(Reader: timjoebob) From the Gates of Hell to the Pillars of Heaven


Reader Post | By timjoebob

It appears to me that planet Psycho, formerly aka Earth, passed through the gates of Hell and into oblivion approximately half a million years ago when humans on this planet were hijacked by the wonderful and oh so intelligent entities of deception, lies, inversion, backward-upside-down-sinister-dastardly-vile-insidious lower life forms that have made life for humans on this rock a living sanctuary for evil.

Instead of Earth being God’s planet, it has been proven to be NOT. If this were truly in-your-face God’s Planet, do you think for 1 second that things would be the way they are? Think about it. Do you honestly think God would permit such atrocities on His Turf…in His Backyard?

Flat out NO!

God the Creator is in Heaven and all is well.

This planet is for us to use as a means to find our way back home…to awaken from the nightmare dream via forgiveness of the illusions we seem to experiencing…no matter what appears to happen or to whom. That’s the biggest pill for this boy.

That’s mighty big talk from a nobody like myself. But, I stand by it because it’s the only thing that makes sense to me. It’s how I get through the day. It’s all illusion. Fake…but as real as real can be and as painful as pain can be and as frustrating and insane as anyone could imagine. No one man or woman could make this up. The greatest authors and visionaries in the history of this planet could never, ever dream up something so pathetic as enslaving an entire species of living beings with the sole purpose of manipulating and torturing them for the sheer pleasure of entertainment and gain for power and lust unless those authors were of darkness. They, too, are our brothers and sisters in this illusion. Now, swallow that one. I’m still choking on it.

It’s been said that this planet is a schooling planet. I’ve heard that hundreds of times, if not thousands. Yeah yeah yeah…blah blah blah…yadda yadda yadda. Gurus and spiritualists claim this and that and give philosophical reasons backed up by dogmas from religious doctrines which are themselves mad as a hatter. It’s all cloak and dagger…smoke and mirrors…politics and religion…power and control. I’ve always disliked this school immensely. It’s why I suffer. I’m not embracing it for what it is. It’s my personal demon I’m supposed to send love to.


Nothing has changed since ancient times. It’s just a different Era…except THIS time it’s really different…finally…so it’s being said. OK, fine.


Dice it. Slice it. However you slice and dice, the real fine print and bottom line is this: Can you, or are you able to, wake yourself from the nightmare or are you going to just go back to sleep and stay in Hell?

We have been poisoned.
We have been beaten.
We have been imprisoned.
We have been lied to…abused beyond comprehension…enslaved…mind controlled…forced into debauchery because of lack of control of our own being…forced into killing each other because of belief systems instilled into our very DNA now…memories deleted…educated by indoctrination…
tortured and killed…and the torment continues.

This is NOT God’s planet. This is Lucifer’s planet…for now.

God lives within each of us as a memory at the very core of who and what we are. God has never left us and can never leave us. But, that memory can be suppressed and, in some cases, deleted. We are witnessing mass psychosis on this planet along with dementia and cognitive decline. We’re in a nosedive.

People are praying to God to save us from these evil doers.


There’s the rub.

Don’t you think people have been praying since day 1 to be saved from this torment? Duh.

As soon as we the people wake up to the fact that we are co-creators of our reality which God the Almighty Creator has bestowed upon us as His children, the sooner we’ll be able to take back our rightful power which we never lost, but just forgot.

We get what we focus on…creating reality.

Our point of focus creates our reality. At least George Lucas put that dialog line in Star Wars. Young Anakin was told by his teacher that, “Your point of focus creates your reality.”

That line stuck to me like glue…seared into my memory as if spoken by Creator Himself.

According to some philosophical teachings, we are creating the world and universe and multiverses simultaneously via our mind’s projections as separate from our true selves.

It’s all just thought…some conscious and, mostly, unconscious thoughts zipping in and out 24/7/365 which is creating our collective reality as a whole. Individually, if we’re focused enough on something and with enough feeling and emotion and belief that we’ve already attained that which we’re focused on, and if we do it consistently, we can’t help but manifest it into reality via the Law of Attraction. But…..

What have the saboteurs and evil ones done for half million years?

Fill us with doubt, anxiety, fear and loathing, tremendous anger…tremendous hatred of, not only ourselves, but others as well. The dark ones have had the upper hand since day 1.


Keep all memories suppressed. Keep the masses stupid and indoctrinated with sewers of deception. Give them hope and then take it away. Give them hope for peace and kill them with war. War has always been here. Keep God out and here we are.

If this was God’s world, nobody could deny His peace and glory. All could bear witness to untold wealth and prosperity for His children. We were not created to be poor, uneducated, and stupid. Our God given magnificence was stolen like the last election/selection.

So, here we are at the zenith of the Big Danny. The universe and multiverses are all watching the greatest show in all of creation: Planet Psycho making a last ditch effort to hold on for eternity with AI God as ruler. Apparently, it has happened before in other universes or galaxies.

We’re like amoeba compared to other civilizations. We’re so far behind the curve it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing because there’s so many people who think we’re at the top of the food chain. This is laughable.

So, on our journey to awakening to the path that lies before, our focus should be one of forgiveness…no matter what happens…no matter what happens. The most vile or insidious things that happen are still just illusions.

It is this one lone fact that has to be overcome and forgiven in order to stay on that narrow road that will eventually lead us to the pillars of Heaven. For without forgiveness we would be lost forever in an illusion in which Creator God cannot be found. God is not here in a false reality. God only exists in true reality.

‘A Course In Miracles’ states in the beginning of the Text:

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.”

We are living in an illusion and I still think it to be as real as real can be. That’s my demon to forgive and send love to. Nobody said it would be easy, but I think it is THE answer to moving in the direction that will take me to the pillars of Heaven…eventually…at some point…somewhere in time which is, also, an illusion.

In the meantime, I’ll freak out and scream and throw my little tantrums over things I have no control over.


I have soooo much to learn…so much to forgive. Forgive everything beforehand and then when something appears to happen it’s already done. To walk in forgiveness all the time would only hasten the journey to true awakening.

And as we all awaken, our brothers and sisters of our galaxy will start to show up more and more and the disclosure will become commonplace…I’m envisioning. No more secrets. No more lies. We are not alone and never have been. Once disclosure is embraced by humanity, the road to the pillars of Heaven won’t seem like a fantasy.

It will be glorious.



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