Thomas Anderson: News Flash for July 29th, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on July 29, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers

here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…


I posted a survey on my channel

asking the following questions:

[Do you think a world war will start? ] month  before           month before          last month               results  last time                and now

– yes                                                                      15%                               17%                   15%                                     14%                   15%

– no                                                                       77%                               76%                    75%                                    76%                   77%

– not know                                                            8%                                 7%                    10%                                     10%                    8%

[ if a worldwar starts, when will it start? ]

– june / july 2022                                             22%                                 22%                   20%                                     19%                   15%

– august / september 2022                           28%                                  26%                   32%                                     31%                   37%

– october / november 2022                          28%                                  26%                   24%                                     27%                   27%

– december 2022 / january 2023                   0%                                    4%                     4%                                       4%                      6%

– later 2023                                                      22%                                  22%                    20%                                    19%                   15%

[do you think a famine will start 2022 and will people be hungry for several months or even longer? ]

– yes                                                                     39%                               36%                    38%                                     37%                   36%

– no                                                                       49%                               50%                   47%                                     48%                   50%

– dont know                                                        12%                               14%                   15%                                     19%                   14%

[what did you do for preperation on one of the above? ]

– food storage                                                              90%                    88%                     88%                                    88%                    87%

– deepfreezer                                                               55%                    56%                     53%                                     55%                   51%

– gardening / farming                                                 55%                    52%                     53%                                    51%                   51%

– weapons                                                                     35%                    32%                     34%                                    37%                   36%

– special clothing                                                         15%                    12%                     11%                                    11%                     9%

– change country of living                                          10%                    12%                    11%                                     11%                   12%

– daily products storage / non food storage          40%                    40%                    42%                                     44%                   45%

– emptied bank account                                             15%                    16%                    15%                                     14%                   15%

– bought precious metals                                           45%                    40%                    42%                                     40%                   39%

– sold shares                                                                    5%                     4%                       3%                                       3%                     3%

people seem to think a world war is coming…

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt plan to join BRICS

Doctors in the U.S. are prepared for an upcoming crisis with nuclear caused health problems

you find a complete lab analysis of the so called “Sahara Dirt” which came in chemtrails / clouds


that was new to me, too

watch the difference:

Lame ducks get the purple. Leaders get the red.

still births worldwide skyrocket since vaccination

“young global leaders”

complete list

here is a video of how those monsters grab young people from the street and harvest them

politics start to discuss to ban private car ownership and free private driving

here is my new archive channel for English books only

of course (!) with content list and in alphabetical order

complete list of the discussed satanic buildings which are rumoured to be destroyed shortly

“Michelle” Obamas mama died and gave all to her SON “Michael” Obama

Private people in the Netherlands are forced to host migrants

and even are forced to leave their homes

Pelosi asked whether if she or members of her family had financial advantage from her knowledge from Senate


and some days later her husband does it again..

Watch mobile phones making popcorn just by being called at the same time

monkeypox now officially a pandemic

with NO deaths at all in all of Africa

this was discussed earlier, but it is important:

virus AT ALL are most probably a hoax

a TAVISTOCK clinic was closed

well done

election fraud on the table:
Michigans next weeks election has already been finished by mainstream media.

the “results” were already published

and this is what the CIA does (of course ONLY in foreign countries)
(and of course to PROTECT democracy)

mini nukes on their way to Europe for the next escalation phase…

3 international companies bought more agricultural land in Ukraine than it is available in ALL of Italy…

that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



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