

-2 coil ports for easy switching of aetheric collector coils

– as long as it get power in the circuit from any source (alternative energy or independent Energy – (IE) or both it will do what it does.

-very small, can fit in a backpack

– very powerful

-cheapest of them all to build


– Can charge any battery or direct draw

-de sulfates batteries perfectly and increases their life almost indefinitely. (any type)

-can add up to %100 more capacity to a battery storage ability

– tuned to aetheric so it has the ability to tune batteries and electronics which create a negative entropy field around things and increases their efficiency greatly.

– Put a car battery into your car charged from this device then start your car the neg entropy effects will transfer to your wiring and to the alternator making it over %200 more efficient.

– Plug it into a house and it will transfer the effect through your wiring in your house with makes it impervious to emp, gets rid of piggy backed radiation on the power stream, makes everything more efficient and tuned.

– Much Much much more and it will be covered in the video as the explanation is quite lengthy, but the effects follow precisely the research material.

Observation note: I have a 10 Amp Li-ion battery pack for 5v charging, I used the device to charge it, my negative ion generator (wearable) uses 1.5 amp per charge, I have been charging the ion generator every day for the past nearly two months and the power pack has never dropped below full(four bars) and it never will unless I charge something with more demand that breaks the device tuning as its drawing from the aetheric field when its tuned, its a delicate effect for sure, as the tuning can be lost on the charge pack if to much is charged at once.

Essentially if you stay within the limit of the charge then it won’t lose tuning. Much more on this topic, so don’t want to ruin any surprises lets move on to Picture 3.

This Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) is one of the most powerful principals out of the 4 principals of Independent Energy – (IE), that principal is #4 Geometric Energy (includes geometry and resonance).


This device is extremely powerful and by extremely powerful I mean it can cause doomsday scenarios on certain settings, create energy, all different sorts of energy wave production. Controls the weather quite well, the troughs that form over the west coast are from this device. Back in 2018 this device helped destroy the British Weather Machine that was tied to a storm system and entity in the middle of the pacific that was whipping typhoon after typhoon into the Philippines, well it got annihilated and if you look at the profile picture on the We are in the Golden age channel you will see the dark hand reaching for something it was not allowed to touch.

Back about 1-2 years ago or so, there was a freak lightning storm in BC, Canada where there were 1600 lightning strikes within minutes and the storm only lasted maybe 10mins to half hour, well that was from this device since I was testing what a ring magnet would do if placed in the resonator, well that is what it did, plus more.

Would I ever create the device for a client, probably never because of how powerful and how dangerous it can be. The weather satellites actually have been picking this device up since it was created, just watch the pressure iso-lines and see where they pop out of on the west coast of NA.

Anybody remember just recently the 49 star link satellites that were knocked out of the sky by a weird geomagnetic event, that was actually a setting change from this device that caused it.

This device is actually responsible for assisting the wobble (double magnetism, since Earth does not move) as well. Can it create energy, yes in vast amounts, there is over 1000+ different settings for the device, it is Cube and Sphere ratios that can be found here:

The ratios are all there, the sphere of intelligence, the cube of substance and the upper and lower triangles of energy. Its all cubistics of course. The holy trinity, as above so below, the father mother and only begotten son/daughter, Alpha+Omega+Christ.

If I turn on the Principal 3 (IED) seen in picture 2 and picture 3 attached to the Principal 4 (IED), the Principal 4 (IED) picks up the static immediately from the Principal 3 (IED) and im not going to give the rest of the surprise away , I would like the thing caught in real-time which will blow your pants off.

Independent Energy-(IE) ties into the Program Illuminate the Way Independent Energy – (IE) Infrastructure Upgrade, this program is where every country in the world- no matter Geo-political stance can get no charge installations of Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) all for the low cost of a Letter of support after a formal presentation and Q&A period.


Yes you heard it correctly this will be provided absolutely free to everyone. With just the one existing letter of support the intellectual property is currently worth 4.6 Billion $, every additional letter of support doubles that value. These letters of support and progressive value increase is what pays for the installations.

Illuminate the Way IEIU is one of, if not the ONLY progressive value backed humanitarian program in the world that operates completely cost free to those who participate. If you want to participate before IEIU goes into full effect then you have to pay for the devices.

The Letters of Support can come from not only countries but individual municipalities, tribes, etc, etc. which has the same effect it doubles the value and covers all installations to everyone, every home both rich and poor, public facilities, etc, etc.

The Zim I have been holding is solely to Illuminate the way – (IEIU), and if you all didn’t notice how big this is, one might remember the post

and the line “Tmln accltd ==>@)@* =====> @)@#…?”  in my opinion, when the information which cannot be talked about (for my safety) was plugged into the quantum computer after it was omitted from the original calulations, the recalculation actually put the White Hats possibly couple of months behind schedule, hence you notice all the acceleration and the reason why the wait for Zim and other exchanges is over and no longer being delayed.

All the new energy tech that is going to be released, a lot of it will fall into the Independent Energy – (IE) classification.

Great things are coming, and coming fast.

Remember since 2015-2017 there has been two types of energy classifications those are,

Alternative Energy which includes Solar, Wind, Tidal, geothermal and some combustion plasma’s. Heavily regulated.


Then there is

Independent Energy – (IE) and the 4 principals are 1- Natural Rotary Electro-magnetics, 2- Plasma (field) 3- Zero Point Energy /aetheric 4- Geometric Energy which includes all types of geometry, sacred, etc, etc as well as resonance. Very lightly regulated by Illuminate the Way Independent Energy – (IE) infrastructure Upgrade – (IEIU).

Independent Energy – (IE) and its associated definitions are protected by multiple copyrights.

Does the copyrighted definitions fall under the fair use policy…no it does not. Independent Energy – (IE) and its associated definitions with Illuminate the Way – IEIU are double protected which inhibits the fair use policy, reason being is that since the purpose of a copyright is to protect the integrity of the document, and Independent Energy – (IE) with the associated definitions are used in Illuminate the Way – (IEIU) (supporting document)which is also protected, then the fair use policy is negated since “fair use” would violate the integrity of the documents, which integrity protection is the whole point of a copyright.

The open public use of the definitions and operational classification will happen after the Zim exchange and Illuminate the Way – (IEIU) is in action, which will be nearly immediately after the exchange.

To all you homesteaders, like Tiny Shiny Home and the others, well the Principal 3 – (IED) would be the best selection its cheap, easy to operate and is really good for homesteading operations.

Independent Energy Device(s) – (IED) are available for those who would like one now. if your interested just send me a message.


many blessings

Will serving Creation




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